17 Brain Limit For Humans - Chapter 17

    Brion didn't quite understand what was going on.

    But he knew what he had to do at the time.

    The system said he had to thought within his mind about the "Mind Information" to get information. Brion started experimenting immediately without wasting too much time.

    "Mind Information"

    Along with Brion's words, the system began to talk to him.


    "Mind = 15"

    "User "Human Brain" has reached to evolution to improve much further than 15.0"


    "User has to evolve a different kind of brain to improve its mind power"


    "User has to accept evolution? (If no, user can not improve much further)"


    "After accepting the evolution user will be given three choices of evolution ways"

    Brion made a confirmation sign with his head.

    "Because the "Mind Power" I have has evolved so much, the human brain is no longer enough to use the power I have."


    Brion didn't think the human brain had such a low level. But it was something you'd expect.

    In the end, it was so advanced in just a few days.

    Brion, he didn't have to think about it. He approved the system directly and agreed to evolve.

    "The system, I agree to evolve."


    After Brion said his words, the time around stopped. Nothing was moving.

    At the time, there were three "Brains" across Brion, each of which looked strange.

    There was also some simple information under these brains. He just didn't know what kind of differences the brains had.

    At that point, Brion asked the system a different question.

    "System, will my choice of one of these brains change my appearance?"

    The system answered him a few seconds later.


    "The user can use the "human" look if he wants."

    Brion made a confirmation sign with his head, and after taking a deep breath, he began to look at the first brain on his right side, which was flying in the air.

    This brain was blue, and its size was twice as much as a human brain. Brion couldn't see any difference except color and size.

    Brion then began to read about 1.Brain.

    "Blue Brain"

    "Mind Limit = 35"


    "This is the brain of an Intelligent Creature that smarter than humans and live like humans.

    The creature's name is "Blue Humans" they are a subrace of humans who was smarter but physically weaker than humans by a large degree.

    These blue humans gave up their physical ability to be smarter than normal humans


    "Passive Ability"

    "?" (Only can bee is seen after chosen"

    Brion took a deep breath and began to look at "Brain" in the middle after making a confirmation sign with his head.

    Brion wasn't exactly sure what he saw was a Brain.

    There was a stick and there were electrical movements around this stick. The color of the bar was silver and the length was about 20 cm.

    He was constantly giving out his electrical energy.

    Brion's starting to think lightly.

    "It's probably an artificial brain with the brain."

    Brion understood that much.

    A few seconds later, he started to learn about the Second Brain.

    These weren't exactly "Brain." It was just organs that replaced the organ that people used as brains and fulfilled the brain's task.

    "Lightning Rod Brain"

    "Mind Limit = "35"


    "This is the brain of a cyborg race from a different kind of planet.

    "The race called "Lightning Cyborgs"

    "The Lightning Cyborgs were a different kind of alien race back then but after they felt that their body was making them weak.

    They used their mind and intellectual capabilities to create "cyborg-bodies" to live in them.

    Before they were called, Lightning Cyborgs they were just "Lightning Tiger Orcs"

    "Passive Ability"

    "?" (Can only be seen after the chosen)


    Brion thought this brain might work out for his own business. Because it wasn't a direct organic matter like Blue Brain, and it could be said to be a technological organ.

    If he chose this path for evolution, he thought that when he evolved in the future, he will be going to choose "mechanical-brains" again because of what he choosing today.

    But of course, this was just a thought for the time being. After that Brion looked at the last brain he had the chance to evolve.
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