19 The Small Talk - Chapter 19

    Brion, after examined his status,  a smile formed on his face. At the same time, some reward was given to him by the system.


    "User completed the evolution of the brain"

    "AT Points +2, Ability Points +2"


    After Brion took a deep breath, he began to examine his surroundings. His location was just outside the cave.

    Satvan was looking at himself carefully.

    The reason Brion started to explore the area was quite simple.

    After his brain changed, he was trying to figure out what had changed in his perception.

    A few seconds later, he made a confirmation sign with his head.

    "I can see the place better. To see the far and hear better is one of the new features.

    Brion realized that some voices were coming from the forest, after simply passing the brief.

    Where these sounds came from was the river where they were always drinking water.

    At the same, He understood these voices belong to not one person. It belongs to a group.

    Brion looked at Satvan and whispered right away.

    "Get in the cave."

    Brion, along with the words of flour, Satvan entered the cave directly, quickly.

    Brion, on the other hand, sat on the flat rock, which was slightly located at the entrance of the cave, and began to wait calmly.

    If the incoming group was strong, Brion thought he most likely feels it by now. So he was not scared.

    "I was able to hear voices from at least 30 to 50 meters without the need to use mind radar capability."

    Brion was happy. At that time, there were seven people showed themselves after passing the trees.

    Brion recognized one of these.

    It was supposed to be a girl named Elise which was a hunter he saw before in the area of River.

    After focusing on each person, Brion made a confirmation sign with his head. He understood part of the situation.

    "The girl named Elise must have informed these people.

    The middle-aged man in the middle must be the leader of this group"

    Brion was studying Varma while Varma was looking at him with curious eyes.

    When he looked at Brion, he didn't feel the energy of mana in any way.

    He didn't know exactly what this mana felt like last time he saw a mage, he was just a kid.

    But he did know that he must feel something if a person in front of him is a real mage.

    According to the information he learned over many years when he confronted a sorcerer or a wizard nearby, something called mana energy would be felt around.

    Varma thought from inside because he couldn't get that energy.

    "I wonder if Elise saw it wrong because she scared. Maybe she did not see it right and saw this man in front of us a mage because her mind was blank back then ?"

    At that point, Brion started talking.

    "People, why did you enter my territory? I told the woman who was with you that there would be no access to this area."

    Elise leaned her head slightly and couldn't make eye contact with Brion. Varma was a little angry.

    The area officially didn't belong to anyone.

    But he tried not to reveal the emotion he had as much as he could.

    But Brion smiled lightly and began talking after looking directly at Varma.

    "You're entering my territory and you're getting angry!"

    Varma took a deep breath.

    He was angry but he did not reveal his anger on his face he took courses to keep a blank face when talking to people.

    But this man could easily understand that he was angry with him.

    This was weird.

    Varma shook his head negatively and started talking.

    "This area has no owner. We're just here to examine if there's a strange incident and anyone."

    Brion looked at Varma and took a deep breath. And then he started thinking.

    "There are indeed wizards in this world.

    Probably the hunter woman named Elise told them I was a sorcerer, and they came to check if what was a woman said them was true."

    Brion, after these thoughts, looked at Varma and started talking.

    "Let's talk with you. Others don't need to listen to us."

    Brion, after saying those words, slightly raised his hand and drew a simple horizontal line in the air.

    With Brion's hand motion, every soldier and Elise except Varma started to sleep on the ground.
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