20 The Permission - Name - Chapter 20

    Varma pulled his sword and began to look at Brion with fearful eyes.

    He was breathing deeply. His heart rate was accelerating quickly.

    Brion started talking at the time.

    "Relax, I just put them to sleep. They were not harmed in any way."

    Varma was lightly relieved after hearing Brion's explanation.

    At the same time, all doubts about Brion not being a wizard have disappeared in his mind.

    As Elise said to him before they came to here - this man with a single hand move - could put the peoples he wanted asleep.

    It wasn't an ability a person could have.

    That's when Brion started talking again.

    "As I said, you came into my territory and disturbed me. Why did you come and what you want."

    Brion predicted most of the things and goals of this man.

    But he didn't care.

    He wanted to hear it directly from the person opposite him.

    As his mind gained power, he began to change slightly.

    But he thought there was nothing wrong with him unless he changes into an evil person.

    Varma started to think. They disturbed the wizard in front of him.

    If he asks her for help now against another human community.

    That makes him look the evil and self-centered person who wanted to use other powers to improve his standing. So he did not do that.

    But he had a different idea in mind, and that idea might have work.

    "My lord, I want you to help us fight the Demons"

    Brion made a sign of approval with his head and started talking.

    "Why should I help you humans"

    Varma didn't expect to hear that question. For this reason, he gave a quick answer without thinking. Then he'd know his answer was ridiculous.

    "Because you're a human being too"

    Brion had a slightly little laugh and kept talking.

    "I never said I was human. Looks are deceptive, Don't you think."

    Arrive, he was breathing even faster. The person who looked like a human was telling the truth.

    He never told him he was human.

    At the same time, he was sure he didn't tell his name to this wizard.

    This situation was becoming more concerned.

    "As I said, I don't want to be disturbed. You can have everyone but Elise had to stay."

    Varma was glad that his life and the lives of his warriors had survived. But he did not want to give Elise to this mage.

    Under normal circumstances, a woman didn't matter.

    But Varma cared about Elise because Elise's father, who lost his life, saved his life when they were young and hunting in the forest.

    All he said before he died under the claws of an Iron Bear was "always protected my daughter". Varma took a deep breath and answered.

    "My lord, I can't accept your request!"

    Brion slightly narrowed his eyes and started thinking.

    "Does he think I'm going to **** her? No, it's not like that. He's ready to give his life to protect him."

    Brion was quite surprised., he did not expect the Varma who was shaking with fear right now will oppose his request.

    But it didn't bother him. On the contrary, It made him happy. At least some people in this world knew what things meant, like friendship.

    Brion shook his finger lightly because he didn't want to deal with these people anymore.

    When Varma saw the wizard moved his hand, a sad smile appeared on his face, he most likely will be going to die because he did not accept the request of the wizard in front of him.

    That's why this wizard was going to kill himself and everyone.

    There was nothing to do. It was his fault because he fell into this situation. Varma - with a smile on his face - closed his eyes and heard Elise's voice at the time.

    "Lord Varma, what happened."

    Varma - when he heard Elise's voice, he opened her eyes and looked around.

    The guards he had woken up and Elise woke up from her sleep like the others.

    When he slightly lifted his head, he saw the mage was smiling at them.

    That smile was more like a friendly smile than an arrogant smile.

    That's when Brion started talking.

    "I woke everyone up. You're all free to go. But if you ever break into this area again. I'll destroy all of you."

    Varma made a confirmation sign with his head and then asked a question.

    "My lord, what's your name and how can we get access."

    Brion, he thought about it and answered.

    "My name is Brion, when you in the river area, shout my name 5 times. If you don't get an answer, I may have left the area. Or I won't let you in."
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