21 First Time Feeling The Mana - Chapter 21

    After every uninvited person left, Brion looked at Satvan and started talking

    "Bring us something to eat, will you ?. After that, we will leave this cave."

    Satvan nodded with his big wolf head and quickly began to move towards the forest.


    Brion thought it was time to use the points he had. He had two passive abilities right now.

    It was not same as before he cant use every ability points for the Mind Meditation Passive Ability

    But he did not think that adding the points for Dream Mind Passive Ability is not a good choice for the time being too.

    The first thing he wanted to do, was giving enough ability points to make Mind Meditation to Level 20, and see what happens next.

    "System, add 2 AT Points to "Mind" add 2 Ability Points to "Mind Meditation Passive Ability"

    The system showed himself the results with the sounds of ding a few seconds later.

    After Martin said what he wanted to with his points.


    "Mind = 20" (New Passive Ability) ("Mind Power +30%")


    "Mind Reached "20" Points"


    "Mind Power +30%"



    "Mind Meditation Level 17"

    (+150% Mind Power Control +140% Mind Power +150% Clear Mind)"

    (I only show other abilities in the status for not adding too much info-dump (aka / Creativity)

    (Mind Power Usage -50%))

    ("Mana" Resistance 10%))

    Brion did not feel like his head was bursting out with pain like other times before, because the things are he does not have any kind of "human-brain" anymore anyway.

    So there are some changes happened what he feels or what he is not going to feel."

    Right now, he had a rainbow-sphere brain that originated from a creature called "Dream Butterfly"

    Brion was happy that he finished putting the points.

    He was sitting at the entrance to the cave.

    At that point, he heard a strange explosion coming from behind the area where the cave was.

    This wasn't the area where the river was found.

    It was in the opposite place.

    Brion realized that after activating his "Mind Radar" talent, a person coming towards to him

    This person was so much different than another human like beings he felt with his Mind - Radar before, he felt a different kind of energy in this person.

    This makes him more curious about what he was going to see.

    At that time, the system answered his question which was in his mind.

    "The energy that the user felt called "Mana" Energy or "Magical Energy" this energy belongs to mages, sorcerers. witches"

    Brion made a confirmation sign with his head. In short, the person who approaches his cave and him now was a mage-like human.

    In usual times there was no energy around the Brion and other beings or other mages do not understand that he is different than a normal human in any way.

    Brion just activated his Purple Mind Shield because he wanted to be prepared it is better than being sorry in any kind of dangerous event.

    At that time, Mage humans showed up from the forest and looked at the Brion and started talking.

    "Hey you, show me a place to hide. If I can get rid of the men after me, I'll reward you with gold."

    Brion smiled lightly and pointed to the inside of the cave with his finger. The middle-aged mage man entered the cave directly with a smile on his face.

    Brion came down from the rock where he sat lightly, and after he entered the cave, the middle-aged wizard began to speak.

    "Are you sure they won't find the entrance to this cave?"

    Brion, he started talking lightly.

    "Yes, I hid this place with my ability, you don't have to worry"

    The middle-aged sorcerer thought this man could hide-something like normal humans. like traps or another kind of stuff.

    Brion, on the other hand, simply using Mind Power to make an illusion for the entrance of the cave.

    Because of his mind power, the cave entrance will be going to look like blocked by big rocks from the outside.

    But it was just an illusion, and if a normal person touched it, He or she can enter the cave at will.

    Brion is not nearly enough to create something like that before he levels up enough.

    The Mage and Brion waited for a while, and a group of men with steel armor searched the area, each of them had strong steel swords in their hands looked, elite soldiers.

    Brion was lightly relieved when he realized the men were powerless for him.

    After looking around for a few minutes, they went back into the woods and kept looking.

    Brion, with a smile on his face, turned into a middle-aged sorcerer and began to talk.

    "Come out and tell me your story"
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