22 Skeleton Mage , Regrets - Chapter 22

    The middle-aged mage naturally didn't want to waste much time. At that time, Brion began examining the man. He wanted to see the skills he had with the help of the system.


    "Level 5"


    "Class = "Skeleton Mage"

    "INT = 5" (  3 INT = 1 Mind)"


    "Skelanger" (Creates a skeleton soldier) (Level 2)"

    "Skelian" (Sent an explosive skull bomb to target) (Level 3)"


    As Brion continued to review, he received another message from the system.

    This message was different from previous messages because it gave him a general perception of how strong he is compared to mages in this universe.

    " "Mind Power or Mind Attribute"  powerful than the magic by x3"

    "User can look at the enemy INT and compare his mind power to the enemy by looking at his mind power"

    "User "Mind" = "20", If an enemy wants to fight against to user in an equal position enemy mage needs around INT = "60"

    "Mages and another kind of magic user do not have any kind of cooldown or consumption rate for their spells.But they have limitations for using their spells and if they use more spells in a short time, they will be going to feel tired and most likely will pass out"


    Brion realized how powerful he has compared the mages.

    The thing makes him powerful was he was not using the "mana" for the powers he creates.

    It wasn't very surprising to him anymore. At that point, Alben started talking.

    "Young man, my name is Alben, what's your name?"


    Brion smiled lightly and answered.

    "My name is Brion, nice to meet you Mage Alben"


    Alben and Brion went out and sat on the rock.

    Alben was naturally a little uncomfortable when Brion knew he was a mage.

    But then he thought it wasn't hard to understand because of the energy he was spreading around.

    So he didn't question the situation and he did not ask anything about it.

    Brion started talking at the time.

    "It must be very difficult to be a mage, where do you come from?"

    Alben smiled lightly and began talking after making a confirmation sign with his head.

    "The area we're in is called Mirena, and it must be at least 100.00 km long from the beginning.

    to end . Where I come from is called the "Mavna Region" with a little more mages than here, and the length of this area from start to finish is about 1,000,000 KM."


    Brion took a deep breath after the information he received from Alben.

    Where he is now called Mirena Region and it, had a size of 6x or 7x more than "Earth" he was living before.

    Alben mentioned that his region \u0026 Region, Mavna, was much bigger than the Mirena.

    Brion understood better with this knowledge that the place where he was found was not exactly the world of medieval wizards. he came to a universe where all kinds of beings lived.

    He understood that thought when he first told by the system that his brain needed to evolve to get stronger.

    Alben started to talk about the regions again.

    "The continent we are on called the "N-Leas", it has more ten regions that at the size of "Mavna" and more than 20 Region at the size of "Mirena", I don't have a map on me because I was escaping from my enemies, but you could find a map that shows the general map"


    then Alben stopped talking looked around lightly and saw a wolf came from the woods.

    This wasn't a normal wolf.

    It was a rare creature named Fire Direwolf and it could pose a lot of danger to humans and people who using swords to fight against the monster, even for himself this creature was no joke.

    He was just getting ready to attack, and he saw Brion touching him.

    Alben looked at Brion, in a strange expression. Brion spoke at the time.

    "Fire Direwolf is my friend. It won't hurt. You shouldn't try to attack him."


    After hearing these words, Alben made a confirmation sign with his head and continued to watch Fire Direwolf.

    The reason he calmed down so quickly was that he was the young man sitting next to him.

    Although this young man looked plain and normal from the outside, Alben knew that wasn't the case.

    "A normal person can't be friends with a Fire Direwolf. There must be something else underneath this issue."

    At the same time, Alben felt strange energy when Brion touched his arm.

    This energy was not like "mana energy" or "physical energy" used by fighters.

    It was a purer and more inestimable clear energy. Alben was sure Brion wasn't a normal person at he was sure that he was not a mage too.


    At that point, Brion started talking.

    "Satvan, start cooking the chickens you brought, we'll keep talking to the friend next to me."

    After Brion said those words, he looked at Alben with a strange smile and started talking.

    "Now that you understand things, would you be a little more open and inform me."

    Alben knew that these words were a threat.

    "I wonder if it would be better to let the Steelman Soldiers catch me."
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