25 Just Sleep - Chapter 25

    Brion had gathered enough information from the Alben, after that he put the Alben to sleep, and then he turned his back to him and began to use the power of the mind to put out the trees that had started to burn slightly prevent a forest fire.

    Brion understood how the power he had in general works.

    Brion could do whatever he wanted using Mind Power in theory. But, that didn't mean he could do whatever he wanted right now.

    The harder and more powerful thing he wanted to do need more control in mind power and more base mind power also the mind power consumption.

    Some powers or abilities can not be used because Brion did not have base mind power energy for it.

    If Brion overestimates his power and forces himself too much to use stronger abilities, he was having a "Mind Overload" effect in his mind and he loses his mind.

    While practicing, it was not serious, but in the state of war, fainting against an opponent was no different from dying.

    In short, he had always known his limits of mind power.

    If he relies on his mind power too much and attacks the enemy with an ability that he does not have enough mind power to cast, he would probably destroy his mind he had because of the forced use of mind power.


    Brion moved his hand slightly, A few seconds later, the fires were started to disappear.

    Brion had tried to test his mind power uses even during this time to make better use of Mind Power he had

    "I gave orders and put out the first tree with Mind Power, Only used direct order in this test."

    Brion nodded.and he looked at the second tree who was still burning. he tried a different method of use of mind power to save the tree this time.

    Brion this time did not order to mind the power to extinguish fire directly.

    He just thought about his mind power was water and it all around the second tree.

    When Brion did it this way, he understood something was different.

    "In the first method I used for extinguishing the fire on the first tree, it was easy to do and I needed the spent a normal amount of "mental energy" to do it.

    But in the second method where I used my imagination and thought that my mind power was a "water" I used less mind power compared to the first method.

    But this took me more time than usual. This is where the abilities help me"

    Brion felt that he had discovered something new with this thought.

    "If I do not guide the mind power to use it simply or when creating a different kind of abilities. It will work but, it will going to cost much more mind power energy to use like that.

    But If I guide my mind power to what ı want and what is my intentions with imagination, feeling, and different kind of knowledge that will be going to help me, it cost much less but it takes longer time to active it "


    Brion had received a message from System after he finished his thinking process


    "User found a new way to use Mind Power"

    "Ability Points + 2"

    "AT Points + 2"


    Brion lightly smiled. The system itself was very helpful. He could earn points from his ideas towards to use of mind power and use these points he earned from the system to make himself stronger and improve much faster.


    As Brion kept thinking, Alben woke up and started looking around. After seeing Brion, He began talking with a confused look on his face

    "What Happened?"


    Brion began talking after looking lightly at Alben.

    "Your spell hit some trees. I extinguished the fire on the trees after I put you to sleep for some time"

    Alben took a cold breath and began to think about what Brion said to him and what happened to himself.

    "Just because I've damaged the trees, he can put me to sleep. Only one mage I know can do that to me, maybe he is at that level already in this young age"


    After thinking about those words, Alben stood up and started talking.

    "Since we practiced, I can go my way now right ?."


    Brion looked at Alben with a smile on his face and began talking after negatively shaking his head.

    "I want you to keep practicing with me. There are many things, I don't know, and if you don't do what I say, I'm going to have to keep you here. "

    Alben retreated lightly and began to think, this young man had mysterious power and could knock himself out whenever he wanted to.

    He didn't stand a chance against him. At that time, Brion gently pointed him and with his finger and spoke

    "Keep sleeping until I do some work"

    Alben was going to say something but he did not have the chance to do it.
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