32 Thuna Family - Mages - Chapter 32

    "Tihi",was a 25-year-old girl born in a small village in Thuna Region.

    Sometimes, Thuna Wizards go towards villages in their region and secretly check the kids in the village to look if they had magical energy in their body or not.

    Afterward, the Thuna Wizards found that Tihi had magical energy in her body.

    They prepared her and sent her a magic collage that had ties with Thuna Region.


    The Thuna Wizards would generally protect themselves with lightning spells and fight their enemies with lightning spells too.

    But there were different mages and wizards At Thuna Collage.

    There were a lot of wizards with different classes who teach the student in the college for earning some kind of monetary value.

    That's why it couldn't be said to be a bad place to study.


    Tihi was with, Arnas who was at the same class as when they were at the college, Arnas - approached the river and began drinking from the water. They were both very depressed.

    They knew each other so well because they were friends who fight together and defended themselves, and after they graduated from the Thuna Collage within five years, they actively worked for the Thuna Family for four years.

    Arnael, the leader of the Thuna Family, gave them a personal task for the first time they were very excited because having a mission from the big mage family Thuna Clan Leader himself was a big thing for them.

    This mission was to follow Laban Thuna, oldest prince of Thuna Clan and a most important one too


    Tihi and Arnas overlooked Laban because of an instant carelessness. After that, when they tried to find him again, it was too late for everything. "Life Stone," a magnifying item that shows whether the user was alive, was extinguished.

    And the Life Stone has belonged to Prince Laban himself.

    Personal Life Stone was an item that focused and showed whether the chosen person was alive or not. Each member of the Thuna Family had Life Stone both in the regional center and in special wizards such as Tihi and Arnas.


    After Drinking from the Ataya River, Tihi looked around lightly and whispered after removing a small different kind of ordinary-looking green leaf that hung slightly around her waist.


    After Tihi, whispered, the small simple green leaf was burned by lightning, and the ash flying in the air began to show a part of the forest.

    The spell used by Tihi was a kind of follow-up spell

    It was a simple spell that gave information about where the body of the person who had been touched before, and it could be learned by everyone without class distinction.

    Of course, for the spell work, it needed serious work and study before a wizard can cast it successfully.


    Tihi and Arnas looked at each other, and they started following the ashes of the leaf. after walking for about ten minutes, they came across a cabin. There was a wood-made chair in front of the cabin door, and a young man was sitting in this chair.

    Tihi took a slight deep breath and began to look around.

    It wasn't normal for a young man to live alone in this place in the forest and very close to the river.

    A river is commonplace for every kind of animal and beasts that lived in the forest.

    It was an easy hunting ground and a water-drinking place.


    This young man naturally was Brion.


    Brion, already noticed the Arnas and Tihi when they were in the place of where the river was.

    He didn't do anything, and he just waited.

    If they came to him, he could find out why they were in the area of the river. Brion didn't think wrong.

    Five or ten minutes later, two young people started coming towards his place.

    After Tihi and Arnas entered the forest, Brion smiled lightly.

    Because he realized that these two young people were magicians.

    Brion slightly raised his head, watched the young people.both of them strangely looking at him.

    Brion just smiled and started talking.

    "May I ask why you two visitors came to my place and area."

    After Brion spoke, he started looking at Tihi. Arnas, on the other hand, was not paying attention to himself, and he was just starting to look at the animal bodies that were around him.

    Arnas wasn't stupid. He knew these bodies were naturally hunted animals.

    But how could a simple person hunt these animals?
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