34 First Murder - Chapter 34

    After Brion said his words, Tihi and Arnas were left in a state of inactive.and both had their hands falling on their bodies.

    They couldn't move their hands any way they tried it was like they are paralysed without knowing how.

    That's when Tihi started talking.

    "What's going on, why can't I move? Arnas, what is your state ?",Arnas tried to move his hands or legs with all his might, but like thought did not work and he did not have any chance to move his legs or hands any kind

    "It is clear that I am not an evil person , But If I move like this without punishing someone or killing someone every person who has little bit magic on them will going to came my house and going to threatening me with my life.",Brion began to talk after those thoughts.

    "It's disrespectful to come to my house and try to use it to attack your spells on me without I did anything and not only that you guys are just threatening me because you people think you had the power and rights to do that just because you guys are little bit more stronger and use magic compared to normal humans . I'm going to stop you from moving unless you're being right."

    Brion wanted to see their expressions so he let them move their head.With Brion's words, Tihi and Arnas looked at each other again.

    Afterwards, Tihi began to talk with his eyebrows slightly.

    "We're sorry, if you let us go, we can talk better and calmly not like the first time."

    Brion looked at The Tihi and smiled lightly. Afterwards, he shook his head negatively and began to talk.

    "No, you don't have to need to move if you guys are just want to talk with me. But the person you guys are talking about he lost his life around here, it is highly likely that he was killed by one of the creatures living in the forest.",Tihi took a deep breath. That's when Arnas started talking."Tihi, our goal must be to get away from this area. Maybe the person we're dealing with was telling the truth."

    Arnas looked at Tihi in a meaningful and strange way when he said those words. Tihi understood the purpose of this strange look.

    In short, what Arnas meant to him was this.

    "Tihi, let's get out of here for now. When our Lord arrives, we can come back and question this person with the other wizards , we are not strong enough to take any knowledge from him.",Tihi without making any head marks.

    She kept looking at Brion and started talking. Brion let their heads move already.

    He wanted to see how they would talk to each other and how their relationship was.

    "My lord, we apologize for everything.,Brion took a deep breath and started thinking for a while.

    "If I had known that they would leave, as they really said to me. I can let them go. But as long as I don't destroy them, they're going to come to my house with the family they're really talking about, and they're going to attack me with all their forces at their side"

    Brion took a breath of light and started rethinking.

    "The things, the body of the person they're talking about is buried right next to my house in a grave. If I really let them do research in my house and this area. They'll know I killed the Prince they're talking about. Even though I didn't kill it directly, it indirectly killed the creatures I summoned (Wood Men).",Brion, after taking a deep breath, began to think in his mind again.

    "The person hit by this mind power of mine and this new ability of mine , will going to "cease to exist" , even if they are not existing in normal means , they are going to be cease exist as long as I have more mind power than and more powerful than them.",After Brion said those words, he started shaking slightly.he was going to kill someone for the first time.

    Unlike before, he had to kill some people with his newly gained abilities.

    Although he didn't want to do that, he didn't have a choice. In some cases, there was no point of getting out of it unless he killed or destroyed it.,Brion pointed to the woman named Tihi with his finger, and then , a purple energy lightning bolt from the tip of his finger , targeted to woman named Tihi , and then struck her with unbelievable speed , it was much different from normal lightning because it did not create any kind of explosion effect or had any similarities compared to normal lightning .,Brion took a big deep breath. Tihi, a woman named Tihi, fell to the ground lifelessly and with her eyes open.

    At that time, the system spoke to him.

    "Would you like to name this ability?"
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