38 Three Clan Names - Map - Chapter 38

    "Come on, you people are not so welcoming for a guest who came to your village !"-At that point, Brion saw a familiar face looking at him on a wood wall.

    This person was naturally one of the first people he'd seen since he got here and started to improve himself with his newly founded abilities.-Elisa looked down from the wall of Ataya Village with her eyes.

    A clear fear is written on her cute and beautiful face.

    A young man with a familiar face had come to the entrance to the village on a horse.

    But the strange point is, this guy's horse wasn't normal.

    It's a wood-made horse with glowing purple eyes.

    It looked like a horse carrying an evil and sick-minded wizard.,At that point, Brion started talking.

    "Elisa, can you tell your friends not to point the arrow at me?",Elisa came to herself after Brion talked to her and yelled quickly after looking at the surrounding hunters.

    "Lower your bows, he's not the enemy of us!"

    The hunters who heard Elisa was shouting them to lower their arrows, paused for one second but.

    They didn't lower their arrows.

    After all, Elisa was a young hunter and had no great authority in the village whatsoever.

    At that point, the Head of the Village came and started talking.

    "Do what Elisa says and lower your bows!"

    Brion took a deep breath and looked at the middle-aged man who was looking at him over the wall.

    The Ataya Village Leader was a middle-aged man with wrinkles on his face. Brion started talking after looking at the guy.

    "Open the door.",Brion's words were not a "request" this time.

    He gave orders them directly.

    But the Ataya Village Leader was not offended by this order and just took a deep breath.

    Because he knew it was normal.

    Elisa told her a lot about this guy.

    Given the powers this man has, he must have been angry that they are threatening him with their punny little bows made of crude wood.-After half an hour later, Elisa, Ataya Village Leader, and Brion were sitting at a round table.

    Brion looked at two people and started talking.

    "I don't want you guys to do need anything that much of a big think.

    I just need a map for the understood around the places.

    Is it okay for you guys right ?"Ataya Village Leader looked at Elisa and pointed him with his hand the meaning of this hand sign was that go get this man a map quickly.

    Ataya Village couldn't afford to mistreat and offend the man in front of him.

    Even City Lord Varma was defeated by the wizard in front of him.

    They didn't have a chance to deal with this kind of person.

    Moreover, they did not want to be a target for a wizard anyway.,Within minutes, Elisa came with a map of parchment in her hand.

    She extended the parchment to Brion.

    Brion opened it after taking the map and began to examine it lightly.

    The map wasn't much detailed. He was able the count exactly five cities and. Other than that, there were quite a lot of villages.

    But he could understand a situation that others couldn't see.,When he looked at the map with a focus, he saw two different writings, except for these cities and villages.

    The type of these writings was divided into two.

    "Region Name"

    "Magic Cities",as it was. In short, Brion used his "Mind Power" to examine the map, and when he saw that the map had been divided into three regions by three wizard families.

    At the same time, there were cities on the map.Brion took a deep breath and started thinking.

    "The three regional names I see are called Thuna, Ataya, Vafalis. The size of each region is at least 1,000 km long, and the total area of the map is 5,000 km long, the Ataya Region, right in the middle of the map, covering the areas in the middle. The eastern part of the map was reserved for the Thuna Region. In the western part, there was the Vafalis region, and the points that were not allocated back to the regions were "Independent Communities".

    After taking a deep breath, Brion realized that he needed to examine it more after he returned home.
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