40 Magic Items - Clothes - Chapter 40

    Brion respected dead people. But that didn't mean he had to respect the people who came to kill himself. yes, he didn't like killing people.

    But he wasn't a pacifist who does not go to do anything about the people who are going to kill him if they had the chance to do so.

    Twenty minutes later, the Wood Men brought black clothes and some items to Brion's house.

    Brion waited for some time and then after the corpses of wizards buried in the ground, he whispered."Dispel the Wood Men"

    With Brion whispering, all Wood Men - disappeared.

    Brion knew he was being watched and now he'd be under attack by them the most of the time ,

    He took a deep breath and understood something with this kind of ambush.

    Overall, a great war was coming to him. Brion knew his power had to increase much further than right now to have a clear advantage in this fight.

    But first, he had to have knowledge and information about his surrounding areas.,Brion opened his door and whispered after he came towards to front of his house.

    "Wood Bird"

    Along with Brion's whisper, a wooden bird created by his mind power, it was 10 cm long, 5 cm wide, and was standing right in front of him on the ground.

    The bird was made of wood, just like the beings he created before.

    Brion tried a different way to create this bird.

    He combined "Mind Radar." with these "Wood-Birds" and used his mind power in their eyes to activate the "Mind-Radar" ability.

    In short, he would know everything the bird's eyes saw, thanks to "Mind-Radar." ability of his

    Brion, after that, whispered again and started creating more "Wood-Bird." to help him to watch his home-area, he will not be going to left his home is for just because of some kind wizards wanted to kill him."Create Wood Bird x80"

    Brion wanted to create more Wood Bird, than usual.

    He could have created more - but it wasn't the same thing as the Wood Men.

    Brion knew that the information every Wood Bird saw would be sent his mind to understood what they are seeing.

    This is alone a thing that will be going to make him feel bad, and use his mind power in the extreme.,Brion whispered lightly from his mind after creating the birds.

    "Search the area!"

    After, Brion gave his orders to 80x Wood Birds with enhanced with the ability of "Mind-Radar" they, began flying into the sky.

    Because of the dark weather, wood birds, whose eyes glowed with purple light, looked dangerous, Brion thought about hiding their purple eyes but, he did not do that, He wanted to people understood that if they are seeing purple colored eyes in a creature they are his creatures.

    Brion - after sending his birds to look around for him - took a deep breath and closed his door, he was tired.

    After that, he just looked at the items and clothes.

    "Thuna Mage Robe x 9"

    "Level 5"

    "Magical Regeneration 20% Faster"

    (Mind Regeneration 20% Faster)

    "Lightning Spells will do 20% more damage to target"

    ("Lightning" element abilities will do more than 20% more damage),,Brion made a confirmation sign with his head, and then he started looking at the other three things.

    "Basic Short Staff Of Lightning"

    "Lenght 60 CM"

    "Level 5"

    "Lightning Spells will do 40% more damage to target"

    ("Lightning" element abilities will do more than 40% more damage)

    "All spells will cost 20% less "mana" than normal"

    (All mind abilities will cost 20% less mind power than normal)-Brion started looking at other things.

    "Ring Of Minor Lightning"

    "Lightning Spells will do 10% more damage"

    " ("Lightning" element abilities will do more than 10% more damage),Brion looked lightly at the last item and couldn't stop him from smiling on his face.

    "Black-Masked Mage Captain Robe"

    "Level 8"

    "Mana Regeneration 80% faster" (Mind Energy Regen 80% more faster)"Spell-Resistance 20%" (Spell-Resistance)

    "Spell-Cost 20% lesser" (Mind Abilities cost 20% less mind power to use),A big smile formed on Brion's face after he saw the description of items and clothes.

    He understood that normally these clothes and items are for the mages and wizards but, the system directly changed them for his use.
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