44 Improvement - Clothes - Chapter 44

    -Brion didn't have a mirror. But he didn't need a mirror.

    After wearing the clothes, he felt that his "Mind Power" was in a different interaction.

    He had already been careful about what they looked like before wearing clothes in general.

    First of all, he simply examined the "Robe" outfit. The exact name of this outfit, which was told to him by the system.

    Black-Masked Mage Captain Robe, and, in a simple way, it was worn by a mage at the level of captain.

    He did not know what level is a captain and how much power they had but he had a simple guess.

    "If I am not wrong, they should be stronger than, Tihi, and Arnas I murdered by a moderate amount"-It was made of quality material and the design was pretty simple.

    It had a mixture of gray and black, colors and on top of the outfit, there was some kind of symbols Brion couldn't understand.

    "Black-Masked Mage Captain Robe"

    "Level 8"

    "Mind Energy regeneration 80% more faster"

    "Spell-Resistance 20%"

    "Mind Energy - Cost 20% lesser"

    ,Brion understood how these clothes will be going to affect him after wearing but, after he wore the robe for real, he shook his head and after smiling he said

    "This is much powerful than I imagined before !"

    Thanks to this robe of the mage, the energy he had would be regenerating %80 percent faster, and at the same time, his defense against spells increased by %20 percent and he would use %20 percent less "Mind Power" energy when he used his abilities.

    These were important improvements for him.,Other than that, he examined the ring in which found by the Wood Man on the corpses of wizards.

    This ring was also similarly owned by the wizard, who was probably "Captain." of the group again.

    Because his "Wood-Men" found only for one ring from the dead bodies of wizards.,Brion, after wearing the ring, didn't feel anything. But that was normal.

    "Ring Of Minor Lightning"

    "Lightning Spells will do 10% more damage"

    " ("Lightning" element abilities will do more than 10% more damage)After all, the ring was only adding strength to the abilities it made using the element "Lightning". Probably, "Morsfulgur", which he had, was not exposed to such a strengthening.

    Because in between, there was a big difference.,Brion, finally, took "Short Lightning Staff (Basic), and in general " Staff" had a simple design.

    Black in color and it was 40 cm long, 3 cm wide, and had a blue stone on the end.

    And, after taking a deep breath, he thought he had to try it.

    Even though it was dark, he went out without caring about the dark.

    ,After Brion activated his "Cat Eyes" talent, he looked at the tree, which was 30 meters tall, and whispered lightly after pointing with the "Staff" in his hand.

    "Morsfulgur !"

    After Brion whispered his abilities, a bolt of purple lightning manifested on the tip of the "short-staff" and it started to advance towards the three, and in less than a second, the purple lightning hit the target.

    Due to the general characteristics of "Morsfulgur's" ability, there have never been any explosions after the ability hit a target.

    But in just a few seconds, the tree, which was 30 meters long, had died and decayed. Brion understood something simple in general.

    "When I use my abilities or create something out of mind - the "Mind Power" energy I spend is 20% less, if I create lightning-element abilities in the future, I can use it at half energy consumption because of the items I have, and it will be %40 more powerful than usual.

    If I am not wrong this kind of magic that make items stronger and add these kinds of improvements called "Enchanting"-----

    Brion made a confirmation sign with his head, and then, after taking off the clothes on him, without taking off the clothes on, he went straight to his room and did a little more work to better understand what he had learned, with the fatigue he had, he reached for bed and started to sleep.

    There was nothing he was afraid of because "Wood Birds" continued to follow. In a moment of danger, they were going to wake him up.
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