46 The Wood Men Spear Thrower - Chapter 46

    ,Brion wasn't naturally worried. Besides, the Purple Mind Shield, which he kept constantly open, he was always defending himself with it.

    But because Brion didn't want to show it, He did not want to show that he has a shield that possibly blocks any attack that comes from them. he did something different.

    Although it may not be possible under normal circumstances, Brion could see the "little lightning" coming towards him because of his "Mind Power".

    In short, even if he could not see in good detail, given the simplicity of the spell, but he could understand which body part of his was being targeted.

    He made a simple move with his hand, blocked the spell that shot towards him from the woman, of course, that the spell blocked by the "Purple Mind Shield", but Brion wanted to show that, he did have to make a move to block the spell.

    At that time, Argana turned his to his back, and after that, an angry expression formed on his face and he began shouting with considerable anger and shame in his eyes after looking at the young girl who had attacked Brion.

    "Eugen, how do you use a spell without taking orders from me, on another wizard, and when this wizard did nothing to you or our group!

    Eugen, the girl named, bowed her head lightly out of fear. She knew what she was did was a big mistake.

    But she reacted abruptly, and the "spell" she applied was just a spell of lightning that created a stunning effect.

    That's why she was surprised that she did get this kind of reaction from Captain Argana, which in the normal times who liked her more than other students.

    Of course, this was because that Eugen was not an experienced wizard-like Argana.

    Alongside Eugen, another female wizard, who looked ordinary compared the Eugen started to talk with disdain on her face.

    "Eugen, you know, you just broke two rules with your move."

    Eugen looked at a girl named Alina, for her, this girl was always jealous of her because of her beauty but at the same time compared to her, this girl worked in the creating new spells and she was had more knowledge than her, only thing Eugen has more than this girl named Alina was "spell-casting" ability and the fact that she was beautiful than her by a large margin.

    "Rule 1, using magic without permission or unnecessary casting of spells""Rule 2, using magic against a passive wizard, human beings, and using an attack spell makes this worse rule worse !",Eugen was mad. But she knew that Alisa's words were true and that she couldn't say anything against them.

    At the time, Argana turned his head to Brion, and after that, he directly saw that this mysterious wizard has no longer had a smile on his face and it was changed into a blank one.

    It was clear that he was angry with the move the Eugen did on him.Argana thought lightly in his mind.

    "Damn, our chances of speaking are all over!, why is the Thuna Veteran Division giving me such novice wizards, and on such an important matter!"Argana was angry. But he tried not to show it out as much as he could. After that, he began to speak in a different and gentler tone than usual.

    "My friend, fellow wizard, I apologize for the attack. She must have been afraid that you would make the wrong move and attack us because she was just a novice wizard, please pardon her !"

    Brion took a deep breath, and after that he sat in his seat, after gently shaking his hands, in the green flat area, standing 10 meters from Brion,

    Argana, and other wizards, they noticed that they were surrounded by the creatures looked like wooden-mannequins with spears on their hands

    They were ready to throw these spears at them.

    Brion, exactly created exactly 50, Wood Men Spear Thrower, At that time, Argana looked around with his breathing accelerating and began to think through it.

    "This person must be a summoner-type wizard, and according to the creatures around us, I think "Jungle" or "Wood" summoner must be his wizard. There's no way we're going to fight a Summoner wizard!"

    After saying these words, Argana looked at creatures that were waiting to pierce themselves with spears, and surrounded themselves, in the form of wood human beings.
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