48 Revenge Or Power Of Family - Chapter 48

    Arnael, at that time, began to listen to what Argana said and received a piece of general information about the situation.

    Argana didn't hide anything. In general, he talked about the powers Brion had.

    He mentioned the Eugen attacked the wizard named Brion. After all, he mentioned what the mysterious "Summoner" type wizard named Brion told him.

    After Argana gave enough information about the whole subject, and after telling the Arnael everything in his mind,

    Arnael let him go and rest. Arnael, who was alone in the room sitting on his chair, began to think.

    "If I think about the information, this wizard must be at least my level a, but it shouldn't be the same power as me. After all, I'm a lightning-mage. He must probably be a "Druid-Summoner" or perhaps "Forest-Summoner," according to Argana's story. such wizards are not very good at one-on-one battles in general, they would be more destructive in the fight between crowded sides because of the "spells" they have."

    Arnael, after a thought, two people came into the tent. These two people were called Strategist Aley and "Protector Lian."

    Strategist Aley was a powerful "Fire-Wizard" who was generally a kind of wizard who wasn't in the Thuna Family, but because she was a good woman and had a friendship with Arnael, she helped him in some cases. She was so smart and she knew how to fight, and she worked very well when it came to political situations.

    "Protector Lian" helped Arnael with "Physical Defense" and "Physical Warfare" because Arnael as a mage lacks physical fights and other things.

    Protector Lian had the level of physical fighting and energy, where he would reach the same level as "Arnael". Lian thought himself that as long as he gets close to a wizard or mage he could kill them easily.

    after this two-person entered the room, Arnael started to talk about what he heard from the Argana, and what mysterious wizard named Brion told him and what kind of wizard he is.

    After some time later he told everything about he knew wizard named Brion to, Aley and LianAt that time Aley started to talk.

    "My Lord Arnael, in this case, I have to ask a question before making a move to this wizard."

    Arnael raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Strategist Aley in an ununderstandable way. That's when Protector Lian smiled lightly and started talking.

    "My lord, in short, Aley want to ask that do you want revenge on this person - or do you want to befriend him,"

    , After Lian explained the issue Arnael slightly closed his eyes and began to think.

    If this mentioned Summoner Wizard telling the truth that he did not kill the Prince and the other people with a direct attack then he was right.

    If the Prince hadn't entered his area, maybe this incident would not happen.

    Arnael, on average, three or four more minutes after thinking, began to talk.

    "Aley, first of all, I want to talk to this person. Maybe we can solve the whole situation better without the need to fight him. If, he is saying the truth and he had no direct influence in the death of the prince and our wizards wouldn't it make more sense to get his help rather than make him an enemy?"

    , Strategist Aley - thought for a while, then began talking with her head, making a confirmation sign.

    "My lord, the wizards in the Summoner Class, are very rare. And from what he told you, this person's level is at least close to us - if we can add this kind of summoner-class wizard to the Thuna Family, the power we have will pass other families around us."

    With these words, Arnael took a deep breath and thought through it.

    "Right now, I have to look to the future and think about the best of the family, rather than thinking about things like revenge.

    It makes more sense to bring a much stronger wizard into my family than to go into a war that will harm our resources and the wizards we have."
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