55 The Basic Power Show - Chapter 55

    Arnael was sitting outside of the campsite built in the "Ataya Village" he was sitting on a basic stone chair. The people who were on his side were naturally "Aley" and "Lian".

    For a few minutes, the atmosphere was quiet they were waiting for the guest and maybe potential enemy so it was only be expected that they are being silent and thinking.

    At that point, Aley and Lian looked up at the sky at the same time and noticed the big eagles flying and a man was sitting top on one of the eagles coming towards to campsite.

    All of them were pretty surprised and scared at the same time.

    These eagles didn't look like any creature of the surrounding region in any way.

    Arnael was still quiet and was just looking at the eagles that were flying.

    Even if these eagles were far away right now, Arnael understood that as an experienced man, the power of each of the eagles was more than a normal "wizard."

    At that point, Aley started talking. She was trying to be more official and confident to not look bad for her lord.

    "My lord, these eagles must be creatures that this mage named Brion has created or summoned."

    Arnael didn't say anything, and he just kept waiting. At that time, Lian and Aley and the other wizards around the campsite held their breaths.

    They didn't know exactly what they were supposed to say in the sight they saw.

    At the same time, Arnael swallowed slightly and began to look at the man who was flying comfortably in the sky and descending towards the campsite ground.

    There was a huge difference between flying on the top of the creature created by a "Summoner" and flying using personal magical power.

    If a person is an Air Mage or Air Wizard studied the flying spells, it was possible, but it was still difficult and even Arnael himself do not know any kind of Air Wizard or Mage fly without using any kind of creature for help or any kind of flying spells created by a mage.

    What surprised them was that a "Summoner" could fly as comfortable as birds in the air.

    After a few minutes, Brion landed lightly near the campsite.

    The eagles also came down with him, and then they each turned into purple energy and disappeared.

    After that, Brion began to move forward by examining the surrounding area.

    There were a lot of wizards around.

    Each of them looked at him with respect at the same time both fear and anxiety showed on their face.

    Brion, without caring about these wizards, easily approached the camp where the strongest people were.

    There were three people in front of him at the time.

    The system could see the characteristics of these people.

    But he asked it not to show the system the skills they had so he wouldn't get confused.

    After all, he could easily see it.

    The people he was seeing the front of him had no chance him against at all.

    For them to fight against him right now, their "INT" have to be at least more than 120 to 130, and if they are fighters they had to have physical stats of 120 to 130 to damage him in the least.

    This was the rule of this universe.

    "Arnael Thuna"

    "Leader Of Thuna Clan"

    "Lightning Master"

    "Level 20"

    "STR" = 12

    "Agility" = 5

    "Int" = 32



    "Advisor \u0026 Strategist Thuna Clan"

    "Level 16"

    "STR" = 6

    "Agility" = 13

    "Int" = 26

    "Lian Bodit"

    "Royal Guard Of Thuna \u0026 Body Energy Master"

    "Level 21"

    "STR" = 32

    "Agility" = 23

    "Int" = 5


    Brion smiled lightly and started talking.

    "We don't have to lose time, let's start talking"

    The trio, who came to themselves with Brion's words, took deep breaths at the same time.

    Each one of them experienced and very powerful in the eyes of normal wizards.

    That's why they could feel and notice the power that the man in front of them had.

    Even having the ability to fly as a summoner.

    It was just a simple indication of the power he had, That's when Aley started talking lightly.

    "Lord Brion, sit with us in the seat right before you, and let's start talking."

    Brion looked at the stone seat and after a light examination, he sat down because he didn't see anything.

    At that time, Arnael and Brion looked each other.

    Only two were sitting down.

    Aley and Lian were standing next to Arnael.

    Just even this kind of behavior, Lian and Aley had already decided that the man opposite them was on the same level as "Arnael" and perhaps stronger than him, and they let him sit while they were standing the mages and magical fighters are proud people who do look down on people and wizards weaker than themselves.

    Brion is such a clear and simple show of movements for someone who has the chance to read the political wars of the modern world from the news and the internet all the time.

    Although the universe was different, people still didn't lose anything of their traits.
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