56 The Understanding Of Each Other - Chapter 56

    Brion and Arnael were sitting from each other and they were looking at each other with different kinds of eyes. Of course, Brion just acting.

    "Lord Brion, you know why I want to see you. Can you give you detailed information on what happened between the Prince, Clan Wizards, and you're himself."

    Brion smiled lightly and began talking after making a sign of understanding with his head.


    "Lord Arnael, I don't think I need to give any general information other than the information I've given in advance.

    As I said, killing your prince, and killing the next secret wizard attackers to my home, is all a coincidence. my creatures killed the prince because they saw he was alive and they recognized it him as a "monster",

    I was given them kill any kind of animal and bring back them to me.

    I told them to hunt normally.

    The attackers were killed because I was directly protecting myself and they were entering my area and will going to attack my house.

    Other than that, there is no major reason. I'm not the type to kill anyone for no reason."


    After Brion's speech ended, Arnael took a deep breath and began to think.


    "He didn't say anything different from his previous information.

    Normally I was a little suspicious, but I don't see any real reason for him to lie after seeing the power he had.

    My son was spotted by his creatures because he was wandering around his area and because the creatures do not have the intelligence they saw him as an "animal or monster" and just hunted him. The other investigators - who were going to attack this man with my orders were killed because they were conducting an attack, every response from his can only be seen as natural."


    Arnael continued to speak after his thoughts.

    "Lord Brion, I understand the situation and I think you're right about it.

    The prince and the "wizard" made the mistakes entering the area belong to and plotting the attack and threats towards you and they were killed as a result. But there's something I want to ask if you'll excuse me."

    Brion made a sign of approval with his head with a curious facial expression.

    Of course, he wasn't really curious.

    He was just showing emotion in his face to give the other side some power and make them realize that they are not different than dumb monkeys compared to his mind power and abilities.

    Arnael smiled lightly and asked the question.

    "What are you want to do in the future. If you do not have an important purpose, I would like to cooperate and build a friendship with you."

    Brion smiled and thought.

    "Yes, after seeing my strength, he stopped caring about all sorts of things happened even when normally they are a reason to go to war with a mage or a clan and he started trying to pull me in."

    Brion began to talk after that thought.

    "I don't have a very important purpose, I'm just doing magic research and experiments in my way. I'm also creating new spells. Other than that, I don't have many purposes. As for your other concern, I think I should know what kind of friendship you're talking about. After all, I'm not much of a war-loving person."

    After Brion's words, Aley and Lian looked at each other at the same time. That's when Aley started thinking.

    "Certainly, he gives the right and good answers to every question experienced in political matters, and symbolizes the authority and power he has without disrespect."

    Lian, on the other hand, didn't think of anything.

    He just thought the guy in front of him was smart.

    Arnael kept talking without thinking too much.

    "It's not a very important thing, I'm not going to ask for a request. Just a friendship between the Thuna Clan and you, Lord Brion, stating that there is an alliance between us is enough. Naturally, we may have a desire to get help from your knowledge by calling you in wars or similar events, but we won't have to fight you our enemies directly. Frankly, not even being hostile to you is a pretty good result for."

    Arnael smiled after he stopped talking.

    Brion, this time with his head, he approved and started talking.


    "Frankly, I've had to experiment lately, and I need some wizards for these works.

    Helping me in my experiments and research makes it a lot easier for me to do.

    Of course, I'm not talking about experimenting on these people. I just want to help them learn from me and get experience in research.

    I'm sure there are strong, respectful and potential young people and "Mage" young people in the Thuna Clan who love this kind of research.

    Keep in mind that I will give them new spells for their personal use in time, and I am sure you know this is a big chance for them"


    Arnael smiled at Brion's words.

    He knew what he wanted to do. That's why he understood that the man across from the street was both intelligent and helpful to those who were close.

    It was also understood that he didn't intentionally kill his son and the wizards who worked for the Clan.
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