60 Real Master Of Magic - Chapter 60

    At the time, Sivinia watched Brion and Armas speak with a little envy on her face. Sivinia and Armas went to the same school and were educated in the same year and with the same teachers.

    That's why Sivinia was aware that Armas' work was much more important than her success.

    This made her feel a little low when she compared herself with the Armas who created a new element with mixing two element one of is his natural element other one is "Poison".


    Brion looked at Armas at the time and started talking.

    "Remember what I'm saying, a wizard or a mage is not measured according to the control of the element it creates or has in his or her soul. A mage or wizard shows his power based on how he can use his magic power in different ways. I'll show you guys an example, Armas, especially on this topic, you have to follow me well, watch and learn"

    Armas began to watch Brion carefully after listening to what he was saying.

    Brion, lightly focused and raised his hand and a few seconds later, in his palm, the lightning was visible and it danced on top of his palms, and about two to three seconds later lightning was starting to come out of his hand.

    That's when Brion started talking.

    "You know, this is the Lightning Element we know you people born with."

    Armas and Sivinia held their breath and confirmed what Brion saying with their heads.

    Their amazement could be read out from their eyes and facial expressions, but they couldn't say anything right now.

    Because they wanted to learn from Brion's spells and different practices as much as they could.

    At that time, Brion kept talking.

    "You know, Armas, you created Black Lightning by simply adding the element "Poison" and assimilated it. A true mage and a "Real Master Of Magic" can do the same as you do without needing to think about so much how he is going to create a new element."

    After saying those words, Brion began to think from his mind and thought of one of the simple poisons found in the world before, and using Mind Power energy to pass it on to the lightning energy he had created in his hand.

    At the same time, He used his mind power to block the poison he is thinking of harming his body.

    At the time, Armas and Sivinia saw something that they didn't expect in their lives see. Especially, Armas, he couldn't believe his eyes.

    Brion's lightning energy suddenly turned into black color and turned into stronger lightning energy.

    It was no different thank Armas "Black Lightning" even it was stronger than it for about two the threefold.

    A few seconds later, Brion shook his hand lightly and the black lightning power disappeared as it never existed in his hand.

    Brion then smiled lightly and started talking.

    "As you can see, Armas, all I do is use my magic power to build lightning energy first, then add "poison" to this lightning energy to make it turn into the "Black Lightning" that you have. And then I can have the same element as your precious element.

    Because of this other wizards and mages saw you as "Genius" but the thing you did was easy as eating food for real masters of magic energy"

    Armas did not know what he could say.

    The element creation has always made him think he's higher than the others.

    But he didn't expect all the self-confidence he had and built so far was broken down and, especially the self-esteem he had, to be destroyed so quickly.

    Brion knew Armas would feel like this after his show. But for some reason, he thought he had to do it and show it that he is no longer the genius that Thuna Clan thinks that he was. Brion started talking after that.

    "But there's one more thing you have to remember, Armas."

    Armas looked at Brion with an unhappy expression and said nothing.

    Brion spoke with a serious pout.

    "As easy looks what I doing with my magic looks from the outside but, you won't even find a person on any continent who can do what I can.

    So remember that what you're doing is a success, and look for different poisons to improve it, try to study these new poisons you find and learn their nature and structure.

    Then place these poisons in the "Lightning Element" you have, which will strengthen the "Black Lightning" element."

    After hearing from the Brion, Armas, who had his self-esteem take a big hit, looked at Brion with a smile on his face, and began to speak.

    This conversation was a little different from the previous ones.

    "Lord Brion, when we first came here, neither of us knew what to expect from you. But you gave us information that I haven't been able to get and can't get in my life, especially now. We apologize if we have disrespected you before."

    After Armas's words were over, he bowed his head and waited. Brion smiled and began talking after Armas raised his head.

    "It's not a problem, come on, go check the forest for a bit, and try to find the poisons.

    Armas, along with Brion words, get up of the long wood seat where he sat and after making a simple preparation, he began to investigate the poisonous plants.

    Sivinia was seriously looking into Brion's eyes.

    Brion only talked with the Armas so far and Sivinia felt that her accomplishment with creating "Lightning Illusion" is not good for Brion to take a look at herself.

    After Armas left, Brion looked at Sivinia and started talking.

    "You know how the key power of Lightning Illusion talent you've created comes from, don't you?"

    Sivinia took a breath of light and responded after confirming it with her head.

    "Yes, Lord Brion, this spell I created is not in any way my energy, and I can use it as I please."

    Brion smiled lightly and started talking and explained her new things
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