62 Gangs Of Mage World - Chapter 62

    He had power and time for all of this.

    The thing is he is having little bit problems in his mind about being an evil person as the time his power goes on because he did know about human nature.

    Indeed, he does not have the human brain right now but this does not change that he did not have his human memories and human nature inside of him.

    The humans are, when weak they obey without question, and when they got the power and know that they are not going to be punished for their evil deeds.

    They are the creatures of master evil.

    "The real power is having the power and chance of no punishment for evil deeds but still not doing it and forgiving the people"

    That's why he had to move forward comfortably without having any thoughts about what people or creatures are doing.

    When Brion thought, he heard Sivinia's anxious voice on the ground.

    "Lord Brion! Armas is here, he looks hurt, please help me."

    Brion looked down the platform and saw that a large part of Armas's shoulder was burnt and melted. Brion immediately flew down and took a deep breath.

    After taking a deep breath, Brion looked at Armas, who was in extreme pain and blood and began to speak.

    "What happened?"

    Armas was in his breath and pain, but he still looked at Brion and started talking.

    "As Lord Brion said, I was looking for poisons in the woods.

    After going about one km into the forest, I ran into the Dark Skeleton Gang and was attacked.

    I managed to kill a few of them, but one of their attacks hit me and then I ran away. they came after me first, but they didn't think they'd come across the White Angel Gang.

    After these two gangs met I had the chance to escape from the Black Skeleton Gang"

    Brion took a breath of light, and after looking at Sivinia, he started talking.

    "I don't know anything about this area."

    Sivinia started talking and telling Brion about the gangs right away.

    "Lord Brion, although the territory we are in, is under the control of the Thuna Family even if it is officially under the control of Ataya Family, there are groups around here or other places who have set up their gangs that are not bound to any power.

    Some gangs trying to protect the good and safety of humans and other mages and wizards and the gangs of who only care about the personal and community power these organizations can do any evil deeds without a second thought.

    All gangs that I know are is.

    The Dark Skeleton Gang, (Evil)

    White Angel Gang, (Good)

    Red Rock Gang (Evil)

    Sea Ladies Gang, (Good)

    Dark Skeleton and Red Rock is an evil gang that cares about power,

    Sea Ladies and White Angel is good gangs that care about other people and magical community "

    Brion took a little breath and answered.

    "I'm going to investigate this matter, let's treat Armas first."

    After Brion finished his remarks, he slightly raised his hand and focused on Armas, thinking that he was recovering and taking drugs from his old world.

    If he normally used "recovery" directly, he might have had trouble and it could have been difficult. But he lost little energy because he thought of real "drugs" (Antibiotics and likewise) in his old world.

    A few seconds later - purple energy had emerged that only Brion could see and it began to flow towards Armas' shattered and melted shoulder.

    Two or three seconds later, Armas' pain was gone and he had a whole new shoulder that better than his old shoulder.

    But he still lost his clothes. Brion didn't want to use "Mind Power" energy to fix the clothes.

    The clothes itself were magical clothes of Thuna Clan, and Brion needed much more energy for the repair of them it is original.

    When Armas realized he had completely recovered, he thought of it.

    "Is there are no limit to his power!"

    Armas was happy that he was cured but as a genius mage he first thought about how Brion healed his pretty bad wound this easily

    Likewise, Sivinia couldn't make sense of things. Sivinia too grew up in the Thuna Clan area and was privately raised by the Thuna Clan.

    But she's never seen such a healing spell in her life. But it just helped her understand some and Armas things.

    Sivinia whispered the words she heard by from the Brion, not much of time ago.

    "The real wizard is not a magician who uses the element he has. The true wizard is the magician who controls his magic energy in a good way."

    Brion smiled lightly.

    Then, after turning around, he raised both hands and began flying. Afterward, he began talking after looking at Armas and Sivinia.

    "Armas, try to pull yourself together a little bit more and meditate. Sivinia, organize the around of house and meditate when you're done.

    I'm going to leave five Woodmen V1 Spearman here for security.

    The physical strength and energy of these creatures, equal to the power of magic you have, you can give them orders directly, they will do what you want."

    After Brion's words were over on the behind Armas and Sivinia - the Woodmen V1 Spearmen, who were 2.5 meters tall and had 3-foot spears, manifested with purple energy that can not be seen by anyone except Brion. Brion had just thought of these creatures.

    These creatures were created using more energy and power all their physical characteristics were at 10.0 - each physically had the power of 10 adult human males, and their spear-using skills were intermediate.

    Each could easily kill Armas or Sivinia alone it is close to them.

    After finishing his words, Brion began to move to the point where The Dark Skeleton Gang and White Angel Gang - without waiting for Armas or Sivinia to speak.

    He had things to do. He is not going to sit by and let the people attack his students
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