64 Creating Prizes - Woodmen V0 - Chapter 64

    Brion, flying towards his home, and he had no thoughts on his mind.

    He is right now not bothered by his actions this time. Brion didn't see himself as a good being.

    At the same time, he didn't see it himself as an evil being. He didn't want to kill anyone.

    But killing a person he was sure was an evil person who had harmed both his new student and the people around itself and will going to harm more people as time goes on and other beings did not give him any remorse.


    After Brion came back to "Home" and then , He saw Armas and Sivinia was in the meditating with their eyes open and trying to improve their "INT" and had already begun to work.

    Two young genius young students of his who were at the level of Order One Mage approached him and asked questions about what was going on and what he did to other gang members of Black Skeleton , Armas and Sivinia was expecting that all of them dead because of incident happened.

    Brion just said one thing.

    "Now we will be the only magicians living in the Ataya Forest."

    After Brion said, Armas and Sivinia get back to their works and did not ask any question about the details and they started to continue to meditate and increase the magic power they have.

    He shook his hand lightly after he arrived in the plain area of green bushes next to his house, and the Mind Power he owned eliminated the green bushes and opened a flat green space.

    Brion then focused lightly and raised both hands, after concentrating for one to two seconds about 50 Woodmen V0 Spearmen, he took a deep breath looked at them.

    They each had only two purple eyes and long spears on their hands.

    They were weaker than the "Woodmen V1 Spearmen," which he had created to protect Armas and Sivinia, but they were still stronger than normal wizards.

    "Woodmen V1 Spearmen" had the power of a physical and ranged fighter at "Order One".

    Brion's 50 "Woodmen V0 Spearmen" that he has now created, each one of them had the power of a physical and ranged fighter at the peak apprentice-level which is mean that their all stats about six to 8. Brion began to talk after creating the "Woodmen" creatures.

    "Surround the Ataya Forest and take over the entire area, and after about three days later destroy all wizards and mages entered the forest without talking with me"

    After Brion said his words, he realized he had lost Mind Power slightly. One of the reasons Brion was able to give orders to the creatures he created in this way was because the creatures were formed by "Mind Power."

    A normal woodman was no different than a wooden puppet.

    Thanks to Mind Power, they could move and have power in their body.

    When Brion gave orders, they could understand the information that Brion had in his mind and revived his orders as they were Brion,

    Of course, this was only possible because they created directly from the Mind Power, unlike Woodmen, Satvan the Fire Direwolf still could not understand the orders of Brion directly with a clear understanding, and the thing is giving orders to created Woodmen, costed much more of mind power than creating at them at first.


    Brion only used a simple method like this for now. He needed time to do research and explore himself a little bit more. Therefore, he took the "Ataya Forest" to himself.

    Arnael Thuna and the people around him knew the power he had now.even if they did not like the idea of Brion himself taking the Ataya Forest as his garden, they couldn't say or force any kind of punishment to Brion and his personal decision.

    Even if the Thuna Clan was had the right of giving and attacking Brion because he took their place, they still had no guts to do so. In the end, if Brion wanted he could create a political thought about why he did take the Ataya Forest for himself.

    He can just say that the Ataya Forest belongs to Thuna Clan, but he and his student attacked by the Black Skeleton Gang in the Ataya Forest so the organization and clan responsible for the attack are Thuna Clan and he decided to take it to defend his life from Black Skeleton Gang.

    Of course, all of this was ridiculous, no organization or gang on the continent could not put a danger on Brion's life. Arnael could have been aware of it and when after he received the news, he was still in no position to exclude Brion's words from a political point of view.


    Under Brion's orders, Woodmen began to spread directly into the forest, quickly monitoring the area and giving Brion information when they saw people.

    Brion waited about two or three hours and realized the atmosphere was quiet and there are no signs of mage and wizard in the Ataya Forest.

    Not only that he understands that after two or three hours later, but it was also going to get dark.

    "I'd better think about my new students a little bit."

    Brion, after these words, first began working for "Armas". With the ability to "Mind Power" in a simple way, he created the venom "Arsenic", one of the poisons that existed in his former world, and then made it into a magnifying state, ready to transplant it.

    If Armas could improve himself and give Brion respect and fun he will be going to have chance to add the spell made of "Arsenic Poison" into his Black Lightning and this will going to improve the power of Black Lightning two the three times much further and Armas himself could fight against the wizards and mages at the level of Order 2 when he was only in the level Order One

    This creation caused Brion himself pretty forced up and made himself tired and breathless but in the end, he was one who gained power from that.

    "+2 AT Points +2 AB Points"
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