67 Clen - Litark - Red Rock - Black Skeleton - Chapter 67

    After Brion's words, Armas and Sivinia bowed their heads slightly and began to look at their own business and tried to improve themselves.

    Brion, on the other hand, turned his back and after taking a slight step, a step of ice appeared under his foot.

    A few seconds later, every time he took one step, the thin ice sheet manifested under his feet.

    Sivinia and Armas understood that they should no longer be surprised by anything their teacher doing.

    They didn't know what kind of power this human-looking mage monster has, he is using any kind of magic like it is a child play for him.

    Brion was doing a simple experiment. When he examined his status and felt there is something different on him, he noticed some improvements and other things.

    Brion was generally not capable of attacking in any way except "Morsfulgur", for attacking he using just the abilities that came to his mind.

    It is practical but can be blocked, by a nice strategy from the enemy.

    At the same time, he used the element "Wood" with his mind power mostly.

    But, as he realized, he had the brain and "mind power" of "Ice Sky Witch", the Ice Sky Witch was innate, capable of controlling air and ice, and after Brion chooses it, he had gained it is power.

    This means that he can use his mind power to control ice and air element much better than Wood, element

    At the same time, the mind power spent when using ice and air element was much less than of using wood elements.

    Brion already knows that but he did not need to use any other element than "Wood" right now.

    Brion decided to go to sleep to relax a little.

    - 14 Hours Later -


    Green Deer Forest


    There were six people in a tent on a secret campsite.

    Two of these six were very important people.

    One of them was a young-looking red-haired man named "Clen Markal," a well known powerful and also intelligent "Skeleton Wizard", Clen was the founder and chairman of "Dark Skeleton Gang"

    Beside him, a man named Litark Arkansin was stood like a boulder and just staying silent.

    although the man named Litark looked young flashy because of his red hair, and white skin he was a fire wizard with serious power, and he was at least as old as Clen Markal.

    Litark Arkansin was the leader of the gang called Red Rock Gang, so they collaborated with "Dark Skeleton Gang" to fight against the Thuna Clan and doing business with other organizations.

    After they knew about the events that happened in the Ataya Forest, they quickly grouped and began to argue.

    "Old Man Clen, could you tell me what happened between your gang members and the mage who can fly in the air. I heard some kind of puttering around my brothers and sisters"

    Clen smiled lightly and started talking.

    "I see that your ears are as good as ever, Litark"

    Litark didn't say anything and remained silent.

    Because of his long red hair blocking his eyes he pretended to be can not hear Clen and can not see him.

    Clen did not care about the Litark and started talking.

    "Yes, my members, are researching the subject. But, as far as we know, the Thuna Clan is not in a position to interfere with this person and the truth is most likely they scared of him."

    Litark smiled slightly and began talking after shaking his head negatively.

    "Arnael never leaves an area like the Ataya Forest. The golds and silvers there and do not let me start to talk about the "Magic Stone" in that area, what you are saying is most likely right"

    Clen pulled one piece of paper out of his pocket.

    After gently wrapping this paper, he put it in his mouth and winked at Litark. Litark shook his hand slightly without deleting the smile on his face, and the tip of the paper between Clen's lips began to burn.

    (Basically a cigar of mage) At the same time, Clen started talking.

    "I know Arnael, Litark, if Arnael gives up these resources and gives to that person the "Ataya Forest," one of the important areas owned by an unnamed wizard, you know what that means?"

    After Clen's words ended, Litark - who turned his back lightly and answered after throwing his hand in his long hair - had a little laugh.

    "You mean, the leader of the Thuna Clan, the wizard without a name, is stronger than Arnaelden and the entire Thuna Clan?"

    Clen smiled and answered.

    "I already said that you know that right"

    Litark just smiled and did not say any further, then Clen started talking again.

    "My boys and girls and the white angel gang boys were going to fight in the Ataya Forest, and at the time they noticed an Order One wizard from the Thuna Clan.

    They managed to injure him, but in return, we lost two members.

    I know that this person they're attacking was using the Black Lightning element and most likely he is the genius young mage named Armas.

    After this mage flees from the battle, in exactly a few minutes,

    I don't know exactly the name of the mysterious mage Brion or Brian whatsoever the person mentioned came and killed one of my members with a single move, he said his words and disappeared as he came."

    After hearing Clen's words, Litark took a slightly deep breath and responded.


    Afterward, he looked at Clen with slightly low eyes and began to talk.

    "I guess that you're going to apologize to this person first, and then you're going to try to make friends with him and try to get rid of "Thuna Clan."

    Clen smiled lightly and answered.

    "I need to be free to produce and sell my Tuv - 01 property. You need to help me sell your Red Tree Liquid Bomb, which has a different effect on wizards you make of red trees."
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