69 Something Wrong With Arnael - Chapter 69

    When Brion woke up, he had an angry look on his face.

    He was confronted by Arnael, and the reason he came was probably the thing that happened between him and the Black Skeleton Gang, and his announcement of the Ataya Forest belongs to himself.

    He did expect that Arnael to come to him and ask questions about why he did took Ataya Forest for himself but still he did not expect him to come this quick.


    Arnael began to speak after taking a deep breath.

    At the same time, his eye was constantly on Armas and Sivinia.

    He didn't notice any difference from them right now but. It's not exactly the best thing to expect them to be different in a few days

    Arnael began to speak in a slight tone.

    " Lord Brion, you most likely know we're here because of the recent events, we're here to warn you about the Gangs."

    Brion raised his hand lightly and started talking.

    "Don't worry, Arnael, nothing will happen to me. At the same time, yes, I know their plans. They're going to want to use me for themselves.

    I'm not that stupid.

    I'm with you, I'm not going to let two selfless evil organizations do their evil things using my power for themselves and get people and other mages hurt because of me."

    Arnael was slightly swallowed and looked at Aley for one second.

    Aley then breathed slightly and pulled out a few documents from the bag on her back.

    There were a lot of words was written on real papyrus paper and they became documents after stacked.

    Brion took the documents from the hand of the Brion and.

    After he got the papers, he was going to ask what happened, but before he asked Aley started talking and explaining what is in these documents.

    "Lord Brion, these are information about the Thuna Clan, the Ataya Clan, and the Valam Clan. We thought that It would be good for you to know this information about the clans in the vicinity.

    At the same time, "Gangs" and their actions are in these documents too, at your request, the Ataya Forest is all now belongs to you.

    All you have to do is write your name on the paper I've put you through."

    Aley pulled a pen out of her purse after she finished her words and handed it to Brion.

    Brion began examining the details of the paper. It was a paper stating that the Ancestor Forest had all its rights as part of his failure to cooperate with Black Skeleton and the Red Rock Gang.

    Brion thought a little bit and started talking after looking at Aley and Arnael's face.

    "From the outside, I may not as an evil and battle-mage person and I could sometimes look like a sage that does not hurt anybody.

    But I don't understand how you people offered me an agreement, you people said this is just an information about the clans and gangs, but here it says that I could not talk with any kind of gang members or attack any other clan other than self-defense.

    Let say that I want to destroy the Thuna Clan and take it is all-region and riches, what you guys could anything about it ?"

    Arnael and Aley began to tremble with these words.

    That's when Arnael took the greatest deep breath of his life and started talking.

    "We'll report you to the Council of Intercontinental Wizards."

    Aley was swallowed and looked at Arnael in a dismayed manner.

    Brion, on the other hand, opened his hands to each other with a smile on his face and just toss the agreement on the earth's ground and just turned his back and started walking and talking.

    "There's no deal! Next time I see someone from the Thun Clan in the Ataya Forest, except for my two students, I will kill them directly no question asked."

    Arnael and Aley, along with their fearful eyes, stood up and began to move towards the big eagles standing behind them.

    At that time, Arnael turned around and took a deep breath after looking into Brion's eyes.

    Brion was already stopped and turned to look at him.

    Then Arnael looked at Armas and Sivinia and spoke.

    "Armas, Sivinia, the deal is between Brion and The Thuna Clan is over. Let's go back to the Thuna Clan"

    Armas and Sivinia looked at each other and shook their heads negatively showing that they want to stay with Brion.

    Arnael went berserk when he saw two mages he had raised for using any kind of resources, disrespecting his direct order, and whispered lightly after opening both hands.

    "Twin Lightning Bolt"

    Together with Arnael's words, two twin lightning bolts directly shot towards Armas and Sivinia.

    The level difference between Armas and Sivinia and the Arnael was very high.

    That's why there wasn't enough time to prevent the attack, or even see the attack coming towards them.


    Within seconds of an explosion, the smoke disappeared and Armas and Sivinia were not harmed in any way.

    There was a purple shield that protected them. Brion stood up lightly and looked deep towards Arnael.

    Aley immediately took herself to the front of Arnael and with the wizards in the back, they waited ready for the attack.

    Brion held his head lightly and began talking after Arnael began looking at his eyes, which were full of fear and stubbornness.

    "You came to my house and threatened me with complaints.

    Then you attacked two students that I accepted as students.

    Even though I said the other day that I would destroy those who attacked them!"

    Arnael beat his fear and spoke out loud.

    "You can't take the land that's bloodshed just because you said so, and you can't take care of the two wizards I raised, which I've worked for!"

    Brion shook his head negatively and shook his hand slightly, and after shaking his hand, Arnael, Aley, and the wizards all in the back each of them fainted directly.

    Brion then spoke after returning to Sivinia and Armas.

    "Tie them up and place them in the cave in the back."
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