71 Puppets Of Thuna Clan - Chapter 71

    "It's wrong for me to think that way. They don't need to be killed for the mistakes they've made, it's easier for me to destroy them if it's just dealing with them because of the power I have."

    "This is an evil thought of mine, but sometimes you do not have any chance other than being evil"

    Brion then took a light breath and made a confirmation sign with his head after looking at his area.

    "I need to find myself, a flag, a symbol, and an organization name. In this way, thanks to the adjective of "identity" that I have, I can prevent other organizations or powerful wizards from infecting me. The region of this organization will be the Ataya Family."

    Armas and Sivinia were talking to each other in the plain area opposite the Research House, located right next to Brion's garden.

    The events of Arnael and the events of the Thuna Clan - the fact that the wizards came after only a day of events and the murder of Arnael Thuna had a little impact on them.

    Armas and Sivinia had been raised and trained by the Thuna Clan since childhood.

    They learned all the information they knew and everything that was around them through the Thuna Clan and were raised for the Thuna Clan.

    Armas began talking after looking at Sivinia.

    "What do you think we should do? Did Lord Brion did the right thing ?"

    Sivinia looked at the sky and responded after taking a light breath.

    "There's a lot of we don't know about what Lord Brion is capable. At the same time, we don't know much about how powerful wizards live around us like lord Brion. Threatening a mage at Lord Brion's level and entering the territory he declared is reason enough for the murder of Lord Arnael. This is very normal for the mages act on it, especially when we think about the power difference between them."

    Armas, who listened to Sivinia's words, confirmed it with his head and then began to talk.

    "It's too early to think about all these situations. But no matter what happens, it's still a strange feeling to let our leader be killed after the Thuna Clan did us so much good."

    After Armas finished his words, Sivinia turned her head and looked to the right.

    He realized that Brion was walking towards them with his hand behind. After there are five meters between them, Brion started talking.

    "I know you have a sense of loyalty and trust in Thuna Clan. But remember, there's no way an organization or clan can help you without a real interest and nothing to get from you guys."

    Those words led Armas and Sivinia to look at each other in a surprised manner. Armas started talking after looking at Brion.

    "I don't understand what Lord Brion trying to say to us !"

    Brion smiled and kept talking.

    "Even though you two think that the Thuna Clan is helping you, and you think you've betrayed everything that's been done for yourselves because of staying with me and choosing me and not choosing the Arnael Thuna.

    I'm saying you two don't have to think that way. The only reason Thuna Clan helps and improves you, people, is because you're going to be useful to them in the future.

    You don't have to look for a bigger reason!"

    Brion's words started to change how Armas and Sivinia thinks. In any way, Lord Brion was speaking the truth.

    The reason Thuna Clan raised them was that they would help them in the future as mages of Thuna Clan. Just knowing that this fact, made, loyalty and trust didn't matter.

    For the Thuna Clan, they were nothing more than just mages who worked for them and had the potential to make the clan itself stronger.

    Armas and Sivinia bowed their heads and answered.

    "Thank you, Lord Brion, we understand the situation because of your words"

    "Thank you, Lord Brion, we understand the situation because of your words"

    Brion smiled lightly and started talking.

    "Yes, let's just drop it. What are your situations, do you guys still working"

    Armas was the first to answer Brion's question.

    "Lord Brion, as you said, I was going to go search the forest today. But before that, I wanted to meditate and gather more energy."

    Brion approved with his head and turned his eyes to Sivinia.

    That's when Sivinia started talking.

    "Lord Brion, I was looking for ways to better use the magic skills , I have"

    Brion took a light breath and started talking.

    "You both have a good idea. But it's not just the ability to research and think about what determines the true power of a wizard or a mage.

    Other than that, there is an important point. Can you guess what I am talking about?"

    Armas thought about it and looked at Sivinia. Sivinia made a negative mark with her head and said she didn't know. Brion kept talking when he didn't get an answer.

    "I am talking about battle experience, how many times do you fight against wizards or mages by putting your life on the line?

    How many times in your life you've been engaged in real deadly wars which winner is living and the loser is dying.

    These are some of the real points that show the true power of the wizard."

    Armas replied immediately at the time.

    "Lord Brion, we talked about it with Sivinia, but the Thuna Clan never sent us to fight the wild forests or other Gangs to get real combat experience."

    Brion replied after a little laugh.

    "They did not take you, but they took the wizards who were much weaker than you and would not be considered geniuses?

    Sivinia and Armas looked at each other faces and nodded with their heads.

    Only after these approve. Brion replied with a face-to-face statement that made fun of them.

    "Because you're important people who are going to work for the Thuna Clan. They couldn't risk losing puppets like you who had precious magic power and genius minds."
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