72 Trying To Create "AI" - Chapter 72

    - 1 Day Later -

    Brion was sitting in his yard and having fun for the time being, but after one to two minutes later he started thinking. Right behind him, Armas and Sivinia were sitting on the grass ground and meditating.

    The simplest way to increase the "INT" rating they had for the mages and wizards was to continue meditating, and they needed to calm their spirit down and take more power from their surroundings as time goes on.

    That's how Brion improved himself at the start too. But then, he managed to find different ways to increase his "Mind" power.

    The system in his head was the simplest reason for that.

    Brion had popped up in his mind when he started to think about the "System" of his.

    "When I got stronger and had the chance to choose new brains and minds. I also encountered mechanical beings and it is brains. If I do this kind of research, I can create self-robot-like, artificially intelligent servants. In this way, establishing, advancing and naming and organization will be much easier for me"

    Brion had to think that he had to set up an organization.

    He initially chose "Atay-a Forest" as a region.

    He may get big after some time later, but right now it is unnecessary to take any kind of another region from the mages and could bring some trouble for himself.

    One of the other things he had to decide is how to create artificial intelligence and what kind of body he would create for Artificial Intelligence, from an object.

    Brion's control for elements is not the same as all elements.

    For example, "Ice" and "Air" were easier to control than Wood, and more flexible if he thinks right, but the thing is if he did create an Ice-Man from the ice, he will have to spend Mind Power Energy for the creature to not affected by the burn and heat itself which coming from the environment and it will create problems as the time goes on and if created creature is stronger than usual it will need more Mind Power for every kind of thing.

    "The Woodmen and other creatures I have right now always taking energy from me for every second they exist in the world,

    the energy they taking are negligible for me is right now but if numbers are rise up it will create a problem in the end, and each of them depends on my "mind" ability. This is not a dangerous situation at the moment,

    but in the future, if I fall personally dangerous situation, I will need all my energy for survival or maybe even fight and when I withdraw all my energy, all the creatures I create will become inactive objects.

    Future enemies may have some kind of power that blocks me from the taking energy from the outside,

    If I can do all these things in a such of the short time, I am having a hard time to imagine what kind of abilities they have considering there will be enemies who lived up to thousands of years"

    Brion took a deep breath after this thought, and after standing up, he moved on to the research house and began to think and start working.

    "I will create, I must create a power source for beings. I can create this power source directly as "Mind Power". But, at the same time, if I think simply, I'd give "Mind Power Energy Core" to a creature of the Ice element, which it is use "Mind Power" but doing that is not good when there is a chance for me to create Ice Elemental Core , for an Ice Creature using my mind power."

    Brion began to turn these thoughts into papers that indicate and show these thoughts in writing, using Mind Power. In a short time, these thoughts and papers became small books, and Brion's normally empty research house was beginning to fill up a little bit.

    "I don't need to use a single element as a body to create an entity that has a creature, servant, or similar Artificial Intelligence."

    "Other than that, if I think about computer logic, I would have seriously lowered the energy needed to create artificial intelligence."

    Brion was strong and had a lot of Mind Power, but that still didn't mean he could do anything. Therefore, by creating as many good ideas as possible, the necessary Mind Power Energy and Energy Spending should be reduced.

    "First, the CPU (I need to create the processor for the creatures)"

    Brion, along with this thought, began to think using mind power.

    This kind of technical knowledge that had cases would have been overworked, but Brion wasn't a computer engineer in his previous life or a person who understood computers well.

    He just knew that simply "CPU" was a processor, so he knew more or less his logic.

    His ignorance was completed by Mind Power, spending on Mind Power Energy.

    After 2, 3 minutes, Brion managed to create a processor.

    The name he gave this processor is

    It was "Avilix CPU Model 1.0".

    The Avilix CPU Model "1.0" had the power of a modern computer in general. Brion, now, wanted to build the power source.

    He didn't have any complete knowledge of that.

    Therefore, instead of a simple element such as a different element or electricity, for now, it would be used directly in Mind Power, because it was for trial and research purposes.

    After 6 minutes, Brion managed to create a "power supply". Brion could have created a creature with artificial intelligence by focusing all his power on this.

    But this would have been a lot of energy, and it would not have contributed to its development.

    Brion gave a simple name to the power supply he created.

    "Avilix Powersource 1.0"

    Brion, then, simply tried to create computer fragments that came to mind with the Memory Certificate and other minds. The hard part was to add all these creatures to a body and activate the body.

    "As long as I have my mind power and my time , I could create an empire for myself , and just explore the area , without causing people or any kind of being to die , and I always have to be careful about the not being evil in any chance , for people who have the power like me being an evil human is not really easy and it looks good to !"
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