74 System Upgraded - "Studies" - Chapter 74

    Brion took a deep breath after Ragan the first robot-like creature he created talked.

    Armas and Sivinia were too flabbergasted too but they did not talk and they were just examining the thing that Lord Brion created.

    Brion, looked at Ragan and inspected it with his mind power and understood that there should be no problem in it is the body, then he started talking.

    "I added some information about your existence and why you are created so do you have any questions for me ?"

    Ragan, head turned towards to Brion and then started talking after it processed what his creator said to him.

    "I understand my purpose and my existence, there is no problem my creator Lord Brion"

    Brion nodded then look at the status of "Ragan" he wanted to know what kind of power he has now.


    "Model = V-1.0"

    "STR" = 25"

    "Agility" = 25"


    "Avilix CPU 1.0"


    "An, artificial mechanic life that only can be used for basic things, it could not learn things but could do things without any kind of assistance if the input is given to him by it is creator or a being have permission granted by it is creator"

    Brion smiled then started thinking.

    "It is nice because I did not add a "Neural Network" system into to it is CPU, he does not have any kind of learning ability, If I don't want to, he only can learn basic interactions or the things I have given to him, for the time being, this is more right"

    After Brion finished his thoughts, he started to think about copying and creating more model V1.0 they all have the power of Order 2 Mid Warrior and could live about more than 10.000 years and smarter than all of the woodmen before he created, he can assign them complex missions and just sit and watch them do their missions.

    Of course, Brion did not forget to put a fail-safe program into their "CPU" If he senses any kind of rebellion from the AI even it is not possible when thought by common sense, this fail-safe program will destroy the malfunctioned program so that they could not create a disturbance in his mind.

    Brion, also added, several different things to Ragan, like some kind of, clothes and other things, it does not have human skin or something like that

    but still, he does not want to see a human steel body naked, it made him feel bad for itself, he did not feel like that when it comes into the "Woodmen" because they are essentially puppets and could not think for themselves but the Ragan was different,

    it is true that he could not understand or learn new things as long as it is complex, he could still understand humans to some extent because of his CPU,

    so he just wanted to give him some kind of basic clothes.

    After Brion, finished these things, he told the "Ragan" clean the home and its surroundings for the time being.

    After Ragan took his order, he answered and started working.

    "I will do that"

    After Ragan started working, Brion smiled because he felt good that he is successful that he could create a basic ai and could put into the and created metal body without using too much mind power

    At that time, a system panel manifested in front of his eyes giving him information

    "+5 AT Points 5+ AB Points"

    "System Completed Upgrading The Status System"

    "New Status System"




    AB = 5

    AT = 5


    Level - ????

    Physical Power = 3xPeak Human

    Mind = 55 (+3 From Self Improvement and Research)

    Brain = Sky Witch Brain (The Brain information or will not be shown to the user if he does not wants it but it will be effective


    Studies (This shows, how user use his mind power and creates corresponding categories if the used mind power reached enough level so that user could add AB points to new studies and improve his understanding passively, AB points could still be used for upgrading abilities but it will be not effective as the past, so the system itself do not recommends it.


    AI Level - 1

    Puppets Level - 2

    Construction Creation - Level 2

    Death Inducement - Level 1


    Abilities (Passive Abilities Are Hidden)



    Brion closed his eyes slowly and started thinking.

    "The system changed to use of the AB Points to fit into my lifestyle, it did understand that I do not use Ability Points for created abilities so that It decides to create a new kind of thing for me to use points more effectively"

    Brion nodded after understanding what happening and after that, he looked at the Armas and Sivinia, then talked.

    "I added permission for you guys to order "Ragan" for your needs, do not forget that it is level around Order 2 Mid Warrior, and it could most likely easily destroy and do not take hits from your attacks. So, order him but always be respectful to him, even if it created by me and essentially does not have feelings, just be good to him"

    Armas, and Sivinia, gulped after hearing the power of Ragan (Metalic Body Creature) and they did not answer Brion just nodded with heads, therefore, showing that they are approving what Brion said to them.

    After Brion, talked with Armas And Sivinia, he then started walking towards to his home, after he entered his room and his room,

    he locked the door with his mind power and created a mind power shield around himself, then started to improve his abilities with his earned points.

    "First, I have to allocate my points to a mind that is an easy thing to do"

    After Brion thought inside his mind he started talking to the system.

    "System , could you put "5" AT Points to "Mind"

    After Brion finished talking , he did lost his consciousness as always and after he woke up , he understood that at least two the three hours are passed ,

    "I feel , smarter , more powerful and have different kind of ideas in my mind."

    Brion , whispered to himself then, he started to think where to use his "AB" points
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