76 The Organization - Model-V2.0 - Chapter 76

    In the outside of Brion home, the Ragan was working the clean the grass and the other kind of trashes outside of buildings, It did not think about something else other than it is mission and order came from Brion,


    Brion came out of his room and then used his mind power to call "Ragan" back

    Ragan was still working for the cleaning around but after he got the order from Brion he stopped picking up the trash and started walking towards Brion.

    Brion looked at the Ragan, then Ragan saw something inside his eye-lens

    "System Offline"

    After this word, Ragan entered a state of sleep.

    Brion then looked at the Ragan then started rebuilding it is the body, he first started with adding him a "Titanium Body" which is stronger than steel, and with the help of Mind Power, he solved the problem of weight too, after Brion changed the body Ragan from "Steel" to "Titanium" the Ragan abilities are changed.

    But before he checked the abilities of Ragan, he first added a new kind of CPU, power source and other parts to it is the body. After he finished with his stabilization and changes, he checked new Ragan


    "Model = TT 2.0"

    "STR = 50"

    "Agility 50"

    "Power Source"

    "Avilix Mind Power Source 2.0 (Could last for about 5.000 years)


    "Avilix CPU 2.0 "(Independent Thinking)"


    "An, artificial mechanic life that only can be used for moderate things (farm, guarding, controlling other small machines), it could not learn things but could do things without any kind of assistance if the input is given to him or it could think about the problem and solve it with independent thinking."

    Brion smiled, then he tried something different, he made Ragan legs little bit different than legs of humans, they looked like Flex-Foot with strong human legs and muscles but of course,

    it was only there for a look, he just made it for testing the "Agility" of Ragan, he just wanted to look at if design changes the agility.

    After, he made the changes he checked the status of Ragan


    "Agility = 60"

    Brion just laughed a little bit soundly and took the attention of Armas and Sivinia who were discussing their powers.

    "So, the design itself affects the ability of a creature, It is not much of a surprising thing to discover but it is still feel good to know about it"

    Brion was going to activate the Ragan, but then the system spoke to him.

    "New Study"


    Brion just smiled and did not for the time being, But before he restarted to Ragan, he asked the system a question.

    "System, how many Ragan I can create and control right now"

    After one to two seconds later, System answered his question.

    "About 500, more than that is not possible,"

    Brion took a deep breath, then shook his hands then his Mind Power created ten "Model Vex-2.0" Brion did feel that his mind power was a little bit gone but it was not much of thing he could regenerate that kind of mind power energy in about one hour,

    After, he created 10 "Model Vex-2.0", he given them different kind of missions and assigned their leader as "Ragan", so they will be taking orders from first himself, then Armas and Sivinia, and if there was nobody around they will be controlled by the "Ragan"

    Brion, added something inside of Ragan for "B" plan for his safety, If something happens to himself, Ragan will have chance to use "Neural Network" and start to learn things and be a human-like person

    After Brion finished his things, he started all of the "Robots", then all of them started to walk towards their missions, some of them was assigned by exploring the around and had human skin, some of them was hunting and other ones were commanding the woodmen for controlling the Ataya Forest,

    Brion took a deep breath then looked at Armas and Sivinia, then talked with them, he did not use his voice for talking he used some kind of telepathy, it was not strong but still can be useful for himself right now, only works on who were weaker than himself.

    Armas and Sivinia came towards to Brion and stop in front of him with the respectful expression on their faces.

    Brion, looked at his two students, then shake his hands, at that time Armas and Sivinia, lost their consciousness and then started sleeping on the ground. Brion looked at the two of them and then spoke.

    "I gave the ability of Cataract to Sivinia and gave the ability of "The Arsenic" to, Armas, I will not going to stop them from using it and how they are going to use it, this will help me to understand the mindset of little mages"

    After Brion spoke to himself, he just flew on the top of his research room and then shake his hands, After Brion shook his hand's different kinds of homes and building started to make up from the rock and iron, other buildings which existed before started to turn into the Iron and Rock,

    Brion felt that his mind power energy was draining too quickly, he just smiled and then started speaking.

    "System Add One AB Points to "Construct Creation" and Add One AB Points to "Biomechanics"

    After that Brion just started to watch things build itself, he did not create so many of buildings just about five to six house and different kind of towers made up from the iron, then he created a symbol on the middle of his place, he did have to cut some of the trees around his home but he did not have any choice about on that.

    "I will choose "M-G" as my symbol and for the name of my organization it will be "M-God Organization the original color of this organization of mine will be "Purple" and the purpose of it will be exploration, research and controlling more places without the assistance of much of violence,"
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