75 Almagrad Union - Revenge Plans - Chapter 75

    Aley and Lian were walking in a hall that pretty big and they both had sad and unfriendly expressions on their face, it been about 12 hours to one day but the Thuna Clan was already in a mess because The Lord Arnael was dead.

    Aley did know that this will going to cause some kind of bad things to happen in "Cerebrus Continent" which is where they are,

    This name was only known to mages and wizards, common people did not know the real name of the continent they were living on.

    The first thing is going to happen is after Arnael has died, most of the clan balances are will going to change as a result of it, right now Thuna Clan had only one successor for the clan leader position of "Thuna Clan"

    This person was a woman named Alyria Thuna and was at the level of Second Order and she was a mage of lightning too, her power was about same as herself and Lian,

    She was good at managing the clan working but she was still did not had nearly enough experience for managing such a big clan at the age of 24

    At that time Lian started speaking.

    "We have to first manage, the city and it is mages, we should not give an idea the other clans The Thuna Clan is weak and could easily be taken out in this continent. Other than I have no idea"

    Aley nodded then started speaking and answering the Lian

    "You are right, and other than we should stronger our defenses and create a system that people still will look and understand that Thuna Clan still a stronger clan than other clans and could not easily be bullied by the other clans"

    Lian just nodded and did not talk back, after that they stop at the door of where the Alyria was living and staying for the time being.

    After Aley, knocked on the door, she and Lian entered inside of the room.

    Alyria Thuna was a beautiful young woman who had black hair and black eyes with thin brows,

    Her height was around 165 cm and she was wearing a mage robe and it is color was made up from black and blue colors symbolize power and lightning itself.

    The robe was created and enchanted by best enchanters and tailors in the area of Thuna Clan controlled

    Alyria Thuna was sitting on a chair made up from a different kind of creature wool and a long table was front of her and the table was full of different kind of papers which involved Thuna Clan workings.

    After Lian and Aley entered the inside of the room Alyria looked at them and nodded then started talking.

    "Could you guys tell me about more that mage named Brion"

    After Alyria said the name of Brion, her face showed an angry and thoughtful expression. This was the man who killed his brother and father, it could be said that this man was their biggest enemy so far.

    After Alyria asked her question, Aley started speaking and explained what she saw about the Brion.

    After, 15 minutes passed the Aley finished her speaking and did not miss any kind of detail about the Brion.

    Alyria took a deep breath then started talking after looking at the faces of Lian and Aley

    "I understood that this man is a strong and powerful mage that Cerberus Continent never saw before, but we have to take our revenge for other mages and wizards to see, this will create a new chance for to us to establish our authority in the island even more than before"

    Aley shook his head showing her disapproval but Lian started talking.

    "Lady Alyria, what kind of power we can use in our side or what kind of idea we can use for ourselves to attack this mage and have our revenge for the killed prince and Lord Arnael"

    Alyria, took a paper from her desk, and gave it to Aley then started talking.

    "We have not much power in our hands to fight against this man if you guys are telling the right about him, but this paper can be useful"

    After Aley, started to read the paper, her eyes showed a surprised expression and smiled, and then she started talking.

    "Lady Alyria, if this paper is real we can use Almagrad Union and take care of the Brion once for all !"

    After Lian heard what Aley said his eyes opened like he saw a naked woman then he exclaimed

    "Almagrad Union !, how is it possible how can we use their power for our work ?"

    Lian did not believe what he heard and just took the paper from Aley's hand and then he started reading the paper himself.

    Lady Alyria smiled then explained.

    "I have a relationship with the son of the Almagrad Union Leader son Vertan, so I talked him about the events here and he said he will help us using the power of Almagrad Union"

    Aley took a deep breath then looked at Lian,

    Lian understood what Aley meaning but did not talk.


    Almagrad Union was a union of the mages and is controlled by a legendary mage of Five Order, this level was legendary in the continent of Cerberus,

    Almagrad Union had the control of three-continent like Cerberus Continent, so they believed that if Almagrad Union stepped in the enemy mage Brion will have to escape or die by on their hands,

    Of course, they did not know that Brion could destroy the Almagred Union without needing to use his abilities.


    After Brion put his "AT Points" to the inside of his "Mind" Attribute, he just opened his system panel and looked at the studies,

    "I need to add points to Puppets and AI, then create different kind of studies for myself to add more points"

    After he whispered to himself he started talking to the system

    "System, add One AB Points to "AI (Study)" and One AB point to "Puppets (Study)"

    After Brion finished his words his understanding of "AI" and creating puppets was increased this means that he could create smarter creatures with more powerful and agile bodies.

    Not only that, but he could also understand the basics of "AI" and "Puppets" are better.
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