77 Options For Ragan - Getting Bigger - Chapter 77

    After Brion, said it is words, he lifted his hand to the sky and then pointed the sky with his finger, then he used about 10 percent of his mind power create some kind of bolt of mind energy, then shot it towards to sky !"

    Brion was just expecting something small, but after the Mind Power energy was exploded every mage on the continent of "Cerberus" heard this sound and looked at the sky.

    It was good that Brion was prepared so that Mind Power Explosion itself did not hurt the Ataya Forest and it is surroundings.


    After Brion finished it is a thing to do, he started to think about something else which was in his mind before, it was about space, the thing is he did not know about anything about spaceships and it is buildings.

    "I need to explore space when the time comes, but for the time being I need to create some kind of industrial equipment or robots for that kind of work"

    Brion wanted to create something but not use Mind Power for it, because if he always uses Mind Power for everything he wanted to do he will not be going to improve as an intelligent being,

    And this will create a contrast between his Mind abilities and his actions.

    He just did not want to be a person who takes power for granted he wanted to work for it. Because of that, he started creating mines, and lumberjacks made up from the Model-V.1.0"


    One Hour Later


    Brion was pretty much ready, he created about 100 Model-V1.0, and set them their goals, he created a place for himself for storage and created storage made up from "Steel" and set gave the directions and orders to "100 Model-V1.0"

    The thing is every Model-v1.0 robot was strong as Order Two Mage and Warrior, this means that one Model V1.0 was strong as Aley and Lian.

    If people know that Brion had these creatures on using them for mining and other basic jobs, they most likely going to suicide by using their spells.


    Ragan was looking around in the Ataya Forest, his creator gave him the mission of controlling the creatures named Woodmen and other 20 Model of TT 2.0 when he was wandering around and analyzing it is surroundings, he saw three human mages who was entering the Ataya Forest border,

    He just ran towards them and started talking after taking their attention to itself.

    "This place belongs to Lord Brion, if there is no permission from him you humans can not enter this forest"

    Two of the human mages was a woman and her name was Sicil, she had blonde hair and ordinary face of a woman and not much of a special person and she was from Ataya Clan and she was responsible for giving direction the Clan Leader,

    It can be said that she was at the same position of Aley, with one difference, she was working with Ataya Clan at her level was same Arnael, which was Order Three Mage

    After they heard the creature talked to them, Sicil started talking with a blank face on her,

    She already saw that creature was only at the level Order Two and it is not dangerous to her and Clan Leader Lady Levia and Clan Warrior Markanes,

    "We belong to Ataya Clan, and Ataya Forest belongs to us, your master and you should leave this forest and do not came here again."

    After Sicil said her words, she took a paper from her bag and then showed it the Ragan, which was meaningless because Ragan did not have the ability the read and learn other things, he only had the ability of independent thinking but he could not add something or more information on his

    CPU and Memory

    Ragan just started talking again.

    "Master Brion orders are absolute, do not enter the forest, whoever enters the forest is going to be killed"

    After Ragan said it is words, his right hand-powered my mind power turned into the titanium blade

    Sicil took a deep breath and was going to attack the Ragan, but then a voice stopped her from doing so.

    "Sicil came back and please look at your surroundings before, make a hasty move"

    This word belonged to Clan Leader Levia

    After Sicil heard her Clan Leader words, she used her magical energy to look at her surroundings, after she did, she was just shocked and gulped because of move about five seconds ago.

    "There is about, 10 Order Two Warrior Creature like the front of us and more than 50 Peak Apprentice Warriors and Ranged Fighters !"

    Sicil was strong the Warrior Of Ataya Clan who is Markanes is at least strong as her, but the Clan Leader itself was only at the level of Order Two and had no defense equipment on herself.

    If these creatures attacked them, forget the Lady Levia, even herself and Markanus could not save themselves from this kind of attack.

    After Sicil learned what kind of situation they were in, she was going to talk again but Ragan did not let her speak and started speaking.

    "Leave this area, you humans have 20 seconds after 20 second is over I will be calling Lord Brion over here, and before he came, I will going to murder you"

    After Ragan said it is words, the TT2.0 Robots were scattered around the trees which were looking the three human mages had a ready appearance for the attack,

    the Woodmen Spearman other hand was ready to shoot spears from the distance of 30 to 50 meters to it is enemies.

    Sicil started talking fast.

    "We want to see Brion which is your master, if you kill us he will be mad at you don't you think"

    After hearing what Sicil said to itself, the Ragan system started working.

    "Independent Thinking (Active)

    "Woman (Human) talking logically"

    "Master could be mad at me and destroy "Ragan" (Existence Lost)


    "Option 1 - Kill the human mages"

    "Option 2 - Tell Master Brion"

    "Option 3 - Kill the human mages and don't tell the master about them (Betrayal)

    Ragan was thinking what to do but he did not know that he was watched by Brion who was using his mind power to see from the eyes of Ragan and wondering which option he is going to choose, he added the Option 3 the learn more about the "AI Creatures"
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