84 The Alfian - Controlling - Experiment - Chapter 84

    In a city that people who are going for their daily life and living their short life, which was common among the humans.

    There are humans in the city that wearing the blue robe of "Thuna Clan" and looking at all other humans as like they were god and the humans are their slaves.

    A brown-robed ordinary man walked in the city as he looked at all other things, this man was called Alfian, and he was not a human.

    It was the robot that Brion created.

    "Alfian (Code-Name)"

    "Model - "N-Smart 0-Fire"

    "CPU - Neutral Network Hardened CPU 1.0"

    "PowerCore - "Hardened Fire Power Powercore (5.000 Years) (Daily Use)

    "Memory" - "Human Brain Copy - HMC - 1.0" (Same as Human Brain,)

    "Body" = "Hardened Steel With Fire Energy Power)


    Physical Power = 70

    Energy Power = 60 (Magical Power For Machines and not living beings = Equal Value)




    Fire Bullet

    Fire Sword

    Fire Armor

    Fire Domain



    "Neutral Network CPU, It could learn like a human and live like a human as the time goes on, but still can not feel emotions and other human traits such as "dream" and love"


    "Get inside of the Thuna City (Completed)"

    "Infiltrate (Thuna Clan Caste)" (Not Completed)

    "Set Mind Power Controlling Bots, to Leader Alyria, Tian and Aley" (Not Completed)


    Alfian slowly walked and analyzed every human he saw and started to copy their mimics and behavior, after that he slowly walked a norman middle-aged man who was walking in the city with his son and daughter then asked a question.

    "Do you know where is, Alyria ?"

    Middle-Aged man, looked at the Alfian weirdly then, Alfian talked again.

    "I am sorry, I mean where is the Thuna Clan Castle"

    The middle-Aged man laughed then started speaking.

    "Oh I did not get it the first time, just walk towards to this road, You could not miss it after ten to fifteen minutes of walking"

    Alfian nodded then started walking.

    Alfian understood that he did make a mistake when he asked the man where was the leader of Thuna Clan, but he did think that it was normal because he was a neural network AI, so he is going to learn and will be more efficient as the time goes on.

    After, that Alfian proceeds with his mission.

    - M-God Base -

    Brion, who took the body of the Ocean Mage attacked him and put him on the table, he created for his experiments.

    He did not like this kind of experiments but in the end, if he wants to get stronger in Puppeteering, and earn a study in the Biology,

    he needs to do experiment and research on the body of human anatomy even that this ocean mage was not human he still had a human body.

    The Ocean Mage was fully naked, Brion just scanned it with mind power then, he started thinking.

    "He has strong muscle made up of magical energy, not like humans"

    "It is eyes and, the nose looks like humans but they were giving him different advantages when he was in the sea, he could easily breathe in air and water and, could easily see in the deep water."

    Brion nodded again then, he scanned it is bones.

    The bones of Ocean Mage were colored in blue and different than human bones.

    At first, he saw that they were not like human bones which is always hard and never soft.

    But, this man could easily make his bones hard and soft at the same time.

    Brion guessed that he had this ability because he did not want to be pressured when he was in a deep ocean.

    The best thing Brion found was this man's legs and feet.

    "The muscle, design in the legs of this man much different than a normal human.

    It is most likely because, at first when he was in his first evolution, he needed to fast and so he used his legs to propel himself forward in the ocean and swim faster.

    Therefore escape from the danger."

    Its feet are bigger than normal humans about two to three times, this is most likely because he needed to swim faster in the Ocean,

    I am guessing that when he was a young creature he was weak and always was in danger so he used his magical power and evolution to force himself to be powerful in the ocean.

    If I do, a little bit more experimental research and look at it is the body, then there should be no problem for me to find it is age and his original creature before he earned a human body and undergo an evolution.

    Brion nodded then, started working. It was becoming dark already because time passed when he was working.

    - Thuna Clan Castle -

    Alfian easily entered the castle and started sneaking up on all rooms and tried to find his targets.

    He did not know who was "Alyria" and he did not have it is facing, but he did know who was, Lian and Aley because his creator Brion already saw these two humans and added their information and face to his memory.

    So It should be not that hard for him to find these two.

    His creator specially ordered him to do the mission without killing any human, it was not a mission of his "CPU", but a direct order from his Creator Brion.

    "I should listen to my creator"

    After Alfian calculated in his mind, he walked with fast steps then, he found his target.

    It was the man named Lian, at that time Alfian did something that normally can not be expected from a robot.

    He smiled then with one hand to the back of his head with a minimal force so that he did not want to kill the Target, he knocked out the Lian without killing him then,

    he put the small five robots into the body of Lian.

    Then he started hiding in the corridors and using his power to hide.

    After one to two seconds.Lian, just opened his eyes and looked around and walked as nothing happened.


    M-God - Base


    Brion finished his works then the system started talking to him.

    "Biology" (Study)

    "Monsternium (Study)

    Brion smiled, and he was going to walk towards to outside the take a breath because he was tired. He sensed something and a message come to the front of his eye.

    "Message - Alfian"

    "Mission Report"

    "Target (Lian) is now the carrier of "Five Mind Robots"

    Brion smiled then nodded after that he took control of the Lian.
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