85 Explosions - Thuna Clan Is Mine - Destroying The Gangs

    Brion was controlling the Lian with his mind and Alfian was hiding in the shadows in the castle of Thuna Clan,

    Brion who was controlling the Lian (Brion) followed the way and finally found the Throne Room who was belonged the woman named Alyria. Lian (Brion) entered the room and saw that Aley and Alyria were talking about the attack they did to him.

    They looked at Tian for one to two seconds then, kept talking. Lian (Brion) just walked towards to side of Alfian and stand there waiting.Lian (Brion) wanted to know what they are talking about.


    "Aley, is there is any news about the Ataya Forest ?"

    Aley just shook her head and started giving a basic report.

    "Our spies and other members did not get information about the "Ataya Forest" and Brion, We don't know that if Almagrad Union attacked the place but defeated or they already finished their jobs.

    Alyria took a deep breath then started speaking.

    "This is not a piece of good news, I am sure that mages from the Almagrad Union already here, but the thing is they most likely had enough time for the to what I asked from them, but there is still not a piece of information and report from them."

    Aley thought a little bit and looked at Tian then spoke.

    "Tian, what you think tell me your thoughts on this particular subject"

    Then, Tian (Brion) started to speak.

    "I know that Almagrad Union is strong but, I think that we are seeing this mage named Brion little bit weaker than he is.

    Because, please Aley remember that when we are with the Lord Arnael and in the Ataya Village Mage Camp, there was a Sky Dragon wanted to attack us,

    but Brion just shook his hand then Sky Dragon who had the same power as "Order Three" mage, escaped from him before even attacked to him."

    Alyria and Aley listened then Alyria, got up from her throne then slowly got close to, Tian after that nodded her head then spoke.

    "I want you to go to the Almagrad Union and take information about what is their status. Could you do it ?"

    Lian (Brion) nodded but started speaking too.

    "I could do that, but Lady Alyria you should know that Almagrad Union is a "Mage Union" in the core, so it is possible they not going to like a Warrior came to their Union"

    Alyria nodded then spoke.

    "I know that, but I have no good man like you that give this mission, I need Aley here to help me with managing the things. So I have no chance other than sending you there"

    At that time, Lian (Brion) nodded, then looked at the ceiling after that, a human figure who was hiding on the ceiling, jumped towards to Alyria and Aley and knocked out them at the same time.

    This was naturally "Alfian" and when Aley and Alyria were speaking, he entered the throne room and waited for the sign from the Brion after, that he knocked out them and put them "Five Small Mind Robots" after that Lian, sit on the throne of Thuna Clan and spoke.

    "From now on all regions of Thuna Clan and resources belong to us.

    But before I will make this announcement official, I will just keep them in automatic mode, I don't have time and resources for controlling Thuna Clan, I need to be more prepared"


    Brion walked in his base then, took a deep breath

    "I need to know how to use my knowledge for management, right now Aley, Lian and Alyria are in my control and I will not going to control them outright.

    But, If they have "Night Silver" on their treasury, I will be going to take them. They, basically my puppets"

    After, Brion said these words he remembered something in his mind.

    "I remember there are two gangs who Thuna Clan was worked for the time being to destroy them and they were evil beings who used their magical powers for killing humans and money,

    I should destroy them in the name of "M-God Organization" so that others powers will going to notice and scared from me, this will make thing easier in the future. I don't want every power in the continent to attack me or disturb me"

    Brion smiled, then looked for information in the mind of Alyria, Tian and Aley, in about ten minutes he found the places of where the "Black Skeleton Gang" and "Red Rock Gang" bases are,

    "So, Red Rock Forest and hidden place in the Ataya Forest the place they are living, for the time being."

    Brion then nodded, shook his hand then created, about 10 TT20 Robots, then give them their orders.

    "I will send you to places go there and kill all the gang members, do not kill humans, and weak beings who have no physical energy or magical energy"

    After, Brion's words finished he sent all TT20 to information about the places and before they went to do the missions they took from him.

    Brion gave one particular order too.

    "Make it look big and explosive, I want to see that the explosion came towards from to their bases."

    After that all TT20, robot Brion created went into the forest and they ran towards to places they know to destroy them.

    Brion just flew in the air and closed his eyes.


    "Booooomb !"

    "Monster Monster !! Kill them !"

    "Escape from this base, we have no chance !"

    In the forest of Ataya, there are big explosions are occurred in about ten to twenty seconds all the time. The TT20 was already started butchering the members of Black Skeleton Gang Easily,

    Most of them were Peak Apprentice Mages, they tried to fight against the TT20, but it was a futile effort,

    Most of the TT20 had the power of Order Two to Order Four, this kind of team could easily take out and kill all the beings in the Cerberus Continent if there is enough time for them to do so.

    Black Skeleton Gang had no choice but surrender, but it was not going to work.

    Their death sentences were already given by Brion himself.TT20 did not have any orders for the take captives,

    So all the surrendering members of Black Skeleton Gang died from the explosions TT20 caused and the mages that did not die in the explosion died by the Sword Arms of TT20
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