88 Global Market - Global Market Card - Trading - Chapter 88

    One - Day Later


    Tarkos and Givan took deep breaths then looked at the Ataya Forest. At that time, Tarkos spoke.

    "For the god sake man, because of Vertan sexual interest, we are back here again with a mission from Lord Filan himself"

    Givan nodded then spoke.

    "We could use this as leverage for our power. You know if we get this through, we may be paid a nice amount of Night Silver and we could use these Night Silvers in the "Global Marget"

    When Tarkos heard what Given said his discomfort on his face suddenly turned into a big smile.

    Global Market was a weird thing that they did not even understand fully.

    Even the Legendary Mages did not know it is origin but, the planet they were in had one kind of item called "Global Card" these cards can be bought in most of the mage continents except the continents who are weak to have a chance to found one.

    After a mage a warrior who can use physical energy or a creature who has a type of energy find these cards, he could contact a market that has any kind of items, desires as long as the price is paid.

    The Global Market on their planet use "Night Silver" for payments and not only for buying a mage could even put items, potions, spells, and other kinds of things for sale and sell his or her items throughout the planet.

    After an item bought by the buyer, the transaction will be complete and the item, will be transported to the front of the card and the cardholder,

    And at the same time, the buyer needs a Night Silver Card that Brion has when he needs to do the transaction in the global market.

    Nobody knew who found or created the Global Market, but the weird thing is they do not take any kind of commission, or maybe they do take but they can't see it because their level is too weak to know what they are taking.


    Tarkos and Givan entered the Ataya Forest, led by the Rigan to Brion.

    Brion guessed why they came to his home again but did not show that he did know why they came.

    - Garden Of Brion - M God Base-

    Givan told about what the Leader Lifan said and talked about the other matters such as Global Market and other unions that had the same power as the Almagrad Union and their motives.

    Brion listened to all of the information and what they are telling and then he spoke.

    "Could you give me the "Global Market Card"

    Given smiled then nodded.

    "Of course, it is a cheap thing"

    After that, he pulled out a black card with a triangle symbol on it. Then he spoke.

    "Lord Brion, just hold the card and concentrate after that, there should be a panel manifest in the front of your eyes, I am sure that you could easily, understand other things."

    Brion nodded then smiled. After that, he wanted two Global Market Card and two Money Card for the Armas and Sivinia for too, Givan did not say anything and gave the cards Brion wanted.

    After that, Brion talked about the Almagrad Union.

    "As I already said I have no interest in fighting against the evil or that kind of thing.But, Leader Alfian is a smart man and knows how to talk with other people. Because of that, if he needs help he can come here and ask me. I will not be going to sign a contract but I am giving him my word."

    Givan nodded and thought.

    "It is good that he gives his word, At least I have something to show to Lord Filan"

    After that, the Givan and Tarkos left the M-God Base and Brion was alone in the garden. Armas and Sivinia were still meditating and trying to learn about the magic more.

    Right now, he did not prepare them anything, but he knows what he is going to give to them.

    Before, that he first needs to try the Global Market.

    "This is like the internet and but just for trading purposes"

    Brion thought then he gave a little Mind Power Energy to the card in his hand.

    After, he gave the energy a message from his system opened.

    "Global Market is connecting"

    "System will be hidden from the Global Market"

    Brion nodded then, he saw another kind of message this came from the direction of the Global Market.

    "ID - Brion"

    "ID Global Market = "M-God"

    "Global Market is active"



    "Notice" (Users put what they want and how much they are wanting to pay for it)

    "Trading Items" (Users could trade items in this sections without using Currency)

    "Bank = 500 (Night Silver)

    "Please Choose"

    Brion then the option "Buy"

    After, he thought about choosing the "Buy" option a new kind of message manifested in front of him.

    It was like websites, there are many categories that he can look for the things, Slaves, Weapons, spells, potions, and even poisons any kind of thing had it is own tag and there was the description on their pages.

    It was totally like a website.There was a word on the items that different than the Earth Websites.

    "All, things and items are tested by the Global Market and they are not counterfeit or anything so the customer could be feeling right when buying items.

    For selling, only after the items looked and inspected by the "Global Market" could be put on the website for sale! (the review by the "Global Market" could found in the selected item page"

    Brion smiled and thought.

    "I could earn a lot of money from this. This will create a thing for me so that I will not a person without a purpose."

    After he called Armas and Sivinia, then he gave them the cards and told them about what this card is and what they can do with it.

    After that, he gave 250 Night Silver to each of their Money Cards.

    Sivinia and Armas have fully immersed themselves in the "Global Market" because something like this will going to gave them chance to fully equip themselves and they can make research and other things to sell their knowledge even items in the future on the Global Market.
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