89 Night Hunters L1 - Exploring The Global Market - Chapter 89

    Brion, just looked at them and thought.

    "Even they are two top students of the Thuna Clan, it is the first time they see a Global Market Card and knew about the Global Market Card. This shows that the planet I am in is bigger than I imagined it was."

    After this thought, Brion then thought about what he could sell in the Global Market, the bad things are every kind of thing he is going to sell at the Global Market will change the balances of the world and continents.


    Brion thought about what he was going to sell but at that time a "T20" Robot came to himself and gave him some documents. Brion looked a the documents and smiled.

    "This is the contract that showing I am the owner and controller of all Thuna Clan Regions and economical interests"

    Brion, just put the contracts his home then walked towards outside.

    After that he looked into the Global Market for "Fighter" and "Mage" puppets,

    After a little bit some research on the subject he found what he was looking for.

    "Iron Puppet"

    "Made By "Iron Mage-Inarsen"


    "Level = "Peak Fighter \u0026 Peak Apprentice"

    "This, the puppet can be controlled with magical energy as input and given basic orders, It has physical capabilities of Peak Apprentice / Peak Fighter"

    "Tested By (Global Market)"

    "Price For Each = 2500 Night Silver"

    After, Brion looked at the price tag of basic "Iron Puppet", he laughed then thought.

    "This means two things, the puppets are pricey things in the Global Market or 2500 Night Silver is that a good thing"

    At that time, Global Market started to talk to him. It was like his system it answered his thoughts directly.

    "The Iron Puppet is a basic puppet of an Iron Mage = 2500 Night Silver is a monthly earning of a small-clan in a small-sized continent"

    "Cerberus Continent is an "Island-Sized Continent" and top powers are at the level of "Order Three"

    "Small-Sized Continents is typically larger and have more magical energy on them compared Island-Sized Continent, a small clan in the Small-Sized continents is have a leader of at least "Order Level Four"

    Brion nodded, then he looked for the "Notice Board" he wanted to see what fighters and mages are wanted and how much they are okay to pay for the things they wanted.

    At first, Brion saw three things, one of them was a puppet, the other two was information.

    "Night Fighters Organization"


    "We want a "puppet" can be ordered around and could see in the night and actively fight in the night without being hindered in the least.

    "The puppet must have the power of Peak Fighter"

    "The puppet must have a clear understanding of taking orders and doing them without giving any kind of information to another side"

    "The puppet must be reviewed by the "Global Market" itself, the puppets could not past the reviews are not going to be accepted by the "Night Fighters Organization"

    - Price can be paid for each puppet having these abilities is"

    "5000 Night Silver"

    Brion nodded then looked at the other two "Notice"

    "Fire Lord Organization"

    "Information on "Fire and Fire Magic"

    "We want all kind of information about fire theoretical or practical"

    "We first see the %10 of the information and will be going to pay for the information later"

    "Please, send your research about the element of fire and pieces of information to us"

    - Price can be paid for each information around 2500 words is"

    "10.000 Night Silver"

    Brion then read the last information notice on the board for the time being.

    "Unnamed Organization"

    "Information on "Bat" and "Bat-like creatures"

    "We want all kind of information about the animal "Bat" and "Bat-like animals"

    "We first see the %10 of the information and will be going to pay for the information later"

    "Please, send your research about the creature of "Bat" and "Bat-Like animals"

    - Price can be paid for each information around 2500 words is"

    "25.000 Night Silver"

    After, Brion read what the organizations wanted he learned something.

    "The, Fire Lord Organizations pays about 10.000 Night Silver for information after they seeing it for a little bit."

    "But the unnamed organizations pay "25.000" Night Silver for the same amount of information for just "Bat" and "Bat-Like" animals."

    Brion then started thinking.

    "This is because, the mages who researching fire is most likely so bigger than mage who researching the animal bats, because it is a small area of research there is not much of knowledge, and that is why they pay much more than the research of fire"

    "I could do something about it, I think"

    After, that Brion first created, five black colored "Steel Made" puppets and he gave these puppets a basic control and listening order mechanism after that he made them at the level of Order One and he gave them the ability to fight in the dark like it is "Day" time"

    After he finished creating the puppets, he used the Global Market the review the puppets he created, about five minutes later a message opened in front of him.

    "Please name the product"

    Brion just thought then answered

    "Night Hunter L-1"

    After that, a lot of information Brion put the inside of the Night Hunter L1 robots showed to him.

    "Night Hunter L-1"

    "Made By "M-God Organization"


    "Level = Order One Fighter"

    "This, the puppet can be controlled with magical energy as input and given basic and complex orders, It has physical capabilities of Order One fighter and Mage, can easily fight in the night and person complex assassination orders easily like humans, it has steel-body that could endure against the hard beatings and this product made by a being in at least at the level of Legendary and upper"

    "Tested By (Global Market)"

    "Price For Each Estimating of "Global Market"= 10.000 Night Silver"

    Brion nodded then send the message and his puppets the Night Fighters organization as a message and worked on the other Notice called information about the bats.

    He first wanted to try something in his mind.

    He was not a scientist who know the bats but before he came to this world he was a human of Earth which is technologically advanced compared to this place in some cases.

    He wanted to try that if his basic knowledge about the "Bats" in his old world how much price will going to estimated by the Global Market itself.
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