90 Night Fighters Inn - The First Deal - Chapter 90

    - 1 Hour Later -

    Night Fighters was a middle-sized organization in a "Small-Continent" and they earned their payments using their abilities in the dark itself.

    There was no mage in the organization itself in the official name, most of the warriors and fighters as the organization name suggested.

    - Night Fighters Inn -

    From the outside, it looks dirty, ugly, and rough. Stacked stones and stone pillars make up most of the building's outer structure.

    It's impossible to see through the dirty windows, but the ominous atmosphere from within can be felt outside.

    As people enter the tavern through the dirty, metal door, they are welcomed by a layer of smoke hanging below the ceiling and silence.

    The bartender is staring at nothing and makes no effort to acknowledge their presence.

    It's as gloomy inside as it is on the outside. Several walls support the upper floor and the lanterns attached to them.

    The walls are covered in a layer of dust, making it near impossible to see what the few paintings on the walls are about.


    At that time, three-person entered the tavern and they sit on chairs of one circle-shaped table.

    One of them was a woman and the other two were a man, the woman had the mask on her face but her eyes showed that she was a beautiful woman, the other two-man was looked ordinary but they had strong energy around them.

    This three-person was the managers of the Night Fighters, and all of them was at the level of "Order Four"

    About 30 seconds later Bartender gave them three "beer-like" drinks then went back to his counter.

    the man who first spoke on the three people who were sitting on the chairs was a man named Argas, he was the tall one of the males and his left eye was closed and had a sharp knife wound.

    Most likely it was blind and can not be used further.

    "I am sure that all of you saw the message came to us from the "M-God Organization"

    Women and other men nodded. At that time, the woman spoke.

    "I checked the puppets and Global Market itself gave a review to puppets. So M-God Organization telling the truth about the puppets and it is puppets."

    Argas nodded then thought.

    "If Lelia thinks and okay with it, there is most likely no problem whatsoever."

    At that time short male named Maren, spoke.

    "I am good with the puppets they will be going to support us but the price is making me feel sick.

    Our treasury at almost has about 200.000 "Night Silver" If we take these puppets from the M-God Organization, We have to pay 4/1 of all of our Night Silver"

    Naturally, Argas and Leila knew this fact.

    Argas thought for a second then answered the Maren.

    "We could maybe bargain with them, but can not force them to sell their puppets.

    At most, we could try to down the price to 7.500, because these are five puppets who can fight, listen to orders, do assassination at the level of Order One, even Peak Fighter Level Fighter Puppets are selling by the other organization at the price of 5.0000 Night Silver.

    But these puppets stronger than them and can fight in the night."

    Leila, listened to the Arkas what Argas talked about then she added.

    "I think the best thing to say the M-God Organization is, we want to pay 40.000 Night Silver for, five "Night Hunter L-1"

    Oher managers of Night Fighters heard this and agreed to it with their heads. After, that the Argos sends a message to M-God Organization which is Brion.


    Brion was trying to create knowledge about the "Bat" and "Bat-Like Animals" without using his mind power but his chance was not that good.

    At that time, he heard a ding sound.

    "Global Market"

    "You have one message from "Night Fighters Inn"

    Brion looked at the message and smiled.

    "Hi, Lord M-God Organization, we want to buy your five Night Hunter L-1 Puppets for the total amount of 40.000 Night Silver, we do want to give more but we having a bad time in the subject of finance, so please understand and give us discount so we will be friends in the future"


    Brion just smiled and just accepted what they were saying then, he checked his account.

    "40.500 Night Silver"

    after Brion accepted the selling the puppets he earned the money and the Puppets teleported to "Night Fighters"


    Argas, Leila, and Maron waiting for the puppets to came and after waiting for about 15 seconds, five human-shaped and strong looking black-colored puppets made of from some kind of metal with purple-little small eyes manifested in front of them.

    Leila smiled and directly tried to controlling the puppets and learning their powers.

    After all of the three managers checked the puppets and found no problem with them and in their power.

    They felt that the "M-God Organization" did them a very good favor.

    These puppets could kill normal human targets and could help with their spying works and killing the weak mages and fighters at the level of Peak Mage and Peak Warrior,

    this was important because "Night Fighters" earned their money mostly from the small jobs and this five will going to gave them about monthly "5.000 to 10.000 Night Silver"

    So, in just about six months they will take back what they paid for them and still can use them.

    Argos looked at Leila and Maron then spoke.

    "We have to form close ties with the organization named "M-God Organization", they may be the key to our Night Fighters to rise at the level of High-Ranged Organization in a "Small-Sized" organization"


    Brion was still thinking about, how to sell the knowledge about the bats in the Global Market without having help from Mind Power, but it was a futile effort.

    He did not have any kind of precious information about the Bats and Bat-like creatures.

    "For the time being before I have real knowledge about most of the subjects in my Old World, I have to use mind power to have fun for the time being. I should be having no problem with using my mind power."
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