91 Demons - Lord Argox - Invasion - Chapter 91

    Brion first created a super-thin book. The book had five pages at the size of the "A4" paper from the earth.

    After, Brion created the super-thin book he created a cover for the book itself.

    The cover had the name of "Bat Knowledge" and had the symbol of creature bat.

    Brion finished creating the book cover page and pages inside of the book then he started using his mind power to suck knowledge about the bats to his book.

    After about ten to fifteen seconds, the pages are filled with knowledge about the bats.

    Brion opened the book and did read a bit and found that most of the knowledge inside of the book he created.

    This book only had basic knowledge about the bats.

    But Brion still thought that the basic knowledge of his world may special knowledge in this world.

    This is why he did not care and just send to book the "Global Market" for review.

    After about, ten to fifteen seconds, Global Market answered.

    "Review Complete"

    "Bat Knowledge - L1"


    "fundamentals and important pieces of knowledge about the creature "bat" and it is important to research for the beings research bats."

    "Approved By Global Market"

    "Word Count

    "5000 Words"


    Approx Price = 80.0000 Night Silver


    Brion did not think about the many of the things and he just sent the message to the Unnamed Organization and showed that he knew about the bats.


    Armas was looking into the "Global Market" he did found the poisons that he never saw until now but the thing is the price is so much.

    The Night Silver, Lord Brion gave them was not nearly enough for them to use.

    At that time, Sivinia was standing on his left side and they looked at each other like they read each other heads.

    "He wants us to earn our Night Silver using our researches !"

    "He wants us to earn our Night Silver using our researches !"

    After, Armas and Sivinia realized what Brion wanted them to do they started to think about their knowledge.


    Sivinia knows that if she creates and gives knowledge about how to use magical energy to make spells consume less magical energy she will going to get a good amount of Night Silver, but she knows that this is not a good thing to do.

    This secret of her was the reason why she was strong than others she can not just disclose or sell it this easily.

    She has to found something different for selling.

    But at that time, Armas already entered his research room and took paper and pencil then put a caption on the paper.

    "Knowledge About Lightning And It Is Transporting Abilities."


    When Brion, Armas, and Sivinia were thinking about what to sell and what to buy, there is something evil happening in the Deep Mountains that Brion did take it from the Ataya Clan.


    Deep Mountains


    In a cave inside one of the largest mountains in the area of Deep Mountains Region.

    Four curved horns adorn its lean head, which itself is coarse as sandpaper.

    A puff of smoke escapes the creature's broad nostrils set within a skeletal nose.

    Its lean head sits atop a slim, stringy body.

    An oddly gorgeous robe covers its torso, perhaps part of whatever those creatures call culture.

    The creature darts toward a lion-like, its four legs calmly carry its glowing body with feverish energy and instantly kills it and devours it.

    This creature may look simple but it has a mission.

    It has to open the Magic Source in the Deep Mountains and after that, he will have the help of the Demon Lord Arigax and an army from the demons will be on his side.

    The creature named Vinsa, and had normal human intelligence and it is body had the power of

    "Order Four Demon"

    After Demon Vinsa, walked inside of the deep cave, he finally found the monument of Demon Lord Arigax and which it is a magical source for itself too.

    Built a few millennia ago, this terminating vista at the harbor entrance is here to commemorate all the demons who fought, worked, and sacrificed all during the terrible war between the humans and demons in the old Cerberus Continent itself.

    Its position within this demon community is meant to represent the collective mind of the demons and their goals in hell and life for themselves and the demon community.

    It was designed by a young demon artist who wonderfully captured the varied history of the demons and used an elegant style to convey his vision in this piece of statue.

    Every element was crafted and created with dependable materials from local suppliers of demons and most of them had animal and human parts on them, ensuring this monument will stand the tests of time and continue to bring joy to demons who saw him.

    Demon Vinsa, smiled and came towards to statue itself and looked at with gloomy eyes which caused because he thought about the older times.

    "Humans will pay for what they have done!"

    After, Vinsa said these words he bowed down on the ground then spoke with a language that humans cannot understand and his speaking tone tuned down to a whisper and then complete silence in the dark.


    "Take back "Cerberus Continent" who belonged the demons in the old time make the old time the present time !!."

    These words came from a godly-like being and after the words of the godly being finished.

    Vinsa took a deep breath then looked at his surroundings.

    There are about, 10.0000 Demons at the level of "Order Four Demon" at his side and his level was improved the "Legendary Order Five Demon", with this kind of power came from the Lord Arigax not only the "Cerberus Continent" he believed that he could even take a Large-Sized Continent easily if the humans still have the same power as old times.

    With the new army of, demons made up of different kinds of looking animals and different kinds of abilities started to escape from the Deep Mountains.

    First, Brion felt something was happening then the Global Market, send messages to all humans.

    "Cerberus Continent"

    "Deep Mountains"

    "Level 7 Threat Demon Invasion (Extinction Level Event)"

    "At least one Legendary Demon Order Five and "10.000" Four Order Demon"

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