95 Unknown Moon - Core Brain - Dimension Level 5 - Chapter 95

    "Unknown Moon - Core Brain"-

    "The Mind Limit = "150"

    Brain Holder Information

    "Moon Walkers"

    "Moon Walkers are humanoid looking creatures made up of the rocks of different kinds of moons.

    At first, they were no different than normal rocks and stone on the moons, but as time went on a star event that happened in their star system caused the moon they were on the get more energy and form a core brain and gain sentience like humans and other creatures.

    Moon Walkers rose from and gained humanoid bodies and intelligence after the Moon Core Brain integrated into the full moon after that time, every moon-walkers on the moon itself gained intelligence the rival the most of the smart creatures and gained natural abilities that it is hidden other than they and the races know them personally.

    They are most of the time technological civilization that did not like the fight against other civilization but if it needed it could destroy stars with their abilities and technology, they are mostly shy creatures and they don't like strangers too much.

    It could be said that they don't like other races because other races take moonstones for the resources. These moonstones were their ancestors.


    Physical Build


    "150 cm to 2 meters, made up from moonstones and if they want the moonstones itself can be hard or soft"

    "Humanoid Body"

    "Two black eyes"

    "One mouth"


    Brion thought for about one to two second and then he smiled.

    "This is the most mysterious one and looking the information the race itself and brain had it has most likely space-related abilities on them and the passive abilities will be going to strong too"

    Brion thought.

    After, this kind of thought he did not need to think about other brains.

    The Urchin Brain was strong and knowing that it has a chance to give him the control of the "Hydrogen" and "Oxygen" itself.

    But it was not an absolute ability in them.

    It was only used by the "best emperor urchins" in the race itself. Brion could not try his chance on this kind thing.

    Brion thought a little bit more and then he whispered.

    "System I choose the brain "Unknown Moon - Core Brain"


    After Brion's words were over he lost his consciousness and then woke up in his room.


    After, Brion woke up from his little slumber he directly felt the power that he was feeling in his mind and body.

    He did not waste much of his time and looked at his status for changes that happened to him.





    AB Points = 5

    AT Points = 0


    Level - ???? (Estimate - Order 30)

    Physical Power = 50x Peak Human

    Mind = 90 = (+10 from three brain)

    Brain = Unknown Moon - Core Brain (The Brain information or will not be shown to the user if he does not wants it but it will be effective




    AI Level - 3

    Puppets Level - 5 (Passive Ability Created) (Level 5)

    Construction Creation - Level 2

    Death Inducement - Level 1

    Biology - Level 3

    Robotics - Level 3

    Dimensions - Level 1

    "Space - Level 1"


    Abilities (Passive Abilities Are Hidden)

    New Passive Ability


    "Gravity" Master (User can control the gravity much easier than normal %70 percent affinity with "dust") Can not be leveled up)

    "Heat" Master ( (User can control the heat much easier than normal %70 percent affinity with "heat") (Can not be leveled up)

    Abilities (Original)

    Morsfulgur (Death Bolt)


    Brion looked at his status then took a deep breath the passive abilities that he earned from the Unknown Moon Core Brain was, so important that he could not say anything about the gained abilities.

    But when he was going to think which study that he is going to put his points to a system message surprised him.

    "After User reaches the 150 "Mind" he will not be going to choose a brain for himself. He will be going to merge his existing brains to create a new brain for himself"

    "Existing Brains"

    "Human Brain" (Intelligence + Emotions)

    "Dream Butterfly Core Brain" (Dream - Emotions - Illusions)

    "Sky Witch Brain" (Air - Ice)

    "Unknown - Moon Core Brain" (Gravity + Heat)


    Brion at that time did not what to think, he did not have any idea on this subject but this is most likely because of the system itself.

    It wanted him to choose the brain without thinking about the merging system in the future.

    Right now, he did not know what kind of brain he could create from his existing brains. But he did not have to care for it for the time being.

    "150" mind is a high amount of "Mind" that he is far away right now. After he had that kind of point in his mind, the future himself could think about this situation.

    "Right now, I have to think about which study I will going to put my points in"

    Brion whispered to himself then started to think. He did not need to think much, compared the possibilities of "dimensions" and "space" other ones are just staying in status for child sciences.

    Brion thought about a little bit then he whispered and put all his points to "Dimension" for the earn a passive ability for the dimension itself.

    "System, Put 5 AB Points to "Study (Dimension" "

    Afterwords of Brion were finished he started seeing different things.

    A messy bed of grass is flanked by tangled hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs. A handful of, stocky trees stand in the back right, their branches are full of nests, some abandoned, others very much alive.

    The flowers and plants are growing strong and proud, the garden provides everything they need; they're a forest for ants. The hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs reach 1m/3ft high, but, if left unattended, tend to grow to size only half as tall. Marble slabs lie here and there, beckoning people to explore the garden, and showing them the best sights at the same time.

    Plants and flowers are starting to reclaim even all pieces of land, eager to expand their dominion.

    The trees, weeping willows, have stood there for decades, and stand like eternal guardians, drawing all attention toward them. The flowers and plants make sure they're paid attention to as well, and the hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs try to claim their share of the glory, but the limelight will forever be on the weeping willows.

    Brion then wake up and saw his new passive ability
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