94 Teleportation ! - Dimension - New Brains - Chapter 94

    Brion first created an animal at the size of a mouse and put it on a small wooden table he also created.

    After, he used his mind power to teleport the small wooden table in front of him to five meters apart from himself.

    One second later the small table was teleported but the mouse creature just fell from the table and still was in the same place.

    Brion shakes his head.

    "I should make a connection with the creature on the table too"

    After, Brion said these words he gulped then started to try something that came to his mind just now.

    Brion, first knocked out the mouse creature then, used his mind power to create, three-column made of the iron each column was had the height of 2 meters and width of 15 cm and after that, he put these created three columns in a shape of a triangle then, he started to imagine.

    First, he created a mind power between these columns and linked them to each other after that, he used more mind power for creating a dimension inside of the triangle shape that the columns created.

    After, everything was done a triangle purple energy shape was formed in front of him. It did costed a little bit too much mind power energy but he did not think about it for the time being.

    After, he finished he used his mind power to put the mouse creature inside of the triangle mind power energy shape and used his energy to teleport the triangle-shaped mind energy and after one second the triangle-shaped mind energy and the columns teleported with the mouse.

    Brion laughed then felt he was feeling like a drunk person then loses his consciousness for about five seconds then came back to himself.

    "New Study"



    +5 AB Points

    +5 AT Points

    Brion gulped then smiled.

    "That is why I did lose myself after the experiment was a success.

    Because even that I did not know about the dimensions and space, using columns and "mind" energy I created another dimension inside of the triangle and after I teleported the created dimension living things that I wanted to teleport in my will teleported too"

    Brion also saw that some of the grass on the inside of the Triangle Mind Power Energy Shape was transported too.

    "Let me use my points and choose a new brain it is the time !"

    Brion after choose what he was going to do he went towards his home and his room then blocked his surroundings with the Mind Power after he prepared himself he took a deep breath then whispered.

    "System, 5 AT Points to "Mind"

    After, Brion's words ended he went into a sleeping form.


    Brion was in a place that purely white and there were three "brain" like things in front of hem each of them was slowly floating in the air with some kind of energy Brion did not understand and after he looked each of them he could see the information about them like usual.

    Brion first started with the brain in his right.

    "Emperor Urchin Brain"-

    "The Mind Limit = "150"

    -Brain Holder Information

    -Emperor Urchin

    "Oceanic Creature (Water Control)" is capable of choosing their gender, 50 cm to 150 cm to height, the emperor urchins were a creature lived in a different planet that no different than the normal urchins

    But after they get in the contact with a mysterious energy beam that came from the sky, they slowly evolved and gained human-like characteristics and a humanoid body with an Urchin-Like Brain in their head.

    This caused them to get smarter and powerful as the time goes on their passive abilities were all about the sea and the water,

    Some of the stronger Emperor Urchins even get more powerful and improved themselves in a way that they started control "Oxygen" and "Hydrogen" elements to some degree, they are a space-faring civilization that goes the planet to planet to make their race stronger.


    Physical Look -

    "Urchin with spiky human legs, spiky human arms, and an urchin head with a mind.

    -Passive Abilities-

    "User needs the choice the Brain to, see it is all passive abilities.


    Brion gulped then smiled, the brain the Emperor Urchins had looked like a complete "urchin" with pure black color with a nice design on it.

    It slowly glowed with the blue light symbolizing the "water" element power on it.

    After, that Brion looked at the brain in the middle.

    "L-AI Core Brain"-

    "The Mind Limit" = "150"

    -Brain Holder Information

    - L-AI Mechanical - (Technological)

    "L-AI Mechanical is race is a race made up from the smart living AI, the reason they were created was to make their creator civilization stronger and improved version.

    But, when created the civilization made a mistake in their main codes and gave them a different kind of emotion that only exists in humans and organic creatures, which is fear of dying.

    Because of that, as their numbers and controlling things abilities improved they started to think that their creators are going to kill them because of their thinking capabilities like organic-life forms and feeling, showing emotions like them.

    They exterminated their creators and started life in the space with spaceships made up from using the planet resources.

    Their only purpose is to live until the end of everything and create more of themselves.

    -Passive Abilities-

    "User needs the choice the Brain to, see it is abilities


    Brion showed a serious smile after he read about what kind of things happened to creators of L-AI Mechanical, he started to feel that maybe something like that could happen to himself if he continued to use "Neural Network" on the robots he created.

    Right now he did not give any orders to "Alfian" until now, but he still felt that Alfian was learning as the time goes on and at some time, he may want his freedom and not want to be controlled.

    If this kind of situation happens now, it was not that a big problem for himself. But still, he did not want to give a chance for this kind of thing to happen to himself.

    He did not want to share fates with the "L-AI Mechanical" creators. If they could create an AI with emotions like humans, they should be a strong civilization before they are destroyed.

    So even this was enough for him to destroy and stop about creating "Neural Network" AI in the future
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