96 Dimensional Room - Global Market Warning - Chapter 96


    "Dimension (Study) Level 5)

    "Passive Ability"

    "Dimensional Mastery"

    "Dimension Control +%60"


    Brion felt a little bit dizzy but after about ten to twenty seconds he came to himself than laughed a little bit.

    "I did not expect that the dimensions are important things that could help me with most of the things"

    After, Brion said his words in less than one second he is covered by "mind" energy then teleported himself to the outside of his house.

    All of this takes about 0.3 seconds to happen.

    He first, created a dimension around himself then teleport himself with the dimension.

    His Mind Power still not enough even after he improved and added points to it.

    But he could use dimensions to teleport himself without thinking about the other dangerous possibilities.

    Because his understanding of "Dimension" improved because he added his ability points to it. He started to think about new kinds of ideas and abilities for himself.

    Brion first sits on the ground and took a position of meditation then closed his eyes.

    After he closed his eyed he started to imagine a room made up of pure white and he started to add a big bed, table, cabinet, and chairs in the white room.

    All types of furniture made up of the steel their color was black.

    The room itself had a height of 7 meters and a length of 20 meters.

    It could be said that it a middle-sized room.

    After, Brion finished the imagining he used his mind power and started to create his thought in his mind without creating the items of furniture and the room in the real power.

    As he was doing so he whispered inside in his mind.

    "The Dimensional Personal Room A1"

    "Entry Coordinates = "A1-Brion"

    "Exit Coordinates = "B2-Brion"

    "Human Body Life Sustainability"

    "Light Source"

    After, Brion whispered for about ten to twenty seconds he finally opened his eyes then get up from the ground.

    After, that he shook his hand then a rectangle line shape made up from purple-colored mind power manifested in front of him. Brion looked at the shape smiled.

    "Dimensional Door"

    "Cordinates = "A1-Brion"

    Brion nodded his head then walked inside of the rectangle mind power energy shape after that he found himself in the room he created about one minute ago.

    He laughed and nodded.

    "It is worked, I managed to create a personal dimensional room for myself.

    If I do research about on this subject and use my "mind" energy in a more effective way it is possible for me to create a island-sized dimension after that I could create plants and organic life-forms who lives in my own dimension and as the time goes on I would have succeeded to create an ecological system on my own"

    Brion was happy, he was really happy that the thing he tried it worked.

    This not only opened a way for himself to create his dimension and even own planet in the future, he essentially became a god in his dimension there was no good explanation than becoming a god in this situation.

    "I could even send my enemies into my dimension and trap them inside, and I could create a dimension for putting things in and for the store and I can even set the temperature of dimension I could create so that I could make a hell and heaven if I wanted to"

    Brion then shakes his head and started to try to come back to himself.

    He had so many ideas that he forgets that he was still in his infancy in the end when it came to the dimensions and any other things.

    Brion, then created a Dimensional Door - B2-Brion for exiting the dimension itself then walked towards to it.

    After he passed through the door he found himself in his garden.

    After he came back to the real world, he started to think.

    "If I could create dimensions, there should be other beings that could create dimensions and even live inside of it. I may search the dimension in the future the learn it is secrets."

    After, that Brion entered the "Global Market" and put a thing for the sale that will be going the shock the Verosian Planet fully.


    The Verasion Union Of Reane finished their talking and they were going to go back to their regions to make the preparations for the invading and attacking the demons on the Cerberus Continent.

    But, they suddenly saw a message from the Global Market, they were not only ones to see this message, every mage, warrior or beings that have some kind of level and Global Market Card on them saw the message.

    "Cerberus Island - Deep Mountains (Demon Place) Entry And Hunting Ticket"

    "A ticket with "Three Triangle Black Sign on the white card imbued with energy of M-God Organization"

    "M-God Organization"

    "M-God Organization is the rightful owner of Deep Mountains (Global Market approved the contract)

    "M-God Organization will only allow the beings that purchase the entry and hunting ticket from the M-God Organization to enter the Deep Mountains and hunt the demons"

    "The Demons will be going to stay in the Deep Mountains as long as they are alive"

    "The beings who try to enter the Deep Mountains without purchasing the ticket will be going to murdered by the M-God Organization"

    "Global Market Note"

    "All, things "M-God Organizations" are true and the organization itself has the means for the make what they are saying to the other organizations who are seeing this message.

    "Price Per Being (Not Organization) = 50.000 Night Silver"

    All, beings who saw the message were in turmoil and get angry. But they were not fools and kids that throw a tantrum in this kind situation.

    If Global Market did not approve the things this new organization M-God Organization said, they may do not care about what this organization said and just went into the Cerberus Continent and destroy them.People, sub-human races and other beings with different looks and mindset did not clearly wanted to die when they had this kind of information.
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