100 Meeting - World Forces - Chapter 100

    Ginger, shoulder-length hair tight in a ponytail reveals a full, frowning face. Glittering gray eyes, set appealingly within their sockets, reminiscing attentively over the humans they've protected for so long.

    A goatee seductively compliments his eyes and leaves a pleasurable memory of his upbringing.

    This is the face of Raska Evatt, a true vanquisher among humans. He stands common among others, despite his athletic frame.

    Something is enticing about him, perhaps it's a feeling of joy, or perhaps it's simply a feeling of sadness. Nonetheless, people tend to ask him for favors, while learning as much about him as possible.


    Raska Evatt was an organization leader.

    He was leading the organization named Protectorium and it is sole purpose is to protect the human race from the other races.

    Raska had the level of "Order 7" and he and his organization were stronger than Almagrad Union.

    They despised the people who use evil magic (Dark Element, Skeleton Element, Blood Element) and their purpose is to defeat and destroy them fully.

    Raska was not like this when he was a young boy, He was like this because his family and village were destroyed by the mage working with the low-level demons.

    After this event, Raska swore that he will be going to destroy all the mages who using evil means and demons.

    It made him racist but this was only to be expected. He was at the age of 37, already at the level of Order 7, people believed that he will be going to be an Order 10 Katana User in about 30 to 40 years.


    Raska furrowed his brows and took a deep breath.

    He did take the notice from the Global Card Organization, and he was going to use his resources to prepare an attack on the Deep Mountains where filthy demons are.

    But like everyone he did saw the message of Global Market Card, an organization that he was the first time heard which name is "M-God Organization" blocked the entry to "Deep Mountains" and it said that they own the place.

    This was not an important thing for the forces around the world.

    But Global Market Card clearly said that this organization has the power of "Destroy All World Forces", if these words came from a normal organization or even from himself, nobody going to believe in said words.

    But this time the words came from directly by the Global Market Card and every mage, warrior, the hunter knows that Global Market Card is never make mistake about something like this.

    Because of this only chance to enter and kill the demons is buying a ticket from the M-God Organization.

    Most of the clan leaders think what they are going to do, they talked between them using Global Market Card Message System.

    After one day later, they decided what they are going to do. Most of the organization who have power have smart leaders.

    Because of that, they know that after the warning from the M-God Organization and Global Market Card it is unlikely that they will be going to win a fight against the M-God Organization in his or her home turf.

    They decided that they will not be going to use normal mages and warriors for the attack. Only leaders and people at the level of "Order 5" will be eligible to join to destroying the demons and earning their cores.

    After everything was finished Raska and the other 29 people were at the Cerberus Continent Coast, there is not much walk needed between the Deep Mountains and the coast itself.

    But before they will go to hunt demons they first wanted to talk with the "M-God Organization Leader" and earn a discount for the ticket itself they thought about that because they thought that M-God Organization Leader will be going to give them face.

    With this thought on their mind, Raska and other Order 5 and Order 9 humans started to move towards Ataya Forest the home place of "M-God Organization".

    In these groups, Filan was there too. He already tried to talk with the Brion but the Global Market Card did not work for some reason.


    Brion opened his eyes and first, he saw there was the message from the "Filan, Almagrad Union Leader"

    After Brion read the message from the Filan he smiled slowly and got up from the ground he was lying on.

    He slept for about at least one day, his students did not disturb him because they thought that he was working on something and lying on the ground.

    Brion just laughed with the thought of this and he sends a message to the Filan.

    "I will give you people discount enter the Ataya Forest my creatures will going to escort you."

    After, Brion sent these words he turned his eyes to the garden and used his mind power to make it more bigger and beautiful.

    At that time Brion was still seeing some kind of illusions because of the AB Points and AT Points he head.

    A neatly trimmed plot of grass is flanked by luscious hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs.

    A pond's built near the left edge of the garden, terraced, large, and filled to the brim with aquatic life. T

    he rows of flowers are barely visible at first, but offer a spectacular surprise when found; they're home to all sorts of life.

    The hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs reach 1.5m/5ft high, but this about as tall as they'll reach. A path of stepping stones curves around each bend in the garden, giving people an elegant way of exploring the garden and all it has to offer.

    Plants and vines try to claim every part of the garden as their own with every chance they get, held back only by sheers, trimmers, and mowers.

    The pond is almost like a caretaker of the garden in its own right.

    The rows of flowers are nothing to sneeze at, and the hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs often look fantastic, but there's just no way to content the limelight of the pond.

    After Brion finished with working with the Garden, he created two humanoid robots made from the titanium and using basic mind power energy, they were warriors but two of them at the level of "Order 10"

    this means that even one of them could easily take over this world without scared by anybody.

    Except for the beings like Ocean Mage who Brion fought not long ago, he did thought the being he fought was not an original being from this planet and came from the space itself.
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