102 The Mission - New Dimension - Chapter 102

    Brion guessed what he was going to say but he did not stop him from the talking and just nodded his head that showing he has his permission to ask.

    After that Viandir spoke.

    "I want you to give us a little bit discount just because we are the same race and the purpose is killing the demons.50.000 Night Silver per person is so much and we could have no chance to build up enough fighter and mage to kill them.

    Brion just nodded and thought something then asked.

    "Let's make it easy give me a total of 2.500.000 Night Silver and I will give everyone the ticket for the entering the Deep Mountains"

    All of the other people started thinking compared to 50.000 Night Silver Per Person, giving 2.500.000 Night Silver and attacking the demons once and for all is of course a nice idea.

    If it is not wrong every faction has to give about 50.000 to 100.000 Night Silver for entering the battle with their faction.


    One Hour Later -


    All of the people were gone and the deal was made. Brion first smiled and started talking with the "Global Market"

    "Hey, Global Market Eye, could you help me to exchange my night silver to a higher currency"

    After one second later the Global Market Eye showed itself and using the mechanical voice it started to speak.

    "2.500.000 Night Silver could be exchanged for 250 Ferrite Silver or 25 Void Stone"

    Brion nodded then spoke.

    "Exchange 2.400.000 Night Silver to 24 Void Stone, give all my night silver to "ID - Sivinia and "ID Armas"

    After, Brion spoke the balance number his card turned into the symbol of "V" and it said there was 24 Void Stone in the balance, other Night Silver halved and given to Sivinia and Armas"

    After, Brion makes the arrangements he called the Sivinia, and Armas talked them.

    "Sivinia, Armas I sent about 60.000 Night Silver to each of you, use these Night Silver to improve I will be in my room and most likely will be not coming for about 2 to 3 days. There, are 25 Titanium Robots here and two Titanium-Plutonium Robots here too they will be protecting the area and can take orders from you two if needed."

    Sivinia and Armas did not say anything just bowed and get back to their work and started to look for the market for their power.


    After Brion entered his room he smiled and lied down to his bed.

    "System, show me my panel"



    AB Points = 10

    AT Points = 10


    Level - ???? (Estimate - Order 30)

    Physical Power = 50x Peak Human

    Mind = 90 = (+10 from three brain)

    Brain = Unknown Moon - Core Brain (The Brain information or will not be shown to the user if he does not wants it but it will be effective




    AI Level - 3

    Puppets Level - 5 (Passive Ability Created) (Level 5)

    Construction Creation - Level 2

    Death Inducement - Level 1

    Biology - Level 3

    Robotics - Level 3

    Dimensions - Level 5 (Passive Ability Created)

    "Space - Level 1"


    Abilities (Passive Abilities Are Hidden)

    Morsfulgur (Death Bolt)


    "After User reaches the 150 "Mind" he will not be going to choose a brain for himself. He will be going to merge his existing brains to create a new brain for himself"

    "Existing Brains"

    "Human Brain" (Intelligence + Emotions)

    "Dream Butterfly Core Brain" (Dream - Emotions - Illusions)

    "Sky Witch Brain" (Air - Ice)

    "Unknown Moon Core Brain" (Gravity + Heat)


    Brion looked at his status and he could not help but smile.

    He could create other items to exchange with the system to earn more power and improve himself more as time goes on.

    Brion understood that this is a better idea than just killing the innocent and weak beings.

    He has no problem fighting against beings at his level but he did not want to kill weak beings just because of power or any kind of the point.

    After Brion made up his mind he slowly spoke and prepared himself.

    "System, Add 10 AT Points to Mind"

    After the words of Brion were over he started seeing a different kind of hallucination.It was much different than hallucinations Brion had the mind and power to know something about the dreams, hallucinations, or another same kind of things. He was given information about something.

    "Reporting - Distress Signal"

    "Sent By - United Werhingor

    "You push forward through the vibrant portal part of long-forgotten ruins. You're immediately met by a vexing world. You find yourself in almost complete darkness, were it not for the echoes you wouldn't even know you were underground. You have to keep reminding yourself to not let this astonishing world lull you into a false sense of security.

    The conditions in this world are excellent and a sea of time to explore it in. This world is indubitably threatening, but it's a danger you can handle.

    Far off to the left, you hear whistles and sounds of creatures myths and legends are made of. While they seem curious and amicable, you keep your guard up just to be safe. You manage to spot crawling creatures, gliding creatures, and what you think might be tiny creatures of some sort.

    Strange as this world maybe, you feel confident enough your supplies will last as a realm of mysteries awaits you, for better or worse. But, with a bit of tenacity, a few back-up plans, and a little creative thinking, you'll be able to make the most of this most wonderful opportunity.

    "Dimension Coordinates - A25-5240024

    "System Note"

    "Mission 1 - Part 1 - Investigate"

    After, Brion saw the information and other things system gave him a mission for the first time. He did not remember that the system giving him something like this.


    "Mission 1 - Part 1- "Investigate"

    "Investigate and look for the human beings in the dimension named = A25-5240024,"

    "Reward = +2 AT +2 AB Points"

    Brion nodded then smiled afterward,

    "So the system started to giving me missions for points. There is no punishment that I can see right now but this is a good thing for earning more points."
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