105 Moon Humans - Millenium Bats - Dark Bandits - Chapter 105

    After he directly created a "Mind-Protection" and "Improved Illusion Protection" around himself.

    After he finished creating these two, the system started to talk to him.

    "The cave itself has a different and strong illusion of power.

    This illusion forces the people who enter to see their past and if the people who see their past immerse themselves in the past too much the past will be going to reality and everything in the past will going to affect the real person.

    There will be no alternate reality for the be the person who entered illusion (It is a trap)"

    Brion just laughed and then he started thinking.

    "This place is no ordinary place that I thought before coming here, it could generate a hallucination that could affect me if I don't use my mind protection, this is weird. Maybe the beings and humans live in this place generated protection against this hallucination as the result of evolution."

    After, Brion, he started sending his drones to around to gather information.

    After the drones started to fly around with moderate speed, he walked towards to a rocky flat place and then created a creature, with four legs, its size was about dogs and had five eyes on the front of his face, it used electrical discharge to attack it is enemies.


    "Order One "

    "Level 1"


    "Five-eyed dog-like creature with black and blue skin, it was a little bit bulkier looking than normal earth dog, but still fast as them, work best in packs and a pack of four or five could kill a being at the level of Order Two"

    "Height = 65 cm (Shoulders)"

    "Weight = "35 to 40 kg)"

    "Special Ability"

    "Circle Electrical Discharge"


    "It could discharge a circle-shaped electrical attack, it is enough to shock a normal human being and kill it too, it could harm the Order Level 1 Mages"

    After Brion finished creating the biological creature, he smiled and then created about 50 of them.

    They sat still on the ground waiting for the intent of Brion. After Brion looked at the Five-Eye Big Pack he laughed a little then spoke.

    "Investigate the area, with a pack of five, do not kill the beings that pose no threat to you or your pack, only attack if it needed for defense."

    Afterwords of Brion were over, the Five-Eye Dogs started to form a pack of five then went towards different directions.

    Brion nodded his head and saw that everything works well.

    The place he was in most likely a cave but, it was really big, the ceiling was about 1 km and he could not see the end of the cave.

    He started flying around a little bit, after about five to ten minutes later drones sent him the messages.

    "A biological being found."

    "Three-Legged Dark Dog"

    "Order One"


    "A three-legged dog with dark skin and some dark elemental abilities."

    "No Threat"

    "A biological being found."

    "Millenium Bat"

    "Order Two"


    a bat-like creature at the size of an eagle, and it is passive ability give it a chance to live much longer than other biological beings. It has a powerful body but it is slow."

    "No Threat - Drones"


    Brion inspected to pieces of knowledge came from the Drones and started thinking.

    "The Three-Legged Dog most likely gained the dark-elemental abilities because of the cave itself."

    "I don't know much about the Millenium Bat, but it should use some kind of environmental things to change it is the body and make himself live much longer than compared to normal living beings"

    Brion had to inspect the Millenium Bat a little bit longer for more knowledge about, at that time one of the Five-Eye Pack sent him knowledge through the mind power,"

    "Human-Like Being Found"

    "2 Human - One Woman, One Child"

    "White Skinned with, white glowing eyes"

    "No-Threat - They Are Scared"

    Brion smiled and directly went towards to pack who sent him the message, the speed he had made it easy for him to reach to pack in about one minute.

    After he reached to pack the place, he noticed that there are two humans with weirdly white skin and white-glowing eyes. Brion directly inspected them with his eyes.

    "Moon Humans"


    "An ancient race of humans, who lived in the moons before they were forced into the huge caves from the other races."

    "Special Abilities"

    "They can create illusions using their eyes and could easily see in the dark and breathe in any kind of situation."

    Brion smiled and nodded,


    The Moon Human Female was looking at the strange dog-like creatures with fear in her eyes, she already used her abilities to put them into the sleep to save herself and her daughter, but some kind of weird purple energy blocked her abilities.

    Brion was no fool, he did know that if he was going to create a biological creature he had to put protection against illusion on them.

    The drones were mechanical beings that could not be affected by the illusions.

    But for the Five-Eyes it was not the same they were just ordinary wildlife other than having a strong electrical attack and being Order Level One, they could not protect themselves against such thing.

    Brion showed himself the daughter and woman after about one minute later.

    The woman saw Brion and directly tried to attack him with the illusion attack, but Brion just smiled and shook his head. After that, he spoke as always.

    "Do you understand me? I am not here to give you harm"

    The woman and Daughter looked at Brion with weird faces, but Brion knew that the woman understands him from her face. After that, Women started to speak.

    "My lord, my name is Alicia and this is my daughter Velia, we are escaping from the Dark Bandits"

    Brion nodded, then he used his ability to make the girl and woman pass out. After, that he took them back to his first place where the door at.

    After, they wake up the woman was scared that her daughter was not with her, but after she saw that her daughter was sleeping in a bed directly front of her she smiled and started talking with the Brion, she answered all questions about the place, factions, and events happening in the dark cave.

    After Brion listened her system gave him a message.
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