107 Five-Eyes Pack Leader - Dark Bandits - Chapter 107

    After, Brion earned about 4 AB Points and 4 AT Points he smiled and created went towards to his dimension room to upgrade himself.

    Of course, he first reassured the mother and daughter will not going to open their eyes before he finishes his upgrade.


    A bald man in the rock forest was looking towards to a creature looked like a dog but not a dog that they recognized, it was the first time they saw a creature in the Emperor Moon Caves, the bald man was a leader of Dark Bandits he had twenty people at his side looking at the dog-like creatures.

    The bald man's name was Liakarta, and he was a warrior at the level of Order Two, this level was a pretty high level for a bandit leader, because of that he was well respected in the community of dark bandits.

    Liakarta was naturally angry man with a strong body and a height of 180 cm.

    At that time, a young man in the ages of 19 to 20 came to his side and spoke.

    "My Lord, the creatures are strange creatures that we are seeing for the first time, they are about five of them and they did not behave aggressively until now, they just exploring the area and do not look like directly attack every person they see,

    We still don't know how they fight or what kind of power they have"

    Liakarta listened to the young man and smiled. After that, he spoke.

    "Get close to them and try to show yourself not a danger, lets see what they are going to do."

    The young man did not say anything and just took the order to hearth and started walking towards five dog-like looking creature.

    This creature was the creatures that martin created."Five-Eyes" they already noticed the dark bandit team and the Liakarta, but because they did think that they are a danger they did not show signs of aggression.

    After the young man started to get close to Five-Eyes the pack leader came to the front of the young man and started electrifying it is the body to warn him to not get too close.

    The young man noticed the signs of aggression, he looked at the leader Liakarta and wanted to know what he has to do know.

    But the only thing he saw and understood was the leader of him just saying to him do not stop.

    The young man smiled and closed his eyes.

    "They want me to test to creatures so they will know how they going to behave or maybe attack their enemies."

    The young man had no chance to stop, so he again closed his eyes fully and started to get close to the dogs which are Five-Eyes.

    Five Eyes Pack Leader looked at the young human that still walking towards his pack and himself. He looked at the other pack members and tried to communicate.

    "What we do" (Five-Eye Dog)

    "Human coming" (Five-Eye Dog)

    "Human does not stop" (Five-Eye Dog)

    "Show the sign of aggression again, all of the pack members" (Five-Eye Pack Leader)

    After the order from the pack leader, all of the Five-Eyes started circulating their electrical energy, with one order, they could send their built-up electrical energy in the shape of a circle and could kill the human easily. (Half-Life Houndeyes - Google)

    The young man's eyes were closed and he is easily hearing the sounds of the aggression coming from the weird dogs, he had no chance to stop, but he did know he is going to get attacked and most likely die from the attack.

    At that time, in the sky, two drones started to examine the young man.

    "Young Human"

    "Trying to learn the behavior of the Five-Eyes"

    "He is not a threat for the time being."

    "He is forced because of the order from the leader

    "New Order to Pack Leader Of Five Eyes"

    "Do not attack human, protect him Lord Brion could use it him for the information gathering purposes. Show the signs of aggression"

    After the order from the Drone, the Five-Eye Pack Leader give his new orders to his pack.

    "Stop the signs of aggression the young human in front of us, not an enemy"

    "Go ,Past to him show the aggression to other humans behind them"


    after the orders from the Five-Eye Pack Leader, all of the built-up electrical energy inside of the bodies of Five-Eyes started to slow down vanished without any kind of trace after about one and two seconds, the Five-Eyes just past to young man and looked directly at the eye of Liekarta and started building up the energy.

    This means only one thing.

    "We have no problem with this young man but if you and your friends get close we are going to attack."


    Liekarta laughed a little and started talking with the man who was standing next to the side of him. This man was named Veriag, and it was his right-hand man strong as him but his close friend.

    "These creatures are a little bit too smart. They understood that the "Feeran" (young man they sent) was not an enemy of them and they knew that he was being forced because of our orders."

    Veriag, smiled too, and asked.

    "What are we going to do Liekarta ?"

    Liekarta shook his head and started speaking.

    "We did not any chance to see the creatures attacking capabilities attacking without knowing your prey is not a good thing to do. But we still could estimate that they are attacking after the showing the signs of aggression when they showing the aggression an energy building inside of them, they may be shooting this volatile and strong energy"

    Most of the Dark Bandits are moon human-like others because of that, most of them did not even know about the what the electric or lightning sounds like that, because of that Liekarta just said he saw the energy.

    After the words from the Liekarta, they started to back down. After, they went too far the drone sent a message to the young man. It just talked with a mechanical voice.

    "You, human you have to come with us our leaders will be going to want to see you. Any resistance will be recognized as a threat to the pack and our leader will be killed in the spot.
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