111 A Gift - - Chapter 111

    Brion took a deep breath and he distanced his, temporary base from the place he put the man named Faalen on,

    After, that he closed his eyes and started thinking.

    "This time I have no regrets for the punishment I gave, I am not an angel myself, or I am the harbinger of justice, but I know that even I do not rape the kids in the front of their family, this is just pure evil without having any kind of thoughts on human mind"

    Brion thought this and then, he opened his eyes.

    After that he pointed his hand in the sky, where there was no sky whatsoever and, sent a mind purple energy wave in the shape of a circle the find the Moon Empire Capital City, he still had a mission, this mission was to learn and investigate about the Moon Empire City,

    After one and two waves of Mind Energy, he found the city, It was normally far from here, but for his speed and teleporting abilities, It was not a that hard thing to reach it.

    After he found the place, he first looked at the woman and child, they were already waking up and looking at him with a different kind of eyes.

    Brion smiled and thought about the Moon People got harmed just because original humans created them and lived a life like rats in the caves scared of every being just because they were created artificially with valuable life and blood.

    Then, he started talking after looking at the moon woman named Alicia.

    "Do you know these places, could you find your home ?"

    Alicia just smiled and talked.

    "Yes, my lord I know how to find my village, thank you for everything"

    Brion just nodded and smiled again after, that he concentrated on, and there were two silver-humanoid robots manifested in front of Brion.

    After, that he looked at the robots he created and spoke.

    "Silver Humanoid - A"

    "Level - Order 10"

    "Physical Fighter Master"

    "Human-Level Mind"

    "Absolute Loyalty"

    "Lifespan - 150.000 years"

    "Silver Humanoid - B"

    ��Level - Order 10"

    "Physical Fighter Master"

    "Human-Level Mind"

    "Absolute Loyalty"

    "Lifespan - 150.000 years"

    After Brion looked at the robots he created he just smiled.

    "I can create Order 10 fighters in just a whim, even one of them could just destroy this Moon Emperor Caves whatsoever"

    Brion was proud of himself in a joking way.

    "Your names are A-Silver and B-Silver, your leader is other than me is this woman named Alicia"

    Brion showed Alicia with his finger, Silver Humanoids, looked at the Alicia and, bowed down like a human, and talked.

    "We are greeting our Leader, Alicia"

    "We are greeting our Leader, Alicia"

    After, that Brion again looked at Alicia and spoke for one more time.

    "This, two will going to you protect you and your village, and loved ones, do not worry, they are stronger than most of the things here and could save you in most of the life-threatening situations,"

    Alicia was a Moon Woman, who has strong abilities in illusion and sensing force, she could easily feel the power of the Brion and it is created creatures, of course, she could not see the deep power of Brion but, he could still see and understood that these creatures that will be going to protect themselves were so strong that she could never imagine.

    Brion, then looked at the small girl named Velia and spoke.

    "Come, here"

    Velia took a little bit deep breath and looked at her mom first, her mom just directly nodded his head then, after she took confirmation from her mother, she gets close to Brion with slow steps.

    After she got close to Brion, Brion just took her handheld it in his two hands then, he spoke.

    "I am Brion, The Mind God, and you will the Queen of the Moon Humans in the future"

    After Brion said these words, he let go the hands of the Velia the little girl, and started flying then, shook his hands for saying goodbye, and then he just flew straight towards to Moon Emperor City

    Velia was just shocked and did not understand what has happened and why the lord did talk to him like that.

    Alicia did not understand too, but she did not have the time to care for the time being. She just wanted to go to her village, with the creatures Silver A and Silver B, she should be safe from every danger.


    At that time, When Brion was flying and going straight to, Moon Emperor City, he remembered the face of the little girl. He gave her a present that will make her so much different from the others, in the compensation he took a little bit blood of his mother Alicia, this blood was for his student,


    "Moon Human - Child"

    "Level - Order 1"

    "Moon Magic - Level 5"

    "Moon Body - Level 5"

    "Illusion - Level 3"


    Brion just made the power of the Velia stronger, but it will be not directly effective as he gave power to the girl. It will only be going to affect as the girl gets older and study, her and her body,

    Brion just did it because he felt that he was needed to do it. He was the Mind God, he did not need to give a reason for his behavior or any kind of move, he just wanted to give the power Velia and then he did gave her the power she most needed.

    He just enhanced her power of genetic and made her powerful like the first "Moon Emperor", this means that Velia may be a child but her blood is pure as the first Moon Human created.


    At that time, Brion finally saw the city of Moon Emperor,


    The Moon Emperor City, was built on the flat-rock land in the center of the Moon Emperor Caves, there were Moonbeads Farms everywhere and Moon Humans peacefully working in the farms and there are other shops such as blacksmiths and bakeries, this was the only scenery from the town.

    At that time, Brion did understand what he was hearing from the houses outside of the city.

    "The Moon Humans having sex daily 10 or 15 times,"
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