114 The Merging Studies - Chapter 114

    Brion, this time did not think he needs to think about what to choose, he has to choose to side with the "Moon Emperor", he put himself in their place, and he knew that he will be going to work on the freedom of his race too, compared to try to gain favor from the creator of his race and himself.

    After this thinking, Brion looked at the mission window again and answered.

    "System Mission 3"

    "Find Dark Bandit Leader Kill Or Save"

    "Find Moon Emperor - Kill Or Save"


    "3 AB Points - 3 AT Points"

    "Choose and say - "A" for the side with (Moon Emperor (Moon Empire)

    "Choose - and say "B" for the side with (Dark Bandits (Labis Humans)


    "System, I choose to side with "A"

    After Brion's words were over, a ding sound resonated inside of his head.


    "Dark Bandits - Labis Humans are enemy with the "User"

    "Reward - +3 AT and +3 AB Points"


    "New Mission"

    "System Mission 4"

    "Kill, destroy all the Dark Bandits"

    "Reward None"


    After all, the thing was over Brion just nodded and looked at the Emperor and he talked with a confirming tone much different from before he chooses to side with Emperor.

    "I will going to destroy the dark bandits in this dimension, If there is a problem with the Labis Humans, I will going to find their home and destroy them too, So work hard for your race"

    After Brion said these words, he teleported and vanished as he never existed.

    The Emperor just took a deep breath and smiled. At least he knew that the man who was in front of him, will go to destroy the dark bandits easily, but he still did not expect the man to know about their creator human-race Labis Humans, and could say that he could kill them if the need arises.


    Brion then came back to his, base in the Emperor Cave, and when he first used his "3 AT Points" on the "Mind��


    "Mind = 110 + (Extra Points Activated"

    Brion did not say anything but he did take note how much his power increased, after that he opened the window of the "Studies"



    AI Level - 5

    Puppets Level - 5 (Passive Ability Created) (Level 5)

    Construction Creation - Level 4

    Death Inducement - Level 1

    Biology - Level 5 (Passive Ability Created)

    Robotics - Level 5 (Passive Ability Created)

    Dimensions - Level 5 (Passive Ability Created)

    Space - Level 5 (Passive Ability Created)


    Brion first thought about, which study he could put his points on, then after that, he nodded his head, and thought.

    "System, put my one AB points into the Construction Creation "Study"

    After his words were over he felt a knowledge surged inside in his mind, then he finally got a "Passive Ability" for the Construction Creation.


    "Construction Creation Level - 5"

    "Passive Ability Created"

    "Master Constructor"

    "User could create complex and different kind of construct from the most materials he can use, and every created construct will use %80 less Mind Energy to create, to begin with.


    Brion then put the other points he had into the Death Inducement,

    "System put the other points into the "Death Inducement"



    "Death Inducement" (Level 2"


    After all of this over the power of Brion rise up on another level, at that time he was thinking that it is over, but the system talked to him about to study.

    "User, reached "Mind" = 110"

    "User could mix "two-study" into the one,"

    "This will not going to cause, the level of the said study to be lost or the passive ability to be lost"

    "This will create a new-study and user could use AB Points to make it stronger"

    "Combined Studies needs more AB Points to make them stronger, but they are always more useful and stronger than lesser one-type of study"

    "Please, choose to combine "Studies"

    "User could combine all of the studies he had, but he has to use "two studies" that he did not combine before and the said study had to be level "5")


    Brion did not expect, this kind of message from the system, he remembered the system did talk about something like this, but the thing he did not expect was the time came pretty fast.


    "I have to think about what to merge and combine"

    Brion then started to think.

    The first idea came to his mind was combine the Dimension and Space, these two was the strongest study he had, and he knew that improving them is going to be hard, so combining these two into the one study, will going to give him a nice advantage over the others.

    After these thoughts, he did not need to think about it much more and he just whispered after deciding what to combine.

    "System, combine the Study (Dimension) and Study (Space)"

    After his words were over two dings sounded in his head and his "Study" status forcefully opened.

    "Ding "(Space)"

    "Ding "(Dimension)"


    "A new study has been created"

    "Study Name"


    "A new passive ability created"

    "Space-Dimension Affinity"

    "User could create, control the space law and dimension law %80 more easily and it will cost %80 less mind power to create, control the space and dimension law"



    AI Level - 5

    Puppets Level - 5 (Passive Ability Created) (Level 5)

    Construction Creation - Level 5

    Death Inducement - Level 1

    Biology - Level 5 (Passive Ability Created)

    Robotics - Level 5 (Passive Ability Created)

    Spatial-Dimension Level 1 (Passive Ability Created) (One level needs 10 AB Points)


    After Brion took a glimpse of his study, he lost his consciousness for about 10 minutes, he was gaining much more power, than usual his knowledge on the space and dimension changing too much that, at the first time his life he did knew that he was a god that could control others easily and without having no problem.

    After, he woke up system gave him a little bit more info about the other things.

    "User right now, could earn "2 New-Studies" and continue to combine, other Studies which at the level of "5"
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