119 Purple Hat Wizard vs Finalhounds - Chapter 119

    Purple Hat Wizard was going to inspect the Finalhounds, but at that time one of the Finalhounds looked at his face with an angry expression, which he guessed it was and then energy circulated inside of the creature than a fire-blast at the size of a human shoot towards to himself.

    Purple Hat Wizard backed down and whispered.

    "Mana Shield"

    After, Purple Hat Wizard whispered a blue energy shield manifested in front of himself and blocked the Fire-Blast

    Purple Hat Wizard was not scared he was just surprised he did not think that he will encounter a pack of magical ability using creatures.

    The Purple Hat Wizard looked at the creatures and started thinking.

    "It may not be possible for myself to tame them, I need a beastmaster for that matter, But I am still not sure this creature looks like an aggressive creature other than it is own pack"

    The Purple Hat Wizard thought about like this, he was not wrong, Brion set these Finalhounds to be a creature of aggression, they only not going to attack their race other than that they will be going to attack every human or living being, or any kind of being.


    Brion was watching the Purple Hat Wizard, it was an old man at the level of Continent Student Level 3 (Order 3), which is not a bad level of power when compared to the humans, it is a level a leader of a small clan like Thuna Clan.

    He wondered what the man was going to do the meet and understand the "Finalhounds"

    The Purple Hat Wizard was still thinking but the Finalhounds are not going to wait for him to think as, at the same time, they started circulating their energy.

    The Purple Hit Wizard noticed this furrowed his brows.

    "This attack is different from the last one and they will going to attack me with at the same time, it could be said that they have some kind of intelligence compared to the dogs or wolves maybe ?"

    As he thought he started to walk away from the Finalhounds but it was no use, The Finalhounds were cat-like creatures in nature with a strong physical build and magical energy, and they are hunter-race too, because of that they determined to not let go of their prey.

    Purple Hat Wizard understood that there is no use to escape by on the ground he cast another spell.

    "The Sleeping Curse, Activate"

    As Purple Hat Wizard cast the spell and whispered it, black energy hit the Finalhounds like a wave, and after Finalhounds got hit they started sleeping without any kind of defense.


    Brion nodded and smiled.

    After, that he gave a passive ability the all "Finalhounds"

    "Curse Immunity"

    "Illusion Immunity"

    Brion could easily give any kind of ability to any creature, it was the same as the immunities, If Brion gives a creature a "Fire-Immunity" other than a being who is powerful than himself, the said creature will be not going to harm from the ���Fire"

    After Brion gave two immunity too Finalhounds, they have awaked as nothing happened. This time The Purple Hat Wizard gulped and did not understand what was happening.

    The spell he was used called "The Sleeping Curse," it was one of his signature spells after this spell is cast a wave of sleeping energy will going to hit the enemies around himself and it will force them to sleep, only time this spell will not going to work was the target is stronger than himself or using some kind of defensive spell or item.

    But these creatures not stronger than himself by individual power or have any kind of defensive spell that he can see not the mention they could equip items.

    The only explanation is they have immunity or resistance against the Curses, this was a bad thing.

    The Purple Hat Wizard was a mage of the curse, if these creatures have some kind of resistance against the "Curses" then they may be the bane of himself.

    As the Purple Hat Wizard was thinking, the Finalhounds did not wait and directly cast Fire-Wave all together, 10 of them cast the "Fire-Wave" at the same time.

    The Purple Hat Wizard only muttered one whisper.

    "The Grand Protection Of Mana"

    After, he said these words potent-blue energy formed around himself and blocked all the wave of fire energy, without too much problem. If he had not used this spell he was going to be burned to death.

    After, that he again cast another spell.

    "Self Curse - Black Crow Transformation"

    As The Purple Hat Wizard cast his spell, he transformed to a black crow and started flying without looking back, his clothes and other things are transformed too, it was a spell that he cast for transformation to a crow for escaping.


    Brion smiled and whispered.

    "The spells in this world are much more different and complex than the Thuna Clan and Main-Dimension, they are more complex and traditional and improved, he cursed himself to transform a crow to escape from the Finalhounds, the downside is in the form of a crow he can not use spell and pretty vulnerable any attacks, and it is possible that he has to stay like that in a duration of time"

    Brion easily understood the spell, Finalhounds looked at the flying crow and did not wait for the attack started attacking with their ability "Fire-Blast"




    Fire-Blast after the Fire-Blast shoot towards to sky and the Black Crow, The Purple Hat Wizard who was transformed into a Black-Crow, tried to maneuver in the air the escape from the Fire-Blasts, right now one of the Fire-Blast will going to burn him to death,

    He did not want to die right now.


    Brion noticed that he will be going to get hit eventually and ordered the Finalhounds to stop attacking the Black Crow and let him go, the reason was this purple hat wizard will going to talk about the Finalhounds to his mage and wizard friends, so this will make the Finalhounds known in the circle of magic-users
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