118 Finalhound - Purple Hat Wizard - Chapter 118

    After Brion came to a place where there are no living creatures, he used his mind power energy to clean the trees from where he was landed.

    After he made himself a place to study, and green flatland, he started thinking.

    "I would like to create a creature with four legs, as usual, they are created easily without thinking about too much"

    As Brion started to think, he started writing about his ideas on a paper, he was not using a pencil or any kind of tool to write, he was directly using his mind to write.

    "Name - Finalhound"

    "Height - 1 Meter"

    "Weight - 30 KG"

    "Color - Yellowish, Blue"


    "A creature with four legs, it has three eyes on it is the head (cat-like), and each one of them is red in color, its body is strong and agile,"

    "Special Ability"

    "Fire Wave��

    "After circulating their energy for about 0.5 seconds, they can be sent a circle-wave made up from the fire to all directions - Distance = 5 meters"

    "Fire Blast"

    "After circulating their energy for about 0.1 seconds they can be sent a fire-blast to directly to a chosen target, - Distance 20 Meters"

    Brion nodded then smiled, then set the name as "Finalhound" it was at the size of a leopard from the earth, it was still bigger than normal leopard but smaller than Lion and Tigers.

    Even if it is a small creature compared to Lions and Tigers, one of them still could give a run for any said creatures from the earth.

    When Brion is going to create these creatures he will add them a reactor-like organ to create energy for them, so they have no problem in using their abilities and do not even need to rest.

    Brion thought about giving them a human-like intelligence but this was no different from creating a cat-human race from the start, so he did not do that, but still gave them a basic-intelligence a little bit higher than apes from the earth.

    This means that they could still form packs and factions gave themselves names, and have a chance for the evolution in the future to a race like humans with different capabilities.

    Brion wanted to see this happen, but he will go to take nature it is the course.

    After about ten seconds later, Brion used his mind power to create about 10 Final Hounds, all of them looked the same, Brion thought about a little bit.

    "I have to give them characteristics to make them more alive, If I do not they will be robots in the form of flesh"

    Brion then added a little bit more knowledge and information on their genes and creational forms.

    He added that they like hunting and having a different kind of games, but do not like two-legged and other creatures, they can not be tamed and will be aggressive any creature except their races, so they could be said an aggressive race of cats with fire-based abilities

    Brion then closed his eyes again and added these details to their mind and genes, after he added the details the Finalhound started to look around with curios faces, they directly knew each other and smiled themselves as a human would.

    Brion made their reproduction ability 10 x faster than humans, this means that if a female Finalhound became pregnant, the child will be going to born in one month, and it will reach maturity in one month too,

    This will make them powerful and blooming race,

    Brion then used his mind power to create about more than 100 Finalhound, after he created 100 Finalhound, he started to create them giving a distance between them, he put about 10 Finalhound in every place he found, and the distance between the one pack to pack was about 10 KM

    After sprinkling about more than 50.000 Finalhound all areas, he finally stopped and then, created a glass throne for himself to sit up, then he started flying in the air watching all the Finalhound at the same time.


    Finalhound, Area - A (First Original Created)

    Ten Finalhounds first looked at each other than they quickly formed a pack, after the pack leader and other things were chosen, they started to look around in the forest, they knew that they need food for satisfying their hunger sensation.

    They did not need their energy and life only because the sensation of hunger is the thing that they had a reason to find for food.

    After they ventured around the forest a little, they finally found a creature that looked like pigs, with their flame-waves and flame-blast and teamwork they easily killed three to four to pig-like creatures.

    After the hunt was over, they started eating the pigs with hunger, other Finalhounds was doing the same thing in other places, venturing around find creatures and hunt them, as these things happen Brion was watching all the Finalhound packs and inspecting how they move or how they will going to improve themselves.

    As he was watching he suddenly nodded and started to think about something.

    "If I let the time they will improve, but the time is a thing that mysterious and powerful at the same time"

    Then Brion smiled and whispered

    "I choose the Study (Time)"

    After Brion said these words, the system gave him a message.

    "Not enough points for the "Time" (Study), please improve the "Mind Power"

    Brion expected this much, time is not a thing that he can meddle with, for the time being,

    Dimensions, Space, and other things can be manipulated to some degree, but the time is a more general and powerful thing, because of that even system itself does not let him add the "Time" to his study section to improve it with AB points in a later time.


    An old man with a purple hat was walking in the main road, close to the forest, he had black-wand in his hand, as he was walking he noticed five different creatures were looking at him from the inside of the forest, there are only five meters between him and them.

    As he looked at them he smiled and exclaimed.

    "I never have seen such creatures what are they"

    After he said these words, something unexpected happened.
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