120 Black Castle - Branch Leader - Chapter 120

    The Purple Wizard Hat named Alfron, he was a from the Black Caste,

    Black Castle was a wizard organization specialized in dark-arts, which is curses, dark-magic, necromancy, and other things that commoner thought mysterious and evil and other mages thought strong and powerful.

    He was at the of 65, but still looked like he was in his forty, after he got away from the Finalhounds, he finally found a clean place to wait for his transform.

    After about three hours later, he finally transformed into the human again and still shocked by the events

    A wild pack of creatures gave him to run for his life, it was special because he was a "Curse" wizard, but still, it made him feel less about himself.

    He was a strong wizard, where he went he would be seen by respect and fear, but now he had to escape from a wild pack of animals.

    As he walked he thought inside of his mind.

    "I have to give my information the Black Castle, if the mages from Beast-Sage Hut learns about these creatures it is possible for them to tame them and attack us"

    Alfron was a little bit scared, because if these creatures could be tamed from the Beast-Sage Hut

    Which is a mage organization specialized in taming the beasts and using them against their foes, then it means they will earn a big-advantage over the Black Castle.

    These new creatures had resistance against the Curse Magic, which is the mages from the Black Castle and other black magicians, the Beast-Sage Hut was an enemy for the Black Castle.

    If they tame these new creatures and use them to attack the Black Castle, it will be the end for the Black Castle only if they had enough number of these creatures.

    As Alfron started to think about these things more, he shook his head with disapproval and started quickening his pace, he was going into the city, the Black Castle was a big organization there is a branch of Black Castle in the city of Gilnor


    Brion was still watching the Finalhounds he created, they already created a quite mess in a short time, some of them attacked and killed human hunters and other packs found other Finalhounds and formed even a bigger pack to attack human villages.

    They started eating humans and other things.

    If these things happened in front of the eyes of old Brion, he is going to felt guilty about his actions but not anymore, for him from now on then all other creatures other than himself just a thing without any meaning.

    Brion was not a human-being with human-like powers, only good thing is he had no human-hearth on himself too, if he had the people he was going to mess with will going to see more bad things than just wild-animals attacking their village.

    After he watched about it more, he started flying towards to the City Of Gilnor, he wanted to see humans and a city for the time being, after he finishes his things in the city, he will rent an inn-room or hotel-room to create investigating robots to investigate any matter around the city.

    The mission itself did not give him any hint, he has to find the anomaly by all himself. If he wants to find it, the best thing is to investigate all around.

    He may use his powers to find this information but, where is the fun with that,


    1 Day Later


    "It is a weird thing, Master Alfron"

    Alfron was in a room with three-person other than himself, two of them was male and another one is a female, the female one was the Branch Leader of the Gilnor City - Black Castle Organization, after she listened to what he has seen she exclaimed with a face looked like a little bit of shock.

    "I know Lady Arisa, I was just going to inspect them but these creatures started attacking me with fire-based spells, one of the spells was pretty similar to a "Fireball Spell" another one is a similar spell to "Fire-Ring", but they can use it without waiting or thinking about any kind of magical energy, just like how we are walking"

    Arisa was a woman with black hair, she had black-uniform with black-skinny clothes, she was at the age of 40, but looked like a 20-year-old woman, her level was Continent Student Level 4, such a force only became a Branch Leader of an Organization, even with this, it can be seen that this dimension was too much stronger then the Dimension Brion came from.

    Arisa, started to think about the events, she believed Master Alfron, this trust did not come because of a word and humanly matters, she used a spell to make him told the truth, it was easy to understand that the Alfron was not lying.

    And the things he talked about "Beast-Sage Hut" was right, these creatures had resistance against the Curse Spells, and they can use fire-spells without thinking about magical energy consuming, and they could form a pack to attack a human,

    All of these things showed that these creatures had a defense against the Black Castle, some kind of attack form without thinking about energy and a little bit kind of intelligence on them.

    If a strong-mage from Beast-Sage Hut had their chance to inspect these creatures and tame them, it will be going to the end of the Black Castle, it could be said after inspecting they will found about their reproduction capabilities, so they will have an army of Black Magic Counter Wild Animals on themselves.

    Arisa then nodded her head and looked at the man who was standing right next to her, this man was his best helper and his name was Avtra,

    After she looked at him she started speaking

    "Go to intelligence section and use a spirit-stone to send a message to headquarters inform them about the situation, after the message is written I will sign it,"

    The Avtra nodded his head and left the room without saying anything. This information was important and the message can only be sent by the Branch Leader sign,
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