124 The Dimension Fabric - Strong Enemy - Chapter 124

    As Brion thought about this subject he first reminded himself of the name of the dimension he is in.


    Brion nodded.

    This was the name of the dimension he is in, if he wants to look at the fabric of the dimension he must create a hole or some kind of damage in the dimension itself.

    Luckily for him, he had good knowledge about the dimensions itself, so for him, it was an easy thing to do.

    He turned his head into the door and shook his head. After he shook his head the room he was in was completely separated from the dimension. This means that nobody could enter, hear, or see what he is doing in the room for that they have to be stronger than the Brion itself.

    After made his preparations, he then closed his eyes and turned his right hand into the form of "Karate-Chop" and then he lightly sliced the air the void in a sense with his mind power on his chop-hand.

    As he sliced the air some weird sound echoed in the room and a blank colorless cut manifested in the air, after the manifestation of the cut was over he then used his mind power to make the cut bigger for him to pass.

    After about one minute of using mind-power, he finally managed to create a door-like cut in the dimension itself.

    Dimensions had the three-different type of places, of course, this was only passable in the universe he is in, maybe in another universe with different laws there could be different things about the dimensions as he did not have the chance to know that.

    The Outer World Dimension, which the beings, humans, or other types of creatures lived in, like the caves and the world he was in.

    The Back World, the hidden part of a dimension where only beings with power could enter and walk, most likely it is a place with hidden mysteries.

    And the most important one is Fabric Of Dimension which is the matter and energy that created the dimension and other parts of the said dimension itself.

    Brion knows these things because of the system itself not that he experienced these things.


    Brion then took a deep breath and entered the Fabric Of Dimension (Alkabran), as he entered he started flying directly, most of the dimensions had nothing but the energy in the Fabric Of Dimension, so only people at a certain level enter these places let alone live and search these places.

    As Brion started flying he started looking around, there is nothing but darkness, as he was searching for anomaly something felt weird.

    As he was thinking, two-person one of the females and one of the male manifested in front of him and started looking at him, each wore black-clothes with made up from weird material and each one of them was handsome and beautiful and these words were not used by common sense they were so beautiful that Brion thought he was seeing some kind of illusion.

    After about three to ten seconds later two human-looking started speaking.

    "You, the alien being have no right to enter the Dimension - Alkabran (Fabric Of Dimension), If you do not leave the Fabric Of Dimension, we have to destroy you without any kind of any more warning"

    They talked with the same mouth and the same seconds, it was a hard thing to understand that if they are human or just some kind of weird-alien creature.

    But Brion was not affected by their threat, he thought a little bit and started speaking.

    "I am looking for the anomaly in this dimension and have no bad, or evil purpose if you two are going to stop from me doing the mission I have to use my power to destroy you two"

    Brion did not feel the power of these two beings was not stronger than himself.

    After his words were over, the two human-like creature spoke with determination in their voice.

    "We do not care about your mission, you are entering a dimension without any kind of license from an organization as we can see, so you have no right to demand something from us I am Alkambra-Fem and he is Alkambra-Mal"

    Brion shook his head and then after this behavior of him Alkambra-Fem (Female) and Alkambra-Mal (Male) looked at each other and suddenly their body started to glow with white energy and without even a second thought they whispered and Brion took a form of defense for the incoming attack, he was not a fool, to begin with so he will going to first see what they are capable of.

    "Firgulan Spear"

    "Firgulan Spear"

    As the Alkambra-Fem and Alkambra-Mal whispered a two white spear manifested and hit the Brion with the strong magical and physical force at the same time, actually these two spears had the speed of more than Mach 5 to Mach 10, but because of the Brion mind and level, he could easily saw the speed as normal spears.

    As Brion got hit by the two white-spear, the purple mind energy shield activated and blocked himself from the attack, As Brion smiled he took notice from the system.

    "Mind Being Energy Level (MB Energy = "100")

    "Current Mind Energy Level = 80"

    (If the user got hit by eight of these attacks his mind-energy will be consumed fully and the user will die directly)

    (This is different than Mind Energy and Mind Power, this energy level same as "HP" or user-health if it is down to zero users will be going to die)

    As Brion read the system from the message his eyes changed drastically and he started flying in the fabric of dimension like a crazy bird, after he did create a distraction he pointed his finger at the Alkambra-Fem and Alkambra-Mal and whispered,



    As he whispered, the purple-lightning manifested from his hand and hit the two of the protector of the dimension Alkambra and after the spell was over, Brion smiled as he laughed.

    "Judged-Passed-Target Is Deleted From The Existence"

    "Judged-Passed-Target Is Deleted From The Existence"
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