122 Burning The People - Chapter 122

    "Mister, are you a wandering fire-mage ?"

    As the woman spoke Brion looked at the young-woman and inspected her.

    She looked like she was at the age of 17, a little bit older than the other two and her eyes showed a little bit more understanding about the world and mages, she was more mature than the other two.

    Her face was not that beautiful, it can be said that she was a little bit more good than ordinary girls but nothing more, her hair was black in color and her eyes are black too,

    Brion then shook his head before speaking.

    "I am not a mage or any kind of mysterious thing, just a being that knows so many things"

    After Brion spoke his food came to his table, the red-haired woman did not say anything and just smiled after putting the chicken and beer on the table.

    Brion smiled in the response too and started eating food without giving his attention to three students.

    The blonde young-woman and another handsome male, already understood that the Brion does not want to talk about anything and just kept talking as everything is the same as ever.

    But it was not the same for the other young woman who had black hair, she was still looking at the Brion with deep eyes as she was trying to understood what kind of being he is.

    Brion then looked at the eye of the black-haired young-woman and started speaking.

    "As you can see I am eating, could you please do not look at me that way ?"

    After, Brion spoke the blonde-young woman started walking.

    "I am sorry mister, she was just curious and she was always like that"

    After, blonde young-woman said these words she started whispering to a black-haired young woman and telling her to stop looking at the mysterious man which is Brion.

    After the young-woman got a warning from her friends she stopped watching the Brion directly but still looking at him from time to time.

    This time Brion did not care about what kind of looks he has taken on himself and just ate his food without giving his attention to the students.

    As Brion was eating, three young-female entered the Fire Magic Inn, as they entered Brion directly understood that these young-women is not here for eating or drinking.

    This three young-female was at the level of Continent Student Level 1 (Order 1) and all of them wore a blue-mage outfit, it was clear to the Brion that they are using water and ice magic which is enemy for the Fire and other fire-like magic, they are here to create a problem.

    As they entered the red-haired bartender frowned his face and started speaking.

    "You people are not welcomed here get out !"

    As she talked, she prepared her spells to attack the young-students,

    When Biron noticed this he was a little bit surprised so she has the right to attack the people from other magic-studies if they entered her Inn without her permission.

    Of course, Brion thought that reason she had such a right was the young women who entered the Inn had Blue-Mage outfit on them,

    this is like a gang war, if you wore or equip something from a gang and then you go and enter a domain of another gang with these clothes or signs on them and especially if you know they are your enemies and they see you as enemies it is mean that you are here to create a problem and they will be going to kill you.

    The little bit older woman in her twenties looked at the bartender and spoke.

    "You still think about yourself as a big and strong woman Fierys, but you are not, !"

    As they talked, this time the bartender woman named Fierys did not talk again and just created a fireball, as she created the fireball the mages from the water and ice, started taking a deep breath.

    The Woman named Fierys was a mage at the level of Continent Student Level 2,

    but they are at the level of Continent Student Level 1, and after they looked towards to in, they saw there are city guards and three students of a fire-school were watching them,

    Brion just ate his food like nothing happening and did not take any attention on himself.

    The three students of fire who talked with the Brion was looking at the three water-mage women with hatred in their eyes, it was clear that if something happens they will going to attack too,

    After seeing all of this The Three women water mage is started to back down, they turned their heads to the door and started walking.

    But at that time, Brion spoke.

    "Hey, Lady Fierys if you kill them here or they killed hereafter what they did, is there is a legal matter or something like that will arise to the person who killed them ?"

    The Fierys did not understand that the new customer of her asked this question, but she just answered without thinking.

    "There will be no punishment Mister"

    As Brion got his answer he smiled and looked at the three water-mage women in the eye, after the water-mage women saw the gaze of Brion they are directly scared, and felt they were being crushed.

    After one second later, Brion just shook his hand and all of them just burned with strong fire and in one second they turned into black dust on the ground.

    The three water-mage women died before they understood what happened, Brion just burned them with fire, just because he wanted to,

    After the events of Moon Emperor Cave, in his eyes, there is no evil or good, only a blank page, he did not care that he is evil or he is good he only did what he wants to do, this was his new ideal.

    As the three water-mage women died and killed by the Brion the fiery and other three students gulped at the same,

    They looked at the black dust from the corpses, and again they looked at the Brion, after they saw that he was still eating his food as nothing happened, they were confused.

    Brion then just whispered.

    "I don't like people who create problems and make noise when I am eating that is all"
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