129 Dimensional Lock - Crew Members Of Epsilon - Chapter 129

    As the crew members heard that the dimension they were seeing built by a Star Emperor they just gasped and started thinking what to do, the final decision was going to be made by the Captain as the rules of the ship, but the crew members still had to decision or engage in an activity or stay out of it.

    Vargorn started to think about the dimension he was watching on the screen of the spaceship, they were not close to the dimension for seeing it fully from the window so he had to check the cameras for seeing the dimension.

    As he was watching Leyna started talking.

    "Captain, I am getting more information about the dimension we talked about"

    Vargorn looked at the eyes of Leyna and nodded.

    This means that tell me about the information you got.

    Leyna then started talking again.

    "Right now I am %80 percent sure that the dimension created not more than 5 years ago and it is pretty small in the size of the room, but I don't know what kind of things inside of the dimension. It looks like a personal room for a being who excelled at the dimension laws"

    Vargorn nodded and decided to get close to Dimension, for more information.

    "We will go to the dimension and get close it more, if we notice any dangers we will not going to attack it or engage any activities"

    As his words were over the spaceship entered a vortex of some kind and then vanished in the black space of Fabric Of Dimension about five to ten seconds later, it manifested again the Black Space of Fabric Of Dimension.

    The technology they used was called Level-2 Dimensional Wormhole, it directly built in the spaceships and had two different abilities.

    First was it gave permission and means the spaceship to enter a different kind of dimensions and the other one is it made travel in the Fabric Of Dimensions faster and at a good rate.

    The Fabric Of Dimension contained so many dimensions each had an individual place to live or explore, so as a reason for that it was big so big that most of the time other beings told that that the Fabric Of Dimension was bigger than the universe and everything except the vast space.

    When the spaceship manifested again this time every crew member could see a purple rectangle dimension which they were talking about, in about ten seconds later the ship system already started to inspect the dimension and the Leyna was already looking at the dimension and trying to gain and earn information about the dimension.

    At that time something unexpected happened, the system of the spaceship began to give a ding sound that resonated inside of the spaceship.

    This only meant one thing "Danger" after the spaceship give a ding sound which resonated inside of the spaceship Leyna started talking with deep anxiety in her voice.

    "We have to escape, this dimension has some kind of protection and if we do not leave this area, it will going to attack us"

    As Leyna said these words, the captain directly wanted to get out from where they are but at the same time, they heard the mechanical voice from the outside, It came from the Fabric Of Dimension which not possible for "sound" to travel at the the normal sense.

    "Dimensional Lock"

    As the voice heard, a different kind of energy encircled the spaceship and the around places.

    At that time the system of the Spaceship which Epsilon Crew resonated with ding sound and then gave a message that every crew member could see from their seats.

    "The Dimensional Wormhole Level 2 - Locked"

    "The Spaceship cannot move"

    Captain Vargorn yelled with an angry and anxiety voice,

    "Leyna, what is happening why we cannot get away from the dimension and why we are frozen!"

    Leyna at first gulped and started talking after closing her eyes for two to three seconds.

    "Some kind of device or being cast a spell named "Dimensional Lock", with this spell it is possible to lock a part of the dimension and make the target devices stop what they are and block their travel means such as our Dimensional Wormhole"

    Vargorn then looked around and asked another question.

    "What kind of being or device could use this spell and do you know is there is a way to get out from the effect of this spell or device"

    When Vargorn asked these questions to Leyna other two crew-members looked at the eye of Leyna with hope as if Leyna will be their savior.

    Leyna thought a little bit then answered with firm eyes.

    "If it is a device that casts this spell, I still have a way to undo the spell but if it is a being..."

    Vargorn took a deep breath and after looking at the black space of dimension nothing but only one dimension staying in the middle and asked.

    "What if it is a being ?"

    Leyna this time changed her face into a hopeless one and asked.

    "A being who can cast Dimensional Lock and freeze us, most likely have a power that easily destroys the spaceship too, and I have no way to undo the spell the being cast on us"

    After these words everyone on the spaceship started thinking about what to do, of course, the best one was still Vargorn because he was more experienced than the others and he was the captain of the Epsilon, if even he shows that he was afraid, this will cause the crew-morale to do down.

    As he was thinking about what to do, he started talking with a strong voice to Leyna.

    "Leyna, use every resources and device we have in this ship to find a way to get out from this Dimensional Lock, if it is a device we may have a chance to escape, but if it is a being the only thing we have to do is wait, I am sure the being who cast this spell knew that we already inside of his power"

    Leyna nodded and approved the words of the Captain and started working.
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