130 Dimensional Hunter - Purple Humanoid - Chapter 130

    Leyna went back to her room which is called the Dimensional Watch room and started working on the Dimensional Lock, she first checked the condition of the ship, because if the ship itself got wrecked her and the other crew members had no power to live or travel in the dimension with just using their body.

    As she was checking the ship conditions she smiled and nodded.

    "The ship not damaged it just cannot activate the "Dimensional Travel"

    Leyna started thinking, forcing her mind to the fullest, at that time she smiled again and her hand started to work.

    Leyna had some spell about the Dimensional as a Dimensional Agent within the space, her level was at the Planet Student Level 5 (Order 15 = 150 Int), it was not much compared to whole space and dimensions but still not a bad one anyway.

    Leyna took a deep breath and then she whispered.

    "Dimensional Inspection"

    As she whispered she started to inspect the Origin Fabric Of Dimension, the Origin Fabric Of Dimension the thing that what made the "Fabric Of Dimension" itself, not any people knew about this,

    After Leyna inspected the Origin Fabric Of Dimension she started to think again and then after about five seconds later she whispered.

    "The Dimensional Watcher"

    As Leyna whispered again a blue-globe manifested in right front of her eyes, its size was about a human head and completely blue without any kind of different energy on it whatsoever, of course, it was flying but that was a different matter.

    As Leyna started looking at the Dimensional Watcher, she finally found something.

    "This "Dimensional Lock" is not cast by a technological device, it cast by a being, this means that as long as I have to found a way to undo or block it, We will escape"

    As she said these words, she dismissed the Dimensional Watcher and used another spell.

    "The Dimensional Hunter"

    This time, after using her spell a creature that looked completely human with a blue-globe on his head manifested.

    The creature had the body shape of a human male, but with strong muscles and body like a god, the creature itself had no human genitals or any kind of that things and only served one purpose.

    "Fight against the dimensional creatures or the spells itself"

    As every other Dimensional Master, Leyne had something in her sleeve too, any other Dimension Master knew there are dangers out there in the dimensions, so they have their protection in the form of Dimensional Creatures.

    After Leyna, conjured her creature "Dimensional Hunter" she started whispering.

    "Find the "Dimensional Lock" and destroy it with your power, go"

    After the words of Leyna, the Dimensional Hunter just teleported the outside of the ship and used some kind of spell to locate the source of the spell "Dimensional Lock"

    The Dimensional hunter was going to locate the spell "Dimensional Lock" and when he was doing that the Leyna itself started walking towards to "Bridge Area" to watch them and record the event itself.

    Because like every other people she has to prepare a resume for herself in future jobs.

    As she was watching she already started the recording of the Dimensional Hunter

    After about three minutes later the Dimensional Hunter successfully found the source of the spell, it was starting to make an attack spell to destroy the spell "Dimensional Lock", fulfilling the wishes of her creator.

    But at the time the crew members and Leyna herself who was watching the "Dimensional Hunter" gulped without having any words to say, when the Dimensional Hunter got close to The Rectangle Dimension, a being who had humanoid shape but made of completely of purple energy that they don't know manifested in front of the Dimensional Hunter.

    Leyna got up and did not understand what was happening, as a dimensional master she had more sensory capabilities than the others one even if the captain itself had more power than herself.

    After looking at the body and the energy of "Purple Humanoid Creature" she finally noticed and felt something.

    "This can't be happening !"

    As she whispered she got down on her knees, The Captain and others who saw Leyna was kneeling did not even need to ask her why she was kneeling.

    They were not fools, they may be thieves, the selfish grave robbers but still not fools, and weaklings who think they are the most powerful ones in the whole dimension.

    At that time Vargorn took a deep breath and asked Leyna the upcoming demise,

    "Leyna what is the power level of that Purple Humanoid Creature"

    Leyna who was still on the ground slowly blinked her eyes and answered with a weak voice.

    "It is at the level of Star Student, I don't know the extent of it is level"

    As her words finished every crew member felt they already died, including Captain Vargorn, he did not know what to do for the time being.

    They were still locked in their place without having a chance to break away from the "Dimensional Lock" and the dimensional creature who confronted the Leyna, Dimensional Hunter was at the level of Star Student.

    When the Vargorn was thinking, the Purple Humanoid Creature moved it is hand and a surge of purple mind energy manifested and then with a speed that faster than a blink of an eye the energy hit the Dimensional Hunter and the Dimensional Hunter met it is demise and exploded with a blank, colorless energy which is dimension energy.

    Leyna felt pain in her head and body because she and the Dimensional Hunter was linked and she felt it is death.

    With one move from the Purple Humanoid Creature, the Dimensional Hunter died without having any chance to counter attack in any way.

    After the Dimensional Hunter was killed, the Purple Humanoid Creature looked directly at the eyes of the Crew Members, and then it teleported in front of the ship itself, the every crew members can easily see the creature right now.

    This creature was the creature Brion created for the protection of his dimension the "Mind Energy Dragon" in the form of "Humanoid Mind Energy"
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