132 The Galaxy Norms - Leyna - Chapter 132

    As the other crew members deleted by the Brion, Leyna looked around and tried to find a meaning of all of this

    She did see people who strong and other beings who could kill the other peoples with the power of arcane, science, and laws, but she never did say something like this.

    All of her crew members except herself just turned into dust and then the dust they turned into vanished like sucked by the black hole, it was clear that all of them died without having to know anything.

    Brion then looked at Leyna and asked.

    "Do you know how strong is this ship and what level is if you put into the level of beings"?

    As he asked the question he again thought about the levels of beings in his mind and what can they do what they not.

    (Int 10 to Int 50 or STR) - "Continent Student Level 1 to 5" -

    (Int 50 to Int 100 or STR) - "Moon Student Level 1 to 5"

    (Int 100 to Int 150 or STR) - "Planet Student Level 1 to 5"

    (Int 150 to Int 200 or STR) - "Planet Master Level 1 to 5"

    (Int 200 to Int 250 or STR) - "Planet Emperor Level 1 to 5"

    (Int 250 to Int 300 or STR) - "Star Student Level 1 to 5"

    (Int 300 to Int 350 or STR) - "Star Master Level 1 to 5 "

    (Int 350 to Int 400 or STR) - "Star Emperor Level 1 to 5 " -

    (Brion) - 110 x 3 = 330 + 30 = 360

    As Brion was thinking Leyna forced herself to think about the ship "Epsilon" and answered. She knew that if she answers wrongly the human-looking being in front of her kill her without waiting for any second.

    "I know that the ship is class "Di-men Frion 3.0" these ships have the power of Planet Master, and if it is self detonates it could kill the beings at the level of "Planet Emperor"

    Brion nodded and then asked another question.

    "Tell me about the norms of the galaxy, which level was your superiors, teachers the kings of empires and other leaders organizations"

    Leyna furrowed her brows not because she was annoyed she wondered how a powerful being like the man in front of her did not know about these things. But she had no choice to answer anyway.

    As she answered Brion listened and then without saying anything to the woman he started to think.

    "The levels are representing their power and control, Continent Students are kings of the planet continents, and it goes like that but when the things enter the space and dimensions, there are not even one being at the level of Star Emperor, the teacher of this woman was at the level of Planet Master 5 and the big organization leaders are at the level of Planet Emperor, only the Emperor of the Feling Galaxy was at the level of "Star Student" and the most of the beings who travel in the space at the level of Moon Student and Planet Level 1"

    Brion then asked another question woman.

    "What they taught at you at the school about the dimension"

    Leyna did not expect this question but she still answered without thinking any lies or waiting too much.

    "They first gave us theoretical information about the "Dimension", the study period lasts about five to ten years, in the first three to four years the teachers at the university giving the students theoretical knowledge about the "Dimensions" and then after the first four years are over, they starting to take people into the dimensions, showing how to enter Dimensional Fabric and other scattered dimensions inside of the Dimensional Fabric."

    Brion nodded and asked.

    "What happens in the end"

    Leyna then smiled because of the emotions and answered.

    "In the end the all of students entering two exams, one theoretical and other one is experimental, if they successfully pass the exams, they will have the badge of "Dimensional Master" and could find a different kind of jobs in the different organizations or work with contracts, like me"

    Brion then started thinking about the money matters, he had nothing to for the time being and did not want to learn anything by just entering the mind of the woman,

    "How much usually they pay the Dimensional Masters, I mean the payment"

    Leyna thought a little bit and answered. Because Brion talked about normal things without making her feel bad or scared, she was already more relaxed and forgot about her crew members killed and deleted by the man who was asking the questions.

    "It depends on the level of the said master, but usually after graduating from the university like Feling University, the graduated person could find a job where he or she could take about "10 to 50 Void Stone" per month, I was paid "10 Void Stone" per month"

    Brion then took a deep breath and started talking.

    "Hmm, I lack company, do you want to travel with me, and help me with the things I do"

    Brion just wanted a human person on his side who lived in space for a time, and it was true that he was a little bit bored, he can just have fun until she dies or made a mistake that will create the reason for Brion himself to delete her from the existence.

    As Leyna heard what Brion said she started to think, before answering.

    She had doubts in her mind, why would a human which even if she was saying "Human" and referring him to such as, she was not sure that this man was a human, was wanting to travel with herself.

    Is he looking for a sex-slave, but this thought was so lame, why would a being in his level look for herself with his power, he could make an empire in the galaxy and create his million-harem without any problem.

    This was not the reason, and the other reason he gave herself was gibberish too, what she can do to help him with her power, with the power this being has, she has no help to him anyway.
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