134 The Basic Test - Attack From Finalhounds - Chapter 134

    After Avrian left the room, the three-person stayed in the room, as they looked at each other faces one of the males who put the second gold-lining on the shoulder of the Arisa started talking.

    "Hey, I know your name is Arisa, I am Nygan, and then this friend of ours Forunas, could you tell me about your expertise"

    Nygan was a male in his 25 to 30 and he had brown hair with blue eyes, it could be said that he was looking handsome and his height was about 175 cm.

    Arisa nodded and started talking.

    "Nice to meet you two, my expertise is Black Magic and Combat, it can be said that I am a battle-mage"

    Nygan smiled and started talking.

    "I am a Black Magic Curser and Trapper, the Forunas is Black Magic Intelligence Collector, so he will be the one the responsible for managing the things"

    Arisa nodded and looked at the face of Forunas, as the Forunas felt that the gaze of the other two he coughed a little bit and started talking.

    "I already started to collecting information about these new creatures called Finalhounds, if it is possible we will going to talk with the A woman I know which is Black Creature Expert and will create some kind of research facility for research these creatures, if there are questions please say so"

    Forunas looked a little bit older than Arisa and Nygan, he was looked pretty ordinary but still had a sense of superiority in himself that made him look charismatic and the leader like the others.

    As the Forunas spoke he looked at the face of Arisa and Nygan, at that time Arisa spoke.

    "After researching about these creatures if I am not wrong are we going to find a way to deal with them mass-killings"

    With the words of the Arisa, Forunas smiled and started speaking.

    "We will have to find a way to kill them in masses because I already read the first report of the Finalhounds, it looked like they are creatures which strong in packs"

    Arisa and Nygan nodded and then started their preparations for the plans and further works.

    As they were busy with preparing a man who was watching them on the clouds smiled as he was watching.


    Brion already watching the trio from the clouds, as he was watching, he thought about doing something to them, as the creator of a whole race "Finalhounds" he could still create them everywhere he wants at will, so he waited for the trio.

    It was already becoming dark and the Trio of Arisa, Nygan, and Forunas already made their preparation, they had the information the person they are looking for which is the friend of Forunas was in the other city which was not too close to the city they are in.

    The woman's name is Lisana, and she was one of the most knowledgeable ones in the matters of creatures and sided with the Black Castle, even if she was working on the matters of creatures.

    Lisana and Forunas met each other several times and because of that Forunas thought that they needed help from the Lisana to understand these creatures named Finalhounds more.

    The trio left the city in the night, as they were all strong mages they had nothing to be scared of,


    Arisa was walking on the front as a battle-mage on their group she is the first one if any kind of danger arises, in the middle, the Nygan stoop up and walked with slow steps, as he was walking he kept looking at the forest and prepared for the danger.

    The Forunas who was behind the group started chanting some spells, Arisa and Nygan stoop up and waited for him to finish his spell.

    "The Black Information - The Black Eye Of Sky"

    As Forunas whispered his spell a black eye manifested in the sky, its distance was not too much only about 15 meters from the ground, it worked as an eye for the Forunas and helped him to see the around more good compared to the others.

    Arisa was pretty new to these things in her past times she was only worked on the training centers and managing the other members, she had a great deal experience against the battle-mages like herself but she did not know about the means of Intelligence Division.

    Nygan did not say anything and just smiled as Curse and Trap Specialized mage, his mission was pretty same as the Arisa, deal with the dangers and disarm the traps and curses in their way, and the other important mission was to catch a Finalhound alive or dead with his traps.

    As they were still walking on the stone road, they have already left the perimeters of the city, at that time Forunas yelled.

    "Stop it, be prepared"

    As he talked, the hands of the Arisa turned into black color, and in the behind of the Nygan a Black-Clock who is hovering on the air manifested.

    At that time, a fireball shoot towards Arisa directly, Arisa was looked at the fireball and whispered after putting her right hand in her front.

    "Black Shield"

    As she whispered the black colored energy collected up on the front of herself and formed a shield,


    The fireball exploded and the shield did not take too much damage, at that time all of the group members started to hear weird fire-like sounds, these are the sounds of the Finalhounds, which they are all read in the first report.

    "Try to stick together, Arisa protect us, Nygan uses your curse and traps to around to help us, I will try to call for help if the situation is too bad for us to escape."

    Arisa and Nygan spoke at the same time as they heard Farunos' words.

    "Okay then!" (Arisa)

    " I understand" (Nygan)

    As they were preparing two fireballs from inside of the forest shoot towards Arisa again, Arisa took a deep breath and again cast the spell of "Black Shield" this time using much more energy.
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