136 Leader Of Final-Hounds - Chapter 136

    Lustrous braziers half encompassing each of the fourteen travertine columns light up every part of the throne hall and cover the hall in dancing shadows and a warm radiance. The angelic paintings on the curved ceiling dance in the flickering light while memorials and statuettes look down upon the teak floor of this sublime hall.

    A silver rug runs down from the throne and splits to encircle the entire hall while guidon banners with emblazoned corners dangle gently from the walls. Between each banner hangs a torch, they've all been lit and in turn illuminate the statuettes of late heroes below them.

    Tall, stained glass windows of intricate mosaics are covered by drapes colored the same silver as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with emblazoned edges and gold leaves.

    A striking throne of gold sits atop a balcony overlooking the throne hall and is adjoined by four equally lavish seats for those aiding the royal highness in all affairs.

    The throne is covered in complicated patterns and fixed on each of the broad feet is a gem-encrusted sigil. The modest pillows are dark silver and these too have been adorned with embellished sigils.

    Those listening to their royal highness can do so on the several extravagant and comfortable alder benches, all of which are diagonally facing the throne. Those of higher standing can instead take a seat in the rather ordinary looking balconies overlooking the hall.


    On the Throne a creature looked like a cat combined with the human was sitting on, it was clear that he was a male and had strong magical power.

    Its fur was red in the color and its eyes were red too, as it was standing, the doors of the Throne room opened and two-person entered the room, one of them is a female Finalhound and the other one is a male Finalhound.

    At that time, the female one walked towards to throne and started talking with respect.

    "My, lord the collage and divine room has been built, but we do need more resources for the other for setting other things such as meat plantation and creating more fighters and mages"

    At that time the man on the throne started to speak.

    "We have been working for two years, how much we progressed in the matter of learning a different kind of magic spells"

    At that time the Finalhound Male started to speak.

    "My lord, we could easily learn fire-based spells with learning the spells-tomes that we found from the humans that tried to enter our borders, but about the other spell-types like "Black Spells" Curse Spells and especially the water spells, we have no idea how to use them or learn them"

    At that time the man on the throne got up from the throne and started walking the throne room, this man was the first Firehound ever to be created. His name was Firanor, as the leader and the original Finalhound it was his duty to make his race improve and conquer all of the places.

    As he walked he was thinking.

    "Our borders are in nice shape, we have about more than 15 villages and one big city which is "Final-City", we are immune to curse-spells from the humans and other races such as orcs, but in the bad side we could only improve and use "fire-based" spells"

    As Firanor started to think he turned towards to male Finalhound and the Female Finalhound and started speaking.

    "Arasina and Malcon, I want you guys to start a new building and a center, the name of the building will be "Research Center", use the other "finalhounds" who are smart and well-performed good in first times of learning and make them research the other-types of "fire" and at the same time make research the other elements and try to find new elements that we could use to improve our race"

    After the words of Firanor end, the woman named Arasina spoke.

    "Lord, in our treasury we have only more than 10.000 Golds, the building of divine hall and collage will going to cost us about more than 5000 Golds, and we use the remaining golds to create "Research Center" we could have problems in the future, as we could not build the meat-plantation and farm-places"

    Firanor thought a little bit and spoke.

    "The villages are now controlled by the other Finalhounds in the village itself, choose 15 people with strong power and gave each of them 10 strong warriors and mage, then sent each of the chosen one to these villages, these chosen ones will the leader of the village and will use the resources and manpower of the village help to main-city,"

    Arasina and Malcon nodded but at that time Arasina spoke again.

    "Of course my lord, what we are going if there is rebellion from the villages,"

    Firanor thought a little bit and spoke again.

    "The %20 percent of food produced into the village will be sent to the Final-City, and other food will be given to village people, as they may not accept it at first but, after the times of managing things is over, they will be given their lands to produce their food"

    Arasina thought and commented.

    "So my lord if I am not wrong, we are going to put on their head a leader and will use them to work and produce food for the Final-City and in the later time we are going to give them "Lands" of the Final-Hound Empire, am I right"

    Firanor this time spoke and answered.

    "Of course, but right now they have no leader on their head, after they will be managed by the leader itself the things will be easier for them as they will have to chance of living in the Final-City and their children can go into the city of Final-City the studies, they will be no in position to do not want their leader or rebel, with these arrangements when the time came, we will say that "We need assistance for our all races" so we will have our reason to not give them any land and they will not going to say anything"

    After the words of the Firanor were over, the Arasina and Malcom left the throne room for doing their job.
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