135 Final-Hound Race - Chapter 135

    Black Shield again used by Arisa the protect them from the Fireballs, at that time they finally managed to see "Firehounds" there are more than 10 Firehounds in front of them looking at them with menacing eyes.

    As Farunos saw the creatures he took a cold breath and thought.

    "There is no chance we could deal with this many at them at the same time"

    At that time Nygard clasped his hands and whispered.

    "Black-Clock Curse The Creatures"

    As he whispered, the Finalhounds hit by black energy come from the "Black-Clock" hovering above the shoulder of the Nygard but after events made all of the three humans were shocked.

    The Finalhounds did not take any damage from the attack of Black-Clock, this can only mean one thing.

    Nygard exclaimed with a strong voice.

    "They are immune to curses !"

    As he said these words the Black-Clock vanished and then Nygard again cast another spell for creating time.

    "Sacrificial Spell - Animal Sacrifice"

    "Tribute - Tusk Demon Shield Area

    As he said the name of the spell a huge amount of energy created a circle covering the Arisa Nygard himself and Farkos then, the circle turned into black color and in the sky a weird "tusk" symbol manifested.

    The spell itself was a high-level spell that used "Black Magic" and "Sacrificial Magic" at the same time create some sort of area to protect the people inside of.

    Nygard first used a sacrificial spell to make the spell powerful before he even cast it. After he used the sacrificial spell, he cast the defensive spell with different words, he added "Tribute" this means that he used Sacrificial Spell to boost the normal defensive area spell "Tusk Demon Shield Area"

    With these both spells, he did waste too much energy on his body but a strong shield-formed around them. This kind of spell cast by a strong curse and black-mage was not easily going to be crushed by the others.

    At that time, Arisa took a deep breath and looked at the Farkos, and spoke.

    "Could you call bits of help or save us from here"

    Farkos nodded but before casting a spell to save them he started to inspect the creatures. This was the first time he was so close to "Finalhounds" so he had to inspect and create some kind of report in his brain for the mission.

    "They are only capable of using fire-magic, and immune to curses, they work in packs and their pack, there is one leader"

    At that time when Farkos was whispering to others, the Finalhounds started to circulate their fire-energy and three seconds later, they blasted their "Fire-Circle" spell at the same time.


    Arisa, Nygard, and Farkos were again shocked, this kind of spell with these creatures combined their forces and used comparable to a "Master-Fire Mage" spell if these creatures can do it with only 10 members what could they cause with 100 members or 1000 members.

    None of them wanted to think about it. At that time Nygard looked at the face of Arisa and Farkos and spoke.

    "The shield itself only endure two of this kind of attack, we have no time, we have to get out of here"

    Farkos this time took a deep breath and stopped looking at the Finalhounds and started whispering.

    "Black Spatial"

    "Spatial Demon - Way Of Home"

    In just one second he muttered two spells, after his first spell a black door made up of black energy slowly manifested up on the ground and after his second spell the color of the door turned into a black and black-void inside of the door showed a weird-demonic sign that Arisa could not understand but Nygard knows the meaning of the sign itself.

    Nygard did not say anything and just walked into the door with Arisa, as the two of them entered the door Farkos looked at the Finalhounds for one time and himself entered the room too, After Farkos entered the door, the door itself closed and vanished without a trace and the shield has been set up by the "Nygard" itself vanished too.

    After that Finalhounds waited for one to two seconds and at that time a man manifested from nothing and looked at the Finalhounds.

    Compared to the other human-looking creatures Finalhounds this time did not attack even showed a high-degree of respect by bowing their heads.

    The man looked at the Firehounds and smiled.

    "This was a good show, now they know about your powers"

    This man who spoke was naturally Brion and after he spoke, he rose against his hands and then whispered to himself.

    "From now on then, Finalhounds could move like humans and they are humanoid creatures, all of them has basic-human intelligence"

    With the words of The Brion, a little glimpser of "Mind-Energy" was consumed and then the Finalhounds who were bowing to Brion, turned into the creature with two legs, they looked like cats with humanoid bodies (Fire-Colored Khajits From Skyrim),

    Brion turned into the Finalhounds and then again whispered.

    "They know what to do"

    After these words, Brion again vanished without a trace, the Finalhounds are started to look for others to create their tribe, they could have a modern-human intelligence but there are many things they have to learn in the end.

    But they still understood that other than other Finalhounds every creature is their enemy and they have to stick together to destroy the humans and other creatures have the whole place for themselves.


    2 Years Later (2 Years Later In Dimension, not the other places time is not the same in the other dimensions)


    In the close time after Brion gave them, Finalhounds managed to create villages and after some kind of internal-fights they managed to create some kind of government and then built their first big city and named it "Final-City"

    The Finalhound Family who controls and responsible for all the other Finalhounds was the first Finalhound created, they named their own family "Final-Lord Family" and with this, the Finalhounds were another intelligent race with their city and powers.

    All other races knew that they are enemy with them and against the other races they did fight a lot in 2 years but most of the times, fight were stalemate because of the numbers of the Finalhounds,

    As the city and villages were built, a safe place for the Finalhounds was set and they could breed, learn, and practice magic easily improving their power.
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