145 Home - Village Leader - Ideas - Chapter 145

    Brion made himself invisible before entering the town-like place, it was more like a village than a town with not many houses built.

    After Brion made himself invisible he entered the "Ice Village" (he named it) and then a system message manifested in himself.

    "System Mission 2"

    "Live with the "White-Fur" people for some time, do not use many powers just basic powers."

    Brion laughed and did not think this kind of mission was possible, with his one though his skin color turned completely white and there is some white fur manifested from his body.

    He was not completely turned into a "White-Fur Human" but he looked completely like them except he has less "Fur" compared to them.

    With the preparation made he showed himself, he was no longer invisible.

    After he showed himself some of the "White-Fur Humans" looked at him but then stopped looking at him.

    He was not getting any attention, this is good.

    At that time Brion kept watching how people live here, the homes are made up of ice and snow he saw some of them were upgraded by stone,

    The place was not big after about thirty minutes later he finally looked at all of the houses.

    There is around 100 to 150 house in this place and more than 1000 White-Fur Humans.

    Brion could easily understand which one of the female and male,

    Some of the males were walking towards to mountain and then coming back with the fishes.

    Brion commented on his mind.

    "There is a place that they have been fishing on, most likely an ice-ocean or ice-lake some sort"

    Brion already knew many things about the White Fur Humans as he was walking a young-looking White-Fur Human got close to him and asked.

    "It is my first time seeing you here where did you come from"

    Brion looked and answered.

    "I am not from here but I would like to build a house where I want to live here"

    The young white-fur human nodded and then spoke.

    "You need to ask the Village Leader about this subject if he says okay you can build your home to a place not close to other homes and not too far away from the here"

    Brion smiled and asked.

    "Thank you for the information what is your name ?"

    The man answered.

    "I am Rigar, an ice-fisher"

    Brion then said his name and asked where is the home of the "Village Leader" and Rigar showed the home of a village leader,

    Brion was not surprised the home he showed was the home that built mostly using "Stones",

    It even had a second floor to it.


    Brion went towards to home of the Village Leader and entered the home,

    As he entered he saw three-man with white-spears on their hands.

    They looked at Brion and asked why he was here at the home of the "Village Leader",

    Brion told him to reason and then they let him pass, the interior of the house was pretty ordinary for normal villages but it was like a palace for the people who live in this place.

    After Brion entered the room he saw one man who was a little bit bigger than other White-Fur Males.

    He was sitting on a chair and in front of himself, a fireplace was set he was eating fish that Brion seeing first time in his lifetime.

    At that time man looked at Brion and started talking.

    "I am Viras, the Village Leader of the Deep Ice Village, is there are anything you want"

    Brion cut the little talk and told him his name and then said to him he wants to set home inside in the village.

    The Viras listened and then he only said.

    "You can do whatever you want but do not ask for food or water from anybody"

    Brion did not say anything and then left the home of the Village Leader.

    After Brion left, the three white-fur males who asked Brion why he came to Village Leader home entered the room, and then one of them which looked oldest asked.

    "Sir, is there anything we have to do about this stranger ?"

    Viras shook his head and then answered.

    "He looks like an ordinary man with no power whatsoever but he is not, do not create any trouble for him just let him do what he wants, He is hiding his power or he has some kind of secret"

    The trio nodded their head and left the room,


    Brion first looked around and finally found a place for his home, the place he was found was close to the village center and the closest home is 30 meters far away from himself.

    It was not the outskirts of the village but not inside of the village too just in the middle.

    Brion then used his "Mind Power" to create a home for himself, the home looked like an Eskimo house it was just bigger than an ordinary Eskimo house.

    The height of the building which was made completely from ice and snow was 6 meters and the width of it was 15 meters,

    It did take attention from the other villagers but because house was not too big or luxury the attention it could take was not too much to create some kind of event in the village itself

    After Brion created the "Eskimo House" he entered the inside and then set three-room, one common room, one-bedroom and then one for bathroom, the kitchen, and the common room was in the same place.

    The chairs have been made from ice too and everything was pretty good.

    There is a fireplace and other things were set in the place too.

    Brion noticed that there is no such thing as money in these village people traded with items, such as food, water, and wood,

    After he set everything he sat on his ice-chair and watched the fire burn.

    Of course, because all of the things were created by the Brion the ice did not melt from the fireplace and fire did not affect the cold or water.

    After Brion sat on his chair he took a deep breath and then started thinking about what to do,

    He could try to hunt like other people or he could create an animal like a deer who can live in these cold places for people to herd them.

    He had many ideas in his mind.
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