147 Spear Shot - Hunt - Chapter 147

    The Ice Tigers and Humans looked at each other some of the humans had bows and arrows in their hands and some of them had spears.

    The Ice Tigers are breathing cold air as they walk forward and back the number they have ten times less than the human group this could prove as a problem.

    In the normal hunts, Ice Tigers learned to hunt with each other and like wolves tailing the hunted creature herd.

    But this time the creature they wanted to hunt is not herding animals so it is a problem for them that these two-legged creatures were not even tried to escape from them they were trying to hunt them too.

    This created physiological warfare between Humans and Ice Tigers, luckily humans are more strong when they have friends and other humans working with them.

    At that time Ice Tigers were started putting a distance between themselves and humans. They knew that they could not hunt humans with this many of them at the same time.

    Brion watched the interaction between humans and tigers he little bit smiled and then started walking forward as he walked some of the humans started looking at him as a madman.

    After ten to twenty seconds later the distance between Brion and tigers was only 30 to 40 meters.

    He readied his bone spear and shoot it with unbelievable speed for the ordinary humans and tigers and his spear pierced one of the Ice Tiger and then killed it on the spot as the spear pierced it is the body it came back from the other side of the body.

    Every human on the scene felt like this could not be true, how a human could shoot a spear from 40 meters and pierce a tiger on the side and the spear still have the speed and power that went through the creature.

    Rigar who was a little bit familiar with the Brion was more shocked than usual he did not expect that the man he was talking like an equal this caliber of a spear-hunter.

    Compared to the fishers the "Spear-Hunters" are more revered in the village as they hunt bigger creatures with more work and collecting more meat they are strong people.

    After one of the Ice, Tiger died, other Ice Tigers directly started running Brion did not hunt more and just get close to the dead Ice Tiger Body and easily lifted it and put it in the body on his shoulder, and walked back to the group of humans.

    Many of them were still shocked but at that time three familiar faces showed up from the group and came close to Brion and started speaking.

    "This creature you hunted is had around 50 to 60 kg meat and 1 to 2 kg to leather, as the rule of the village you have to give %10 percent of these sources to "Village Management" and %2 percent of this %10 percent will be given to people who could not hunt in the day and have no food"

    Brion started thinking and asked a question.

    "What will happen to %8 percent of it ?"

    The one with taller height and a sword made up from animal bones answered.

    "The %8 percent is given to Village Leader House and Village Management Members, this means that Village Leader, Guards and Workers who builts home and other people who melt the water for the village"

    Brion understands many things with this interaction he knew that these trees were not lying and this was not a custom thing just done to him. It was a general rule of the village like taxes from the earth.

    With this management Village Leader will not go hungry and people will want to work for him and try to enter and find a job for themselves in the Village Management Members, with only basic day work the water and food problem will be solved.

    Brion looked around of himself and noticed about 100 people these people can hunt more than 500 Fishes a day if they worked well and %10 this hunted fishes which is "50 Fishes" will go to Village Management and

    Only one to two fish will be given to people who did not manage to hunt anything and other 8 to 7 fishes will be given to "Management Members" and Village Leader.

    It may look like it is not much but considering that people here don't need to eat like in a banquet and they only need to eat to stay alive it was enough.

    After some thinking, he nodded and answered.

    "Okay then, take 5 KG Meat and 200 Gram of Leather"

    After the trio saw that this new man did not say anything to rule the village they were happily started cutting some part of the meat from the Ice Tiger Body and after everything was over they just took the meat and started going back to the village.

    As someone hunted anyway they did not need the hunt for the day and could go back to their home and do whatever they want.

    Brion then asked one question to "Rigar"

    "Hey, do you know why people do not tell anything about this matter from the looks of it there are not many people Village Leader controlling"

    Rigar shook it is head and started speaking.

    "It may look like that but the thing is The Village is not controlled by the "Leader Viras" but it is controlled by the Ice Village Community which Deep Ice Village is a part of it too"

    Brion smiled and whispered.

    "Come to my house at night, I could give you 1 kg of meat for more information you could give me what you say"

    Rigar took a deep breath and nodded as he looked pretty happy, 1 kg of meat almost means two fishes and it is pretty normal for himself to not even catch one fish in just one week.


    After Brion told where his house is he started walking towards to Village,

    "As it is always this mission looks like not a simple one"
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