149 Home - Talk - God - Power - Chapter 149

    The night already came and Rigar came to the house of the Brion.

    Brion opened the door and after Rigar entered the house he was pretty shocked to see the inside of the home of Brion.

    It was pretty luxurious compared to the many homes that he went to talk with his friends and have a little bit of fun.

    But after thinking about it he understands why Brion can live in a house like this without having to think about most things.

    The spear throwing ability and him easily killing an Ice Tiger from a 40 meters distance is a thing that can easily earn him many things.

    With that kind of ability, he already has 45 kg of meat in his home and he can buy everything he needs with five to ten kg of meat.

    Brion right now in his mind did not even need to work for 3 months at all.

    As Rigar was still thinking about many things Brion started talking.

    "Please sit"

    Rigar came to himself with the words of the Brion and sat on one of the chairs made up from ice but not cold to the person sitting on it.

    The fire was burning too but not melting the ice and snow around it. Rigar was no fool he knew that there is something wrong with these things.

    At that time on the table, Brion created a cup made up from ice as always and served hot coffee to Rigar,

    Rigar did not know what is coffee is but he knew that Brion was strong enough to not kill him using these petty tactics.

    He took a sip from the black drink and gulped a heat surrounded his body and the taste, the smell everything was perfect.

    Rigar took a deep breath and looked at the eyes of Brion and asked truthfully.

    "Who are you ?"

    Brion smiled and after sat on the chair too he answered.

    "I am a god but you are the only one who knows it"

    Rigar gulped a little bit and nodded, it may look like from the outside Brion was an "Idiot" or "Crazy" but Rigar felt something different, he knew somehow that this man which is not a man was telling the truth.

    The snow that does not melt by fire, the ice-chairs made up from the ice does not give any cold and not only that he even created a cup of drink in front of himself and the cup was made up from the ice and the drink was pretty hot but the cup was still not melting.

    These things are and what he is feeling enough for him to believe Brion.

    After Brion answered the question he started talking.

    "Do you have any question"

    Rigar took a deep breath again and started to think the god was in front of him what he is going to ask him.

    Then suddenly something came to his mind he started talking.

    "Can you please tell me why we have to live in this kind of place with snow and ice having to fight every day to survive one more day"

    Brion laughed and took a sip from his coffee and answered.

    "First, I am not the one who forced you guys to live in this place, second you won't need to fight every day to survive as you can see from the Leader Of Village, he never goes to hunting or think about it is survival, this is all because he used his mind not muscles on it is a body and became the leader of a bunch of hunters"

    Rigar listened to all the things Brion said and entered deep thought. After about 30 seconds later he too took a sip from the coffee again and started talking again.

    "Then let me ask you a real question"

    Brion showed interest and waited for the question.

    "Why you are here, if you are a god I am sure you do not need to live here"

    Brion smiled and shook his head and the wall of the home became transparent, Rigar was shocked by tried to not show it.

    After the walls become transparent Brion started speaking.

    "I am not living here, I am not here at all, I am just passing time and gathering information about the people of different races and civilization"

    After these words, Brion shook it is handed again and the wall turned into normal.

    Then he asked his question.

    "Tell me about what you know about the "Ice Village Community"

    Rigar wanted to ask about "If you are the god you already know everything" but he did not he was still thinking about the meat that Brion going to give himself.

    "Ice Village Community is sort of a town that controls ten villages like "Deep Ice Village" and we don't know the exact amount but it is most likely taking some of our foods, people said that commissions are given to them but as I said I don't know the exact amount of given food the Community.

    And they are controlled by the people called "Ice Sages" these people can summon creatures and use "Ice" to destroy their enemies, if I am not wrong there is more than 30 Ice Sage in the "Ice Village Community" and the population is about 100 to 200 people.

    Brion took a deep breath and started thinking.

    So, they are using their power to control the normal people hunt and collect leather for themselves, in the return they will give the protection the leader of the village,

    - Ice Village Community - Giving protection to Ice Village Leader in the return of he or she controls the village he is living in -

    - Ice Village Leaders - Controlled by the community to make the hunters hunt more meat and keep them working.

    - Village Management - Collecting Commissions and creating a "Police" "Guard" System for the village

    - Villagers - Hunting - Collecting Leathers - Protecting Their Village

    Brion created a scheme in his mind and then he smiled and commented within his mind.

    "They are using their power to find people who can control a group of people and take commissions from the people in the name of protection but the protection is only given to "Leader Of Village" if there is a resistance formed by villagers, because at the first time "Villagers" does not need protection at all because they can protect themselves"
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