150 Time - Time Law - Thoughts About Time - Chapter 150

    Brion then started thinking in the way of "System Mission"

    Why would the system give him the basic "Mission" of life in the "Ice Village"

    Is there are any reason for it that he doesn't know for the time being.

    Brion knew there should be some hints here and here but he did not get it at that time. After some thought later he gave the "meat" that he promised the "Rigar" and then told him not to tell anyone about his powers or he will face the evil side of himself.

    Rigar already knew about these things he just nodded and then went to his home after taking the meats from the Brion.

    Brion shook his head and whispered.

    "I should wait for the more intel from the "Spiders" I sent around and when I am waiting I could easily improve my "Law" understanding without having to use to "AB" points for it"

    The normal beings who do not have a system like Brion use research and experiments about the "Law" they are learning and try to gain more understanding.

    Brion could use what they are doing too and most likely in a more good way because the Inner Nature of Word "Understanding" means knowing something in the mind itself.

    Considering that Brion is self-proclaimed "Mind God" he should have more understanding of many things with the passive power from his "Brain" and "Mind"

    He first looked at his "Laws"

    - Laws -

    "Puppet Law - %0.1"

    "Construction Law" - "%0.1"

    "Death Law" - %0.02"

    "Biology Law" - "%0.1"

    "Robotic Law" - "%0.1"

    "Ghost Law" - "%1.0"

    "Spatial Dimension Law" %0.01

    After checking it a little bit he asked a question to the system.

    "System how many law I can add and create right now"

    After one-second later system answered itself.

    "10 Law"

    Brion nodded and took a deep breath as he sat on his chair and started thinking.

    - Creating a law that will not work for himself is will only result in a bad future but creating a law that he could not directly improve or have ways to improve will stagnate his progress, this means that he must create a law that he could improve without having too problem and still covers a vague section of the "Reality" itself and at the same time it must work well with his other laws in the case of "Combining" two of them to create something different"

    Brion knew that the "Law" he wanted to create is "Time" but he was a little bit scared to do it.

    He has no knowledge about "Time" and how it works but at that time an idea came to his mind.

    "I may use my dimensions to look for the behavior of "Time" and gain understanding from it"

    Brion like this idea and he knew that how important is "Time" is

    Then everything was set he made his decision about the "Law" he is going to choose and then the only thing needed was just concentrated on the matter.

    Brion closed his eyes and started thinking about the "Time" and what it was representing in the whole reality and every dimension, after about thirty minutes later his eyes opened weirdly and then he saw his "Laws" again.

    - Primary Laws -


    "Death Law" - %0.02"

    "Time Law" - %0.001"

    "Biology Law" - "%0.1"

    "Robotic Law" - "%0.1"

    "Ghost Law" - "%1.0"

    "Spatial Dimension Law" %0.01


    - Secondary Laws -

    "Puppet Law - %0.1"

    "Construction Law" - "%0.1"

    At that time he also noticed that just adding the "Time Law" to his studies and earning an understanding of "%0.001" improved his power and "Mind"


    "Mind" - = 145 = (Star Ancestor Peak Level)

    "Physical" - Not Relevant

    Brion easily reached the "Peak Star Ancestor Level" and with only the "5" increase of "Mind" attribute, he will be reaching the level of "Galaxy Lord" where all of the "Laws" are normally start for the other beings.

    Brion took a deep breath and noticed that his home was not enough for himself to make an "Experiment" or "Research"

    As the mission of his says, he must live in this "Ice-Village" so he could not create another dimension or went to his "Personal-Dimension" to research about the new laws.

    He must create a place in this "Ice-Village" the work on his "Research"

    Brion thought a little bit and touched on the ground noticed that the ground "Snow" and "Ice" was thick about more than 5 km.

    He then shook his hands and at the same time used "His Mind Power" to regulate the energy and changes he is making so that people in the "Village" do not sense anything.

    - 20 Minutes Later -

    After 20 minutes passed Brion looked around himself and nodded with a smile on his face.

    He created an underground base inside of his home which can only be entered by himself with teleportation.

    It was still in the "Ice-Village" boundaries so the mission will still go on without any problem.

    The place he created was 15x15 about 144 m2

    He then created some bookshelves and different kinds of steel tables and everything was in place.

    Now the important thing is not about the decoration of the "Ice-Underground-Base" it was the experiments

    He must create something different and especially important for himself and pleasing the eye it was like the time when he created "Miniature-Star" and sold it.

    Brion went towards to series of "White-Steel" table and put his hands on the table and then started thinking about the time,

    The first thing he thought when he thought about the time was "Clock" the pretty basic clock.

    Brion shook it is head and created a different kind of standing wooden clocks, all of it started after Brion created it

    Brion looked at the clocks and started thinking.

    "How the time started when it is started why I am using the "When" for asking about the time"

    "Why is it different in all of the dimension"

    "When I could control the time on my "Dimension" I could not earn an understanding from it but even if I use every mind power I have I could not control the real-time of the ��Dimension I did not create."
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